18 March, 2008

ACLU Sues Palm Beach County School District

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Suit filed over lower graduation rates among Black students [1]:


[1] about the founders/directors of the ACLU (scroll almost 3/4 down the page to “The ACLU”): [Here]

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  7. 24 Responses to “ACLU Sues Palm Beach County School District”

    1. tennyson Says:

      well, just when my blood pressure was back to normal, Vnn cranks it up again….
      what a fucking outrage….maybe if the aClu was burnt to the ground they would not have the time to destroy our society.
      i went to school with niggers(85% niggers, the rest white).
      There is nothing short of Star Trek like science that will make niggers educable on par with whites.
      i would like to punch muslima whatever in her fucking teeth.

      They are suing for impossible results…
      It’s like complaining when your house cat does not retrieve ducks when you go hunting. Everyone knows you take a dog hunting not a feline. Everyone but the aclu.
      why did I log onto this site today?…I was happy….lol

    2. DMS Says:

      Rocks don’t float. Blame it on the water.

    3. tennyson Says:

      Do aclu lawyers float? if so….add some rocks to the burlap sack.

    4. Citizen Says:

      That is so insane. Suing white people because niggers refuse or fail to go to school, study, and get good grades.

      What a disgrace this country has become.

      We need a revolution in the worst possible way.

    5. Steve Says:

      Equality is their hypothesis, but the observations don’t support it, yet the natural scientific conclusion of inequality they label ‘evil or ‘racist’. Yet another instance of religion getting in the way of science. This time, it’s the Jewish secular ‘religion’ of egalitarianism. Truth wins only when it has a will to power.

    6. sgruber Says:

      These jews (it’s Palm Beach, it’s the ACLU, you do the math) need to sue God. God made the coon.

      Suing God, or Nature, is right up the jew’s alley.

    7. tennyson Says:

      couldn’t someone sue the aclu for insulting our intelligence?
      if there ever was a frivolous lawsuit, this is one.
      how can someone, some third party, come in and file suit?
      can I sue the Cleveland schools for forcing me into a hostile school?

    8. Mike Quigley Says:

      I can’t believe I can’t think of anything to say about this. Did I ever mention how much I hate niggers? Oh wait,there is one thing….check out coontac tales on niggermania.com,they’re fucking hillarious.

    9. .338 Says:

      watch nigger culture bootlip niggabooz rise to the top!

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-…h?v=- k98bRUOb4g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r…h? v=rN2VqFPNS8w VID http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r…h? v=rN2VqFPNS8w

    10. .338 Says:

      If the links below dont work just you tube titles ghetto Charlie brown and the famous read a book!


    11. .338 Says:

      If the links below dont work just you tube titles ghetto Charlie brown and the famous read a book!



    12. Rex Reed Says:

      So the Jew Mafia wants the standards lowered to the Nigger’s level. How typical. When will we grow the balls needed to rid the United States of these Jewish swindlers?

    13. Vaultner Says:

      So give them the piece of paper & let them go & try to find a job. By the way in fifty years we wont be able to call them African Americans any more, it will have become a derogatory term.

    14. -jc Says:

      Seems we need some lighthearted material here, Alex. How ’bout something on Amos ‘n’ Andy?

      Social promotions are nothing new and this just adds the reverse discrimination twist.

      Mandating a certain percentage of graduations will simply further inflate the value of a high school diploma. College degrees mean essentially nothing. MBAs are a dime a dozen.

      Consider Kevin MacDonald’s critics that have Ph.D.s and ask yourself if a formal education with government-certified teachers and state-approved curriculum gives you any better grip on reality and tools for the survival of your endangered subspecies (race).

      And then don’t worry about it.

    15. -jc Says:

      Heard an interesting story recently about the owner of a trucking company in Missoula, Montana. Seems a Black man got a job and a truck and took the bus to Missoula to pick up the truck and hit the road. The owner came out, apparently didn’t like the look of the new employee, found a flat rear inner duel before the man drove off the fuel the truck, and fired the new driver on the spot calling him everything a half-click away from a stupid nigger before buying his a bus ticket home. Those in Missoula can check it out: Apparently the outfit and the owner are well-known. My guess would be the guy’s a local hero and well known.

    16. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Citizen wrote: That is so insane. Suing white people because niggers refuse or fail to go to school, study, and get good grades.

      Actually, they’re suing Marxist whites and jews who inevitably, whether freemasons or not, control school bureaucracies. And they’re suing them because niggers are behaving like niggers. so yes, it is insane, but even worse than you might understand.

      You CAN NOT increase IQ by trying to teach these coons what whites have figured out about the world. If we had a voice in the mass media as loud as the kikes and Marxist whites like Sean Hannity, namely a national television show, we’d correct our own brainwashed white brethren who perpetuate the “niggers are our equals they just need schooling” myth and put a stop to our racial destruction.

      jc, you reminded me of a story… so a friend’s mother worked in the federal government’s Equal Employment Office and a nigger shows up and complains to her,”They sez I’m in trouble because I bin sleepin’ on the job! It ain’t true! They’s lying! I want my rights! blah-blah.” His mother tells the jigaboo, “OK, just calm down, sir. Step into this room here and fill out this paperwork, please.” Some sort of incident report, and this is back in the 80’s. These documents are jewish bolshevik or Mormon-style where you’re turning in your fellow shitizens. Anyway, after a while, my friend’s mother thinks to herself, “This jungle bunny’s taking a long time, I’d better check on him.” So when she looks into the room, he’s asleep. LOL Fucking losers.

    17. Hans Schneider Says:

      let us see, if there is a judge, that will say and state that blacks have a much diminished learning capability on average.

    18. Marwinsing Says:

      Abandon non-whites. Abandon anything to do with non-whites. Anything and everything. If you hire a sub-contractor and that sub-contractor hires non-whites, abandon them. If he asks you why, tell him God came to you in a dream and told you to abandon non-whites. If said sub-contractor still doesn’t get the message then break into a frenzy, start uttering Lord’s Prayers with wild hand movements, mutter Hail Mary’s at him whilst you grab him by the throat and tighten his collar, start screaming at him in tongues… most of all… abandon anything jewish.

    19. tennyson Says:

      amen to that Marwinsing….disconnect from all non-whites as much as possible. Network with whites as much as possible.
      whites should form mutual aid societies.
      We could have a closed economy which excludes nons, just like the non-whites n jews do.
      if you need to drive 3 miles more to buy from whites then do it….
      let them know you’re doing it too(the whites tht is).
      white women should give birth in house….midwife.
      no social slavery numbers for white babies….
      disconnect where possible.

    20. zoomcopter Says:

      Great comment… “God came to you in a dream and told you to abandon non-whites.” Amen to that. If the ACLU case goes to court, any statistics showing inferior genetics of blacks will be banned as racist. The truth is anti-semitic.

    21. sgruber Says:

      One of our Founding Fathers said:

      “The[se] two races [White and jigaboon], equally free, cannot live in the same government.”

      Separation. At least one libertoonian, even, is laying the grounds for it [Here]. (You’ll have to read it under the deep thoughts, but it is there.)

      And fuck Farrakhan. Allegedly a Nigger Nationalist, his position was aptly summed up by a friend of mine: “The only thing that nigger wants to separate is your head from your body.”

    22. Ceallachain Says:

      That’s a good idea. On the jewtube tv programs, some kike is always suing God. The ACLU should sue God (or nature?) for making blacks so dumb.

    23. Mike Quigley Says:

      I can remember hearing that there were two different tests to get into the fire dept.,one for whites,and then a dumbed down version for the rest.

    24. Hello Says:

      Wow…I am amazed by the terms of hate displayed in the comments. I along with many others in my family are well educated (PhD, M.D., Masters), intelligent, motivated. Why do you hate so much. Please explain why you can hate me for the color of my skin. If you can provide an EDUCATED response I will think twice.