24 March, 2008

Wall Street and the Subprime Loan Crisis

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That crisis is, of course, the result of allowing Jewish money-magicians free rein in our society. (Another result of such free rein is that many gentiles – especially in the finance sector – have, in a sense, become Jews themselves by adopting the financial attitudes and habits of the self-chosen):


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  7. 24 Responses to “Wall Street and the Subprime Loan Crisis”

    1. bubbaguminrancho Says:

      “…many gentiles – especially in the finance sector – have, in a sense, become Jews themselves by adopting the financial attitudes and habits of the self-chosen)”

      Hear, hear! Perhaps there is hope for you guys after all. Attack the jews, but attack Homo Monetarus even harder. He and his servants are the only ones standing between us and the jews. The sonofabitch has shit on the White underclass for millenia. Deconstruct and crucify him!

    2. Anon Says:

      Or is it just that wealth has a pretty similar effect on anyone regardless of their race?

    3. bubbaguminrancho Says:

      In multiracial Western societies wealthy niggers elevate underclass niggers in relation to Whites. That’s contrary to the behavior of wealthy Whites who have consistently elevated underclass niggers over underclass Whites except in the Jim Crow period, when political expediency driven by Eastern European immigration and labor competition required that lip service be paid to the interests of the native White underclass.

    4. bubbaguminrancho Says:

      Mark this well: To Homo Monetarus the White underclass has always been the out-group. You know Svigor? Ask him. He knows exactly what I’m talking about. Whether he agrees or not is another matter. If he doesn’t agree I would be very interested in knowing why.

    5. bubbaguminrancho Says:

      Topic: African slavery in the New World. Anti-White dimbulbs will raise that objection. Solution: Read Hoffman and start researching the history of slavery on this continent. If you dig you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find. Investigate the subject of partus, the one-drop rule, and the so-called anti-miscegenation laws. The motive behind nearly all of this was labor-related – very little to do with maintaining racial purity. There will be quibbles, of course, but these can be dealt with. Compare and contrast the treatment of African slaves to Europids – as kidnapped slaves, as kidnapped servants without a contract, as servants with contracts all too commonly abrogated, and as free white trash. Read all that you can concerning the kidnapping of Scots and Irish. You will be amazed. This stuff is more powerful than any and all racial facts and arguments assembled to this point. The White underclass has the moral high ground in relation to Homo Monetarus both as slaveholders and modern immigration enthusiasts. It’s time to combine this with sociobiology and put H. Monetarus and his interracial/ethnic/religious and cross-sexual allies to flight.

    6. zoomcopter Says:

      Throughout recorded history, jews have wormed themselves into the economies and cultures of many different countries, in many different centuries, causing great damage, if not outright destruction, to these countries. It is a predictable pattern where the jew enters an economy, gradually comes to dominate it, then once in control, plunders it without mercy. Russia in the 1990’s is a perfect example, of a group, of only 8-9 jews, completely dominating and plundering a nation, with no regard for the native population. Billions went directly to Israel, New York and London as the Soviets watched their savings diappear overnight. America is currently in the process of being plundered by the jews as they are in complete control of our Treasury printing presses, as well as all the mainstream media and both political parties. The individual names of the jews change, but the tactics remain the same. The jackels run their victim to the ground, attack remorselessly and finally devour it. History repeats itself once again, but this time we are the victims.

    7. bubbaguminrancho Says:

      Hey Kikes,

      That’s right, we are going to begin the process of deconstructing you anti-White cocksuckers, your theories of “white-skin privilege,” and your goy enablers. The moral high ground and internal consistency is ours. How do you like them apples? Enjoy yourselves while you can. Fuckwads.

    8. Marwinsing Says:

      Beware the beady-eyed shady in posh suit with beaming smile that looks like a gentile, he wants your blood.

    9. -jc Says:

      “Your theories of “white-skin privilege”

      Uh oh. Nigger in the woodpile alert.

      The theory of prevention being more cost-effective than cure is why father’s watch-out for their daughters, communities don’t allow predatory money lenders to inflate and then deflate the value of their real estate, etc., to steal it, etc. But where the cattle have really been “serviced” is by allowing government schools and the mass media to dumb them down to the dangers of not being responsible watchmen.

      Now, how about a little watchful moderation by the VNN staff, cleaning crap like the above so that some of us are less reluctant to recommend these pages to those with traditional White values like avoiding unnecessarily, gratuitously vulgar speech?


      Main Entry:
      \gr?-?tü-?-t?s, -?tyü-\
      Latin gratuitus, from gratus

      1 a: given unearned or without recompense b: not involving a return benefit, compensation, or consideration c: costing nothing : free2: not called for by the circumstances : unwarranted
      — gra·tu·itous·ly adverb
      — gra·tu·itous·ness noun

      2: not called for by the circumstances : unwarranted
      — gra·tu·itous·ly adverb
      — gra·tu·itous·ness noun

    10. -jc Says:

      The article starts-off all wrong. Note the term “‘las’ underwriting.”

      Maybe five years ago, my wife wanted to buy this particular home and thought to be like everyone else and take out a mortgage. A real estate saleswoman she knew hooked her up with a mortgage broker whom she said was a personal friend and would take care of her. I tagged along and promised to remain silent– play dumb– as in deaf & dumb.

      It was apparent that the mortgae brokerage was having difficulty shoveling the loans out the door fast enough. My wife was a good prospect and they hardly gave her any time at all and actually charged her a fee to have them run her credit and tell her what size monthly payment she could afford. To make a long story short, they simply lied to her and told her she could afford a WAY larger payment than was humanly possible. And it was simply to point that out to my wife and her “Realtor.” End of relationship with that saleswoman.

      Now, I’m going to preface this as I think Dr. Pierce would, by saying that I’m going to pitch a little hardball here and you can’t be “individualists” for a moment: You have to consider the big picture. I don’t want to hurt any individual feelsings here. That said…

      Bailing-out stupid people with money extorted from arguably smarter or at least more productive people– taxpayers, does not make sense from a eugenic standpoint. It is like permitting, no, make that “subsidizing” the retarded and otherwise genetically less fit to breed and be the fathers of future generations of Americans.

      I say let ’em swim or sink. And, as fo rthe bankers, bring back hanging ’em from lampposts like we hang coyotes on fences here as a warning to other coyotes. It was done in 19th centurey in times when banks loaned more than was on deposit and angry customers found themselves locked out on self-proclaimed bank holidays. It could make a comeback.

      The police need to take the same attitude with the real problem calls that they take when you really need them and they show up an hour later and just take a report. In too many areas police are entirely too politicized and unresponsive to root causes. Move away and deny them your labor and taxes: They pander to the people that wreck such areas– parasites who cannot live without hosts.

      “If the American people ever allow private banks [federal reserve system] to control of the issuance of their currency [loaning it into existence out of thin air– fractional reserve], the banks and corporations [municipal corporations & homeowner associations] that will grow up around [the American people] will, first by inflation and then by deflation, deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” –Thomas Jefferson

    11. -jc Says:

      The Jew banking spin:

      Find at http://www.npr.org

      Cleveland Sues Big Banks Over Subprime Fallout

      by Mhari Saito

      Listen Now [4 min 0 sec]

      All Things Considered, January 11, 2008 · The City of Cleveland on Friday filed a lawsuit against 21 banks involved in subprime loans in the city. [These include Wells Fargo and Deutchbank]

      The city argues that the lenders created a public nuisance by selling high volumes of subprime loans in an economy and housing market that was not as strong as in other parts of the country [No “parts of the courtry” are strong enough to withstand this foolishness]. Cleveland leaders say the banks should have known many of the loans would go bad.

      Mhari Saito of member station WCPN reports.


      Whirly Ben’s approach at THE FED to managing “Fallout” is to put it back in and take shorter strokes. -JC

      “Permit me to control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws.” -Mayer Amschel Bauer, patriarch, Rothschild/Red shield international banking dynasty

    12. wuh oh Says:

      Homo Monetarus . . . . . Read Hoffman

      MajorityRights groupie alert!

    13. Olde_Dutch Says:

      The jews asian cousins are now in our equity markets in a big way. Just watch financial TV, and count the numbers of orientals & asian mystery meat commenting on the markets.

      The jews, orientals & asians are notorious, crazy, driven gamblers, and they have found a home in our financial casinos.

    14. sgruber Says:

      We have to make our children safe. We have to fight for them.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    15. Booger Says:

      I won’t pretend to be an economic expert because i’m not,but i know this much.When you let the jews control your economy, and your printing presses-both papers and money,your headed for a gigantic economic bendover.Printing our own interest-free money would be a huge step in the right direction,like dr.Paul wanted,but the jewish establishment has done everything they can to marginalize him into oblivion,because they realize he would kick the bucket out from under them.Unfortunately,our nation is headed for an economic and social crisis of proportions unseen since the Civil War.Jefferson must have had a crystal ball,because that is exactly the situation we’re in now,refering to the quote posted by j.c.Hard Times and depravation are going to wake alot of people up.Unfortunately,as long as the jews control the media,they will be able to spin any crisis to favor them,instead of us.

    16. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      The “whites” permitted into the Wall st. games must indeed be written off as functional jews. There are millions such creatures in North America. We call them “white americans.” Until a strong sense of Aryan identity replaces “white” identity, which was a jew-masonic construct from even before their little pig republic was even allowed to nominally separate itself from the British crown, there will be no significant progress toward liberating our Folk from jews or pseudo-jews. I estimate that 1/2 of these american whites will have to be exterminated along with their jew masters before the continent can be said to be truly jew-free.

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    17. dimmestofmajorityrightsgroupies Says:

      “wuh oh Says: MajorityRights groupie alert!”

      What? You don’t want to admit that you hang out there? Maybe you don’t want to admit to any connections to h. monetarus? Oh, I know what it is. You don’t like the name. Okay. Maybe we can come up with another one. How ’bout, “pensioner”? No? Okay, maybe “dividender”? No? How ’bout, “trust funder”? Still not kosher? Okay then, maybe “yuppie”? Zinging, stinging pejoratives to replace h. monetarus are always welcome!

    18. dimmestofniggerinthewoodpilealert: Says:

      “-jc Says: Now, how about a little watchful moderation by the VNN staff, cleaning crap like the above so that some of us are less reluctant to recommend these pages to those with traditional White values like avoiding unnecessarily, gratuitously vulgar speech?”

      Somebody who knows his way around a dictionary wants to preserve the symbiotic status quo of easy online racialism: Bookclubbing whiners on one side, Shit Talkers and Thrill Seekers on the other. Forget about developing and implementing a “boots on ground” plan. That would require genuine leadership and a program designed to attract genuine leaders. We wouldn’t want that, now would we? Genuine leaders don’t send dollars to online posers. Therefore, I agree with you. The mods should censor assholes like bubbagum. We want to advance the cause of easy online racialism. We want people who will send dollar to “support us in our important work.”

    19. mcbalderdash Says:

      Are you guys censoring old Bubba? Why, I’ll bet you are! That old fuck must be getting under your skin, eh? That’s all right, boys. Old Bubba is getting the word out.

    20. MaybeIllJustGoAway Says:

      Hahaha. Shit talking, cyber-geeking posers! Hahaha. “Send dollars to support us in our important work!”

    21. DMS Says:

      Subprime loans: trying to make nig rocks float.

      Now they’re going back down, and they’re tied to your leg.

    22. VNN Rocks Says:

      We don’t need “leaders” at the present time, we need communicators….good communicators like Alex Linder.

      There are plenty of sites out there run by wannabe “leaders” (read: illiterate lunatics and undercover cops) looking for wannabe followers who are willing to do their bidding, so if that’s what turns you on, then maybe you should visit one of those sites instead of complaining about VNN.

    23. Carpenter Sucks Says:

      Importing black african slaves to replace white workers is an aristocratic “value” we can do without.

      The slave trade existed long before communism was invented, so spare us the bullshit about how the upper class sold out their racial brethren because white workers sided with the reds, okay?

    24. Bill White Says:

      “Ameriquest Mortgage Founder Roland E. Arnall, 68, a billionaire who became a symbol of the subprime lending industry he helped Create, died March 17 at the UCLA Medical Center. Esophageal cancer was diagnosed last week.

      Mr. Arnall, a Holocaust survivor who co-founded the Simon Wiesenthal Center, had resigned as President Bush’s ambassador to the Netherlands on March 7…

      Mr. Arnall amassed huge interests in apartments and other businesses.
      But he was chiefly known as a Pioneer of lending to high-risk, or “subprime,” borrowers. Using databases to identify customers and set loan terms, he partnered with Wall Street companies that provided funding and bundled his loans into mortgage-backed bonds, the business whose recent meltdown has shaken the global financial system.”

      source: Washington Post