7 March, 2008

The Mercaz Harav Attack

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This religious school in Jerusalem – where eight Jews were killed one day ago – played an important role in the Zionist movement. Zionism – i.e., Jewish imperialism – is aggressive and violent, but nonetheless it’s usually not described that way in America. (Interestingly, David Duke has publicly condemned the Mercaz Harav attack: [Here]).


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  7. 6 Responses to “The Mercaz Harav Attack”

    1. Joe B Says:

      I notice, now it is a “religous school”. The american media calls it a “seminary” A seminary is a Christain institution, so this is puzzling. It must be to play to Christians of the world. But it actually was a yeshiva, a jewish school to study the Torah and talmud.

      For some reason I was not shocked at this. Maybe it was because of the 120, mostly women, children, and the aged killed in Gaza the week before.

      The media plays it up as an attack on “children’ or “students”.

      But they are israelis. israel is a militaristic state that requires all citizens must serve in the military. Therefore there are no “civilians” but pre-military, active military, and inactive military.

    2. BC Says:

      When I think of this religion and its followers I always think of the words aggressive and violent. How they managed to get the high ground as progressive people beats me. Except that they run the media and the Harvard faculty is something like 30% from this group while they make up 4% of the population? They write the history and the news and that’s why their image is shaped so falsely to the outside world. Now in California the court is ruling against home schooling. If you read the comments on the SFGATE site the gays and liberal SF types are openly saying they don’t want home schooling because it allows kids to be “brainwashed” by “ignorant” people. Sure, it allows parents to not have the socialist Jewish programmed public school system get twelve formative years in a row to hammer out followers. Not an accident that home schooling is under fire in California. The Gaza dwellers use bombs but the Jews here use the courts to destroy antithetical from their point of view schooling.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      ‘Students’ of the hate filled Talmud are starting to get what they deserve.

    4. Cormac Says:

      A few bad jEWS became good jEWS…. it just tears my heart out :-)

      Hal Turner is going to have a field day with “The Dukes” commentary on the “tragic” event.

    5. Bobby Says:


    6. Bobby Says:

      Ramzy Baroud speaks to Hesham Tillawi about the Second Intifada – http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4969803603752167522&hl=en