4 March, 2008

Should the West Fear China?

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Of course – China is a large communist country. But much more importantly: what’s always missing in any talk about China? It’s the vital role that Jews played in the communization of it. For example, two Jewish officials in the U.S. Treasury Department – Harry Dexter White and Solomon Adler – deliberately sabotaged China’s currency by blocking a $200 million U.S. gold loan, which caused massive inflation and helped Chairman Mao assume power. Other Jews played roles in transferring communist ideology from Russia to China just after the Bolshevik Revolution:


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  7. 13 Responses to “Should the West Fear China?”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Globalists and jews are playing the same game in China as they did in Russia after the jew revolution of 1917 right up to the 1970’s.

      I don’t need to tell VNNers who financed the ‘Russian’ revolution, but Anthony Sutton’s books “National Suicide”, “Wall Street and the Russian Revolution” are well worth consulting because they give detailed information on the financing, money and technology transfers of the 1930’s & 40’s that built the Soviet Union into a military and industrial colossus.

      Sutton being a sober academic doesn’t point his finger at the jew. Instead he accuses the globalist such as the Rockefellers et. al. for putting their money where there heart is in monopoly capitalism, communism in other words. But we can go a step further; the jew banksters built up the Soviet Union as a sort of half-way-house in their perverted dream of a world government, and more importantly as part of their plan to prevent Nationalist Germany breaking the back of the jew system.

      So we have come full circle. The same financial groups and companies have since the early 1980’s been pouring vast technical and money resources into China. Why? Well the jewpapers like to say it is purely profit driven. But anyone with half a brain should know better. In a few years China will be more powerful than the United States. If North America and Europe are not destroyed by the jew sponsored Third World invasions, they will ultimately be strangled by China’s military threats and competition for resources.
      Probably Australia will be the first to feel these effects.

      Ivor Benson in his book “The Zionist Factor” hints that as early as the 1950’s the globalists planed to give most of east and southern Africa to China as a resource base.

      Let me finish with a prescient quote by Alexander Solzhenitsyn:

      “Some Western voices already have spoken of the need of a protective screen against hostile forces in the next world conflict; in this case the shield would be China. But I would not wish such an outcome to any country in the world. First of all it is again a doomed alliance with Evil; it would grant the United States a respite, but when at a later date China with its billion people would turn around armed with American weapons, America itself would fall victim to a Cambodia-style genocide”.

      Chilling words written in 1978.

    2. Vaultner Says:

      “Should the West Fear China?”

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      “Witness” by Whitaker Chambers deals with soviet espionage in America during and after WW2. He names Harry Dexter White and others as being soviet agents. It is a fantastic book, ridiculed and maligned by many, but now shown to be true by soviet archives.

      Now it seems that Chinese agents are the spies.

      The soviets had their way with us; I expect the Chinese will do the same. We have fallen too far from where we were even in the days of Whitaker Chambers.

    4. ED! Says:

      Jews have gotten filthy rich sending our jobs and manufacturing to china! It is the jews who are the main driving force behind GATT, NAFTA, and CAFTA. Making their hosts miserable, the destruction of their host country’s economy, and getting rich in the process; the jews as a whole will never change! It is crystal clear in my mind as it should be in all White Men, that the total sum of world jewry is our MORTAL ENEMY, and the source of all the major problems that face our White Race.

      SO, why do so-many people follow the bible, a book that came from the jews? Acording to the jewish calender, the traditional date of creation was 3,761 B.C. That flies in the face of reason, science, and archaeology.

      If jehovah picked the jews as his chosen people, and if jehovah is able to see into the future as it is claimed, then this jew god is not the friend of the White Race, and his judgement is beyond repair!

      O K! I have heard all the time worn arguments from christians who try to defend the notion that their failed religion is the truth!

      Why— the so-called bible belivers have murdered more people in the name of god than any other religion, and the writers of this fairy tale have laughed all the way to the bank for many centuries! Who wrote the bible? The jews, thats who!

      Let me say it one more time, THE jEWS WROTE THE BIBLE, GET IT?

      Pull the bible out of the collective mind of the White Race, and the jew comes out with it, it is that simple!

      Once we get the peace, and guilt out of our minds and hearts then, and only then, can we DEAL WITH OUR MORTAL ENEMY!


    5. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “I don’t need to tell VNNers who financed the ‘Russian’ revolution, but Anthony Sutton’s books “National Suicide”, “Wall Street and the Russian Revolution” are well worth consulting because they give detailed information on the financing, money and technology transfers of the 1930’s & 40’s that built the Soviet Union into a military and industrial colossus.”

      And let us be complete, and mention Sutton’s book WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER:


    6. Dan Says:

      The other big red threat, china! the next superpower im afraid .

    7. ED! Says:

      A good one on Duke’s web-site about the American Jewish Committee’s attack on CNN and Lou Dobbs!


      Jacob Schiff was the founder of the American Jewish Committee, and also the same jew who gave $20,000.000 +/- to overthrow and murder the Czar of Russia and bring down communism on the heads of the Russian People, 10,000,000 were killed or starved as a direct result of Schiff.

      God’s chosen are such nice people, are they not? NOT!


    8. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Whitaker Chambers was a self admitted communist spy & a homosexual. His accusations against Alger Hiss were total bullshit.

      The Republicoons were out to get Secretary of State, former Tennessee Senator Cordell Hull, and went after Hull’s aide Alger Hiss. Looking to smear Hiss using Whitaker Chambers. Hiss had once been charitable to the down & out Bohemian Chambers during the Great Depression.

      To get a grip on China, do a google search of John Stewart Service, another victim of jew slander & intrigue.

    9. .338 Says:

      if a genie granted you guys a wish of 5 top heebs destroying the white man here today that they might have an accident and get hit by a train by accident who would you wish it upon lol hahahaa top 5 ??

    10. ED! Says:

      Son, put six zeros to the right of that 5 and then we can talk!


    11. Antagonistes Says:

      Total bullshit? I don’t think so.

      Like an avalanche that keeps getting bigger, Chambers’ accusations have been confirmed over the years.

      Hiss perjured himself (at the very least), and likely would have been tried for treason.

    12. R. Olds Says:

      Big bit of bull crap listed above- Alger Hiss was a proven jew tool. His spying was proven by the FBI at the time and old Whitaker was only cooperating to save his own ass. After the first state of Israel of the 20th century fell, the USSR, their records also showed Alger’s duplicitous nature. How our benevolent Judean court system saved his ass from total prosecution at the time was by claiming he could not be tried for actions against the citizens of the United States because of the statute of limitations (too many years had passed).
      Old Dutch is more like Old Jew, and there are a lot of Dutch Jews throughout the world- just look at Aruba. He consistently misrepresents historical events in his pervasive postings and uses jew speak such as substituting “Bohemian” for faggot. I’m surprised he didn’t work the old canard of mixing up HUAC and McCarthy into it.

    13. Lyn Says:

      Yes, fear China. Their economic power is more formidable than their military. China has incredible reserves of foreign currency. They can disrupt the financial and foreign exchange markets any time they choose to. And China has more than enough cash to start buying interests in international oil companies to secure supplies for their growing economy.

      One thing about espionage – China is definitely involved in stealing trade secrets in the US. Chinese exchange students and technical advisors have been over here for decades. A lot of the US’s biggest universities, high tech industries, and even government research RELY on Chinese students and scientists.