18 March, 2008

GRIMM: Jewish Supremacism: the Big White Rabbit in the Room (Revised)

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by Patrick Grimm: [Here].

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  7. 5 Responses to “GRIMM: Jewish Supremacism: the Big White Rabbit in the Room (Revised)”

    1. Mike Quigley Says:

      Since I’ve been comming to this site,it is becomming easier and easier to spot the jew. I’m not only spotting them in the news,or on tv,but everywhere around me. The scariest thing is thinking back through my own life,and finding them there. I’ll be sitting there with an old friend talking about things that happened when I was a kid and come to the realization “HOLY CRAP,THAT WAS A FUCKIN JEW! Crazy shit man. This article should mention not the big white rabbit,but the big white RAT.These people actually resemble a fucking rat. Look at Spitzer!

    2. zoomcopter Says:

      I agree. Every day it becomes easier to spot the jew and his handiwork. Once you understand their motivations and what they are capable of doing, seemingly unrelated events suddenly form a recognizable pattern. More and more people are seeing the Rabbit, these days. The only questions are, have we already passed the point of no return, or will a critical mass of people finally see the White Rabbit before it is too late? Watching the dollar crash, the presidental circus, the unending war in Iraq and the numerous storm clouds on the horizon, I would say that we have already passed the point of no return and it is time to circle the wagons.

    3. Alan Billingsley Says:

      You are so right.

    4. White patriot Says:

      Whenever I need sharpen my Spot the Jew glasses, I visit VNN. You never fail. Thanks.

    5. Booger Says:

      Maybe we should start refering to the shadow joo gubmint as “HARVEY”.When someone asks what we’re talking about,we’ll tell them the “big kosher rabbit standing behind you with a beanee”Great analogy and one i won’t soon forget!