27 March, 2008

Jerry Abbott’s Blog

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Some interesting stuff: [Here].

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  7. 8 Responses to “Jerry Abbott’s Blog”

    1. Kievsky Says:

      Jerry Abbott believes in peak oil.

    2. white patriot Says:

      David Wayne sure knows his stuff. A white math genius and a white political genius.

    3. pcmike Says:

      the website, although positive, is too long and people won’t read it.

      he needs to shorten up his stories, or write a pre-emptory paragraph about the large stories he is printing.

      he won’t have much impact, but at least he tried.


    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Here’s what I would have told those two who were throwing people over:

      You may throw me over, you meatheads, but you are going with me, I’ll see to that!

      My honest admiration is for those two women who jumped in to be with their brother.

    5. Doubting Thomas Says:

      Jerry Abbott bases his “lifeboat scenario” entirely on the questionable Peak Oil theory and refuses to consider the possibility that other sources of energy may be invented or discovered before there’s an actual crisis. (Some people claim they’ve already discovered an alternative called zero-point energy. Go to http://www.josephnewman.com and you can read about it there.)

      Having seen many doomsayers come and go in my lifetime, I’ve become very skeptical about these kinds of predictions.

    6. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      I enjoyed the survivor story. Why in the world they saved the Negro cook is not clear to me. Unfortunately the 1st Mate got 6 months in jail and $20 fine ($400 now).

      The amount of oil is likely infinite since it is of primordal and not biological origin. When our economy collapses the lifeboat story will be a good business guide.

    7. jim donaldson Says:

      Kievsky Says:
      Jerry Abbott believes in peak oil.

      Donald E. Pauly Says:
      The amount of oil is likely infinite since it is of primordal and not biological origin.

      Perhaps we should examine what the oil question means. Peak Oil theory (Hubbert’s Peak theory) is either real or it isn’t. If it isn’t, then oil must have some other source than biological, and must be renewable. Now, not only do we need to take into account the theories (biotic vs abiotic) but the sources. Hubbert was a white man. Gold, the leading proponent of abiotic oil, is a jew. My main question: Does it seem more likely that peak oil is a jew conspiracy, when those who believe it generally seek ways to make themselves safe from its affects (and make less “contribution” to the economy; or that abiotic oil is a jew conspiracy, designed to keep the goyim from panicking, and to keep them working right up to the end?


      On top of that, most of his other ideas seem to have been mistaken.

    8. DQ Says:

      There is some useful info in that blog. The propaganda of WNism can sometimes be a waste of time for the people already aware. Hearing and reading the same stuff over and over again is a waste. Surely we need to be able to win debates and arguments(to be able to convert the unbelievers to the message) but there is so much WN radio available now that it can become like TV. I realized that TV was bad before I became racially aware. I didn’t know it was bad because it was multicult fag propaganda but I did know it was bad because it took time away from useful activity. Some people have a strong TV addiction and maybe their herd nature inclines them to have it. The internet radio and video can feed that hunger. But this makes me think what did the herd do before the TV? I think they probably sat around with a group of people and talked about nothing. Now it seems that people are a little more weary of their own or random groups because they have to be PC and have a non-white in them and preferably a stinky negro. TV is their for them. They are alone and yet not alone. It will make them laugh and cry and then tuck them into bed at night. It is always there for you and if somehow for some reason your instinct is still intact and you don’t like seeing blacks with white girls and you don’t want to be a fagget(spelled fagget and not faggot like a fagget) or a wigger then there are shows for you with plenty of “white people” in them. “White people” with hooked noses and funny voices who will show you how to be “cool”. If the “white” shows still to not satisfy you, well then there is always sports where you see how “intellegent” blacks are and find them respectable and then the multicult fag shows don’t seem so bad and if you see a stupid smelly mud on the street you know he is only an individual and there are also white people who are stupid who also smell bad, hell you see them all the time on TV. TV changes peoples personalites I have seen people again and again talk like people on TV. They think if I act like this then I will be “cool” while in reality they learn to be annoying, decadent, cowardly, faggety, unsocial, to not be charismatic, and most of all unaryan. We can convert people by showing them how to be healthy, truly funny, and charismatic. Being a WN you know stuff that others don’t and it changes you and people want to know what it is that this person has. If the person is a non-white non-jew(some jews too) they want white skin(they don’t know about the skull) and if they are a jew they look in fear and hate that comes from fear, the fear and then the hate. We don’t have to say a word they just know.
      Zarathustra spent much time alone in a cave on top of a mountain until he grew tired of his solitude. Then he would go back to the people and grow tired of them and go up to his cave once more. Not Everyone is Zarathustra. Many people enjoy sitting around talking about nothing that leads to nothing, the same stuff over and over again. I like Mr. Abbott blog because it is useful info. I like philosophy because it exercises my brain. We should try to find out how to take anything and use it to make us better and not the same things over and over again. Watching multicult fag propaganda can make you debating skills better. But when does it become a waste? If his blog is to much to read then learn to read faster! Some things are straight forward and can be read very quick while things require a slower pace. There is so much stuff out there that one can not possibly take it all in. So I have come to find that it is what you choose is what is important. I know some people who want to read and watch stuff on bigfoot and UFOs and that doesn’t seem very useful to me. We can’t work all the time non-stop and leisure can be useful and rejuvanating. I like a good Mel Gibson film. Mr. Abbott to mention in the coming apocalypse(if one is coming and I hope most of those 9 billion come from Asia and Africa) that me might have to eat dog food out of a can like Mad Max.