11 March, 2008

Israel – Defense Minister Refuses to Exempt 1,000 Charedim from Military Service

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Israel – In an unusual move, which may develop into a new political crisis, Defense Minister Ehud Barak has refused to allow 1,000 yeshiva students to be exempted from military service.

Sixty-one new settlement recently requested to join the 50,000 haredim who have been exempted from military service as part of the arrangement which exempts men from army service as long as they study Torah on a full-time basis, the minister usually approves the addition of new yeshivas to the arrangement automatically, but this time Barak decided to refrain from doing so.

“The Defense Ministry will not longer be a rubber stamp and will not approve each and every request to shirk military duty,” a security source explained

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  7. 4 Responses to “Israel – Defense Minister Refuses to Exempt 1,000 Charedim from Military Service”

    1. tennyson Says:

      “MR DEATH”-

    2. tennyson Says:


    3. none Says:

      What’s Cobb doing in Israel?

    4. -jc Says:

      Scroogle “Seventh-day Adventist” + “project white coat”

      An SDA Church (spiritual Jews) leaders cut a Vietnam-era deal with the U.S. Army to provide Ellen Gould White-brainwashed, draft-dodging, human lab rats (“whitecoats”) for chemical and biological warfare agent development in consideration for conscientious objector status for the church. They were exposed to various toxins at Ft. Dietrich and elsewhere and some were apparently permanently disabled, if they were arguably functional before the experience. But, as we can plainly see, with the excuse of necessity, all bets are off.

      “You can’t get a good deal from a bad man.”