11 March, 2008

Wilmot Robertson on the Jews

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“Instead of submitting anti-Semitism to the free play of ideas, instead of making it a topic for debate in which all can join, Jews and their liberal supporters have managed to organize an inquisition in which all acts, writings and even thoughts critical of Jewry are treated as a threat to the moral order of mankind.”

— from the book “The Dispossessed Majority” (Cape Canaveral, FL.; Howard Allen Enterprises, Inc., 1976) by Wilmot Robertson, p. 180

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  7. One Response to “Wilmot Robertson on the Jews”

    1. ein Says:

      “The Dispposses Majority” was one of the most seminal books I ever read. I consider it a masterpiece.

      Of course, masterpieces such as that will never get their due credit. Perhaps the degree to which they were suppressed is proof of just how good they really are.