12 March, 2008

Radio Istina: Wednesday, March 12, 2008, 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

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ON NOW 2.00 a.m. CST

Discussion1) [conclusion] discussion of Chronicles race debate comment 100-145

2) Snake news: non-native species overwhelm Texas (no mention of brown stubbies)

3) Nazis as butch-fag anti-Christian, pro-Greek revolutionaries

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    1. .338 Says:



    2. .338 Says:




    3. Phil Says:

      Alex – these Radio Istina broadcasts are great, please keep them coming. I’ve downloaded them all so far, they’re packed with information and have great entertainment value as well.

      I think you did a few solo broadcasts in 2007 but I can’t find them on VNN – any chance you could post them somewhere?

    4. .338 Says:

      GOOD SHOW MAYBE YOU CAN DO ANOTHER SHOW ON HEALTH AND DIET NOT SURE ABOUT THIS OXYWATER A JEW TALKS ABOUT IT AT THE SIGHT The Amazing Oligodynamic Silver Oxygen Hydrosol: An Interview with Dr. Leonard Horowitz??

    5. Martin Says:

      DAMN the broadcast just cut out around 10 minutes ago, I assume that’s it and you’re not coming back….

      Very interesting stuff though. Your discussion of some of the origins and influences behind Nazism was fascinating, I certainly learned a thing or two….

    6. Mike Quigley Says:

      Thats the most fucked up video I’ve ever seen in my life.You shouldn’t have even put it in here,it ruined my fucking day.

    7. Eric Says:

      The chronicles discussion was very good.
      You should find good paleoconservative articles with comments and comment on it more often.
      Paleoconservatives are right to a point, but they leave out race.
      Good show Alex.

    8. Cormac Says:

      **ALEX LINDER , check this out ->


      jEW Spitzer and his Israeli Mafia buddies !!!

    9. Slim Says:

      I really enjoyed this broadcast. Alex has a great talent for cutting through the crap, and getting to the truth of matters.

    10. govnn.com Says:

      “TV, The Laugh Track, & The Jew”

      TV has been the medium by which the jew electronically changed reality in the minds of millions of Americans in the 20th century.

      Fortunately the interent, which provides anyone with the availability to read about history and events which are not put through a jewish filter, has slowed TV jew propaganda, and in other cases, awoken the politically asleep.

      Interesting how the jew employed the “laugh track” and the “oooh” track in so many sitcoms, using it to provide acceptance of things jews are comfortable with and scorn for things they dislike.

      Just think about the damage that “All in the Family” did. Big jew pulled out all the stops on that one.

      Why can’t jews stop manipulating the public? and respect and embrace it? Well if they did, they wouldn’t be jews. They would be going against everything on their historical resume. They continuously attempt and sadly succeed in changing how people think and and live their lives with their relentless media control.

    11. govnn.com Says:

      9/11 Was For The Benefit Of Mr. Kike


      “awaken and avenge”

    12. .338 Says:

      I have seen l of alot worst videos that even made me twitch and im one ruthless DUDE when it comes to muds unleash me and i will clean up the minority push rolf!! Reality is ruthless thats why you cant have any of that christian second thoughs of goodness sep into your pores when we get to fight back in mass i will leave pyramid piles of decaying kikes and have HUGE ARENAS filled with gods self chosen strapped to bunk beds 5 rolls high slowly fed tru tubes and slowly starved and barely alive and broadcast it for the new NORDIC wn tv reality show haha

    13. alex Says:

      What is now Radio Istina was Linder Radio (plus a couple other shows) last year, 2007.

      Under Linder Radio:


      (Eventually I will rename all these 2007 shows and add them to a file on our forum, and post notice here when I do.)

    14. alex Says:

      # Martin Says:
      12 March, 2008 at 6:11 am

      DAMN the broadcast just cut out around 10 minutes ago, I assume that’s it and you’re not coming back….

      Very interesting stuff though. Your discussion of some of the origins and influences behind Nazism was fascinating, I certainly learned a thing or two….

      Yes – the show cut for some unknown reason at 2:15 or thereabouts. Then it cut off near end, due to this popup.

      We are not done with the homo-nazi connection. Will finish the story next show. And I’ll reprise any missing information.

      Again, thanks for listening and letting me know what you think.

    15. FeralWhiteMale Says:


      Thanks for recording this broadcast.

      The paleocon part was really good, but the homo-nazi part was full of half-truths, conjecture and outright lies. As you said yourself Alex, the jew-book “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” is full of lies, so why quote it or from someone who relies on it?

      Couple points…

      The walks you mentioned that Germans do usually through forests for about 10 km (I actually did many myself when I lived there) are Volksmarches.

      Hitler and the Party did not beat up anybody who disagreed with them, this is part of the “tyrannical nazis” myth.

      Ernst Roehm was not “gay” — which means a faggot who is open about his homosexuality. Who could believe such a statement? Read Sefton Delmer’s experience with him and you’ll get the understanding that it’s something that was known by some and ignored by others, but certainly there was no open homosexuality, it was underground.

      Ernst Roehm never had as much power as Hitler and did not help him become leader of the NSDAP. Even if he did “help”, you could also say half a dozen other people “helped” and that doesn’t mean Hitler’s somehow tainted by them.

      Anyone who says the Fuehrer principle means “blind obedience to a leader” is either lying, ignorant or both.

      The Roman salute was used by the Wandervogel so that means it came from them? No, it came from the Romans.

      You mentioned Hermann Rauschning who is often quoted by nazi-haters… he’s a well-known fraud and liar regarding all sorts of alleged conversations that never took place. See this link http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v06/v06p499_Weber.html

      Two final things…

      What happened to Ernst Roehm and his homo buddies? They were executed. A couple of very important facts about the events surrounding Roehm are brought up by John Toland in his biography of Hitler. The main one being that when Hitler heard of Roehm’s homosexuality he said “At least it didn’t involve children” because the guy would have to be shot immediately. Later, because of the SA’s activities including abuses of power, Hitler’s hand was forced and the leadership of the SA had to be put down, especially Roehm who as — faggots tend to be — was insanely jealous, emotional and extremely erratic and dangerous. Hitler wanted official and public trials for the SA, but he lost the argument and they were shot without a trial.

      And what were the laws and behavior during the Third Reich regarding homosexuality? Was it applauded as in the Soviet Union? No. The family and motherhood was applauded and rewarded and homosexuality was looked on (and rightfully so as it was also treated in the US the same way) as a mental illness due to unnatural and abnormal behavior. Rehabilitation was attempted and confinement to hospitals if unsuccessful was the norm.

      This whole thing about E Michael Jones and sexual liberation is true but is not that significant. In fact, it’s not even that original with Herbert Marcuse and his “Eros and Civilization” a fairly blatant example of such jewish-marxist dangerous ideologies. The fact is that if you disrupt sex habits you destroy families and therefore communities and thereafter generations of descendants which is ultimately the race. It’s that simple. Destroy the traditional so-called nuclear family and you will destroy the people.

      The main truth is this: regarding Hitler and the NSDAP homosexuality played no part, was not tolerated and certainly no “pederastry” took place. They would have been shot or hung, just like in America. The SA or Brownshirts as they were known did a damn good job up until Hitler got into power. The most important thing the Brownshirts did was in the age of no television, public speaking was the key to propagating the message and they kicked the jew communists asses when they tried to stop Hitler and Goebbels and others from speaking public. They bashed some commie heads in, that’s for sure. After Hitler got into power, however, the fevered minds of those nutty fags ended up screwing the pooch as it were and as mental cases like homos and niggers tend to do, they caused serious problems and had to be dealt with. Once Roehm and his fags were cleaned out, things went back to normal.

    16. sgruber Says:

      Is exegesis the word you were looking for?

      Well, I don’t believe a word of Jones re. fags and Nazis. Sounds like random shitting on the Nazis that would not be out of place in the National Enquirer. It lessens my respect for Jones. Next he’ll call Hitler a queer. Or we’ll hear from him about Der Fuehrer’s yen for poop in the face, a juicy sexual perversion fitting his thesis but unproved and unlikely. I hope Jones doesn’t go down that road.

    17. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      The salute was not Roman- it was copied from the salute used in American schools.


    18. StuGavin Says:

      Nothing good will come from this “Pink Swastika” research. The book was an attempt by Christians to link homosexuality with the Nazis because Christians were sick of homosexuals calling Christians Nazis.

      This bizarre book claims that Goering and Hess were gay.

    19. alex Says:

      Is exegesis the word you were looking for?

      No. Explication.

      The paleocon part was really good, but the homo-nazi part was full of half-truths, conjecture and outright lies. As you said yourself Alex, the jew-book “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” is full of lies, so why quote it or from someone who relies on it?

      It doesn’t rely on Shirer. He’s mentioned once as far as I recall.

      the homo-nazi part was full of half-truths, conjecture and outright lies.

      You can assert that, but the article contains hundreds of falsifiable claims. It is obvious to me there is a good deal of truth to it. It appears to me to be undeniable that Hitler knew Roehm was a homo for at least a decade before he executed him.



    21. none Says:

      It appears to me to be undeniable that Hitler knew Roehm was a homo for at least a decade before he executed him.

      Hitler was rather tolerant in the early days. Why else would he have a chauffeur called Emil Maurice? He wasn’t French, you know…..

      The salute was certainly not “Roman” — this is a mere legend which Hitler himself rejects in the Table Talk. I suppose one could issue a challenge to come up with the least piece of evidence pointing to a Roman origin, but no one would do it.

    22. Jim Says:

      I agree with FeralWhiteMale. The jews use every conceivable lie and half-truth to discredit the Third Reich. National Socialist Germany was a state that placed emphasis on the masculine virtues of courage, honor, duty, etc. Tolerance of open faggotry is a symptom of a feminized, degenrate society such as we have today in the “Kwa”.

    23. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Alex, (sorry, I don’t know how to italicize)

      “It doesn’t rely on Shirer. He’s mentioned once as far as I recall.”

      I believe you, but damage can be done by just one lie, agreed? You mentioned someone else that I can’t recall who was a post-war opportunist like Rauschning that was relied on more heavily. In the post war years there were tons of assholes like Speer who realized they could make a buck and get a position if they rebuked and basically National Enquired (if I can use that as a verb) the Third Reich era, just like there are those that do the same today. Unfortunately, the communists, kikes and anti-nazis latch on to these liars like it’s the truth. The same people who promote the homo-nazi myth are usually the ones who also believe Nazism was based on the occult or came from Lucifer a la “The Spear of Destiny” story by Trevor Ravenscroft.

      “It appears to me to be undeniable that Hitler knew Roehm was a homo for at least a decade before he executed him.”

      I’d have to doublecheck the year that Toland says Hitler found out. It was obvious he was disturbed about it. I doubt it was 10 years but maybe 5.

      Even so, Roehm wasn’t executed for being a homo, just like no one was killed for being what they were during the Third Reich, even jews. Those sent to labor camps were guilty of DOING something wrong, not BELIEVING in something wrong.

      Anyway, I think you’re smart enough to recognize smears and see through pseudo-scientific anti-nazi nonsense. Toland is probably the most objective of the non-German biographers although he will insert unsubstantiated claims and conjecture as well. He was anti-nazi, but he allegedly tried to be objective and he certainly gathered information and told some remarkable inside stories that in my mind makes Hitler more respectable than the reverse. Such as Hitler’s bravery in the trenches and at the putsch attempt. One should read and understand Mein Kampf prior to reading Toland.

      I forgot to mention the Hitler Youth (HJ). Funny how no German autobiographical books mention any faggotry occuring. I can think of 3 real examples right off the top of my head: Hans Schmidt, Gottfried Dulias and one of my own uncles, who were all in the HJ. So you see these slanders and misconceptions are personal. They are smearing our relatives. The constant smear of the White male in American schools and mass media should also be taken personally. The only way to counter it is to have our own White mass media, which is the only thing we should support or organize for and around, White man.

      Some of the people you like, Alex, such as Dr Jones might have honest intentions of understanding the world, but most do not. Jones certainly doesn’t want to understand the Third Reich. Anyone who reads Mein Kampf recognizes the truths in it and it’s obvious Jones and Lively haven’t read it. Oh, they might quote from it because they’ve researched it for the bits that fit their thesis, but that’s all. Someone who really understands National Socialism could ask them a few questions and they’d be out the first round of Jeopardy.

      Just my humble opinion and all I have to say about it.

    24. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      LOL. I just noticed.. couple guys saying the salute was not Roman. OMFG, funny. I guess the banners weren’t either? Get a clue, morons.

    25. James Hawthorne Says:

      “The geo-political significance of a focal center in a movement cannot be overemphasized. Only the presence of such a place, exerting the magic spell of a Mecca or a Rome, can in the long run give the movement a force which is based on inner unity and the recognition of a summit representing this unity.”

      Mein Kampf
      Adolf Hitler

      The Hitler salute (German: Hitlergruß, also known in Germany during World War II as the Deutscher Gruß, literally: German Greeting), or in English as the Nazi salute, is a variant of the Roman salute, adopted by the Nazi Party as a sign of loyalty to its leader Adolf Hitler.

      It was adopted following its use by supporters of Italian fascism, a political movement under the leadership of Benito Mussolini, and other mass movements of the era. […]

      The Roman salute, on which the Hitler salute is based, was used in many different countries for many different purposes before World War II. For example, the Bellamy salute, used as part of the United States Pledge of Allegiance in the late 19th century and early 20th century, was a version of the Roman salute with some similarities to the Nazi salute. The Bellamy salute has been abandoned since 1942 because of this similarity. The same happened to most other forms of the Roman salute used across the world. In Spain, the fascist salute is less common since 1975 when the dictatorship of Francisco Franco ended with his death, although it is still employed by neo-Falangist parties and GROUPS.

    26. Socrates Says:

      FeralWhiteMale Says: “Alex, (sorry, I don’t know how to italicize)

      Feral: put the text between and – that will italicize it.

    27. Socrates Says:

      Oops, Feral, make that “between i and ‘slash i,’ using < > each time.

    28. sgruber Says:

      It can’t be denied that Roehm was a faggot. And that fags were rife in his area. But jeepers batman, should we believe jew muckrakers? Hm? Let’s falsify (if we can), immediately!

    29. StuGavin Says:

      The girlfriend of Rudolf Hess (who later became his wife) visited him in prison and provided the paper that Mein Kampf was typed on.

    30. StuGavin Says:

      I know why this show ended so abruptly, the Fuehrer sent one of Wagner’s elves/goblins down to Kirksville, Missouri and cut off Alex’s Skype connection.

    31. none Says:

      I guess the banners weren’t either? Get a clue, morons.

      Burden of proof is on you, asshole. I see a lot of claims from WNs and, 9 times out of 10, zero proof. At least the Khazarians try to prove themselves.

      So I dare you — come up with one credible, direct Roman source for the salute, and you’ll have my allegiance, captain. Til then you’re just saying what you’ve heard and want to be true.

    32. roxanne satinspar Says:

      OK so it is possible at least some of them were bona fide fags, butch or no, whatever. Are we so surprised? “Salon Kitty” was a real place. Lunchtime Poll: Which is “gayer”? To be one of those guys, (of any ‘orientation”) or to posture on message boards anonymously about kicking cyber-ass with a “WN drag-queen” pseudonym? Which one is more “Community of the Special (Ed) ” ?

      ‘Tard N Featheredly Yours,

      UberFuhrer Von DungeonMeister

    33. Alex Linder Says:

      My reasoning:

      I have never caught Jones in a lie. It is clear from the article, which he did not write, but did run in his publication, that there are both factual assertions and speculation. I find what he says quite plausible for four reasons:

      1) I trust Jones

      2) I’ve fought against fags politically in college, and seen how vicious they are

      3) Fags are naturally conspiratorial, and, like jews, will take over where they can. They have to network because they are despised by normals they in turn despise.

      Here’s an article about the homo-whore ring inside Bush/Reagan administration:


      4) the people who rise to the top of democratic systems, as Hitler did, are accomplished liars and murderers, almost without exclusion

      5) irony is the central organizing principle of the world – it is very, very true to the nature of things that hyper-masculine-homo-suffused NS could take power by selling themselves to the rapture-bunny-equivalent Normal Germans as the solution to Weimar decadence. That is exactly the sort of irony that pleases the clown who slapped this muertoverse together.

    34. roxanne satinspar Says:

      Can this be true? Jone’s sources reliable?
      Surely not all that were named in the show/article/book (A.H.?!?)
      . Perhaps they weren’t all 100%ers?
      Well, perhaps this explains modern-day-fags fetish with them.

      Regular German people swept away by the illusion of fresh-pressed pretty uber-mensch soldiers –
      the way women idolized Cary Grant and how he was offered the part of James Bond.
      A little more suave, a little more “polite”, a little more “style” than your Franz or Heinrich down the street.

      Ian Fleming penned Bond based partly on British born Grant’s urbane screen persona.

      Well, I suppose when it comes down to it, faggot is as faggot does. I’d rather have fags doing what they did than whining about wanting to get married, having leather parades and pushing their kid’s books in schools. The aforementioned group probably wouldn’t have done that.
      Soooo…How does one reconcile any N/S beliefs if what Jones says is true about this kind of repressed homo rule? Separate and unequal? N/S does not necessarily mean “Nazi”? Is what they promoted only attainable in theory, not practice?

      Crazy Swedes-
      Once a year busloads of Nazis from all over Scandinavia arrive at the little town of Lund, Sweden. They come to march in honour of Karl the 12th, who is buried there. Despite people disgust and negative media coverage, the Nazi community is still growing. To annoy the Nazi marchers the town was covered with banners and posters for a fake “Nazi Gay Parade”.

    35. StuGavin Says:

      The funny thing is that Thomas “Beowulf” Fleming would criticize these gay Nazis for fucking and fighting when they should have been reading books about fucking and fighting.


    36. Zapped Says:

      Jones’ claim is transparent jewish slander. How Alex fails into these traps is beyond me. What held the Nazis together was WWI and the knowledge that they were stabbed in the back. This went all the way up to Luddendorf himself! It wasn’t a secret. These guys had military discipline and esprit de corps unknown in our time and it went from the very bottom to the very top of the German nation. Being cynical is one thing, but this nazi-fag theory is simply delusional character assassination.

    37. StuGavin Says:

      The S.A. was the muscle of the Nazi party but not the brains, no fags influenced the Nazi world view. Hitler’s biggest influences were the heterosexual playwright Dietrich Eckart and heterosexual race philosopher Alfred Rosenberg.

    38. sgruber Says:

      Jones is a Catholic with an agenda that is anti-NS. He may very well have run the article in that number with the thought: “Eh, it’s anti-Hitler and anti-decadence – kills two birds with one stone – what the hell.” The article’s sources include at least one jew.

      Almost every jew book about Hitler (the writings of the victors) contains the smear that Adolf was a poofter. And a one-balled shit-eater. And he killed his niece (but the kikes are backing away from that one: Robert Evans’s universally praised first book in his ongoing trilogy says Geli died “in an accident” and the rumors of murder are unfounded). (Even Evans still pushes the “homoerotic” nature of the pre-NS youth groups).

      It has always been in the interest of the Allies to portray Hitler as a freak. From the first dubious psyche report prepared for Roosevelt II, down to the over 27,000 Hitler books today, this is the party line.

      I wonder what David Irving would make of this.

      Also must remember relations among men, at least in the 19th Century West, were a little more innocent and warmer than we feel comfortable in crediting today. Non-jewish male Poles, for instance, walked around holding hands, if they were friends. Weird to us. (Saudis do the same thing today – I’m amazed the “Bush is a brutal homo” poster neglected to make hay of the infamous photo of Shrub holding hands with the Saudi big-wig.) What’s homoerotic to a sick jew is just men being men to a more straightforward mind. Look up the etymology of testiment or testimony for a shocker, if you want more.

    39. roxanne satinspar Says:

      I’ve heard so many stories about the “Nazis” I am not sure what to believe any more. It is highly possible it was there (as there are fags /closet fags everywhere)- but maybe exaggerated as far as these books go? I’ve heard about drugs too, dope can make people do things they ordinarily wouldn’t do- war/prison conditions, mental stress. – not sure if someone does something once, (or has goes nuts and has demented thoughts) that makes them “official”. It’s hard to see these guys like that, seems more about power than these lovey-dovey fags you see shopping for curtains at Target. The only thing fags love more than intrigue and head trips is blackmail/threats. They like the fake powerful sense you can’t ever get rid of them/escape them because they have something on you, even if no one would even care that much about it, they trade on that and enjoy their little schadenfreud whilst filing their nails.