15 March, 2008

Yeats-Brown on Jewish Tolerance

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“We were lunching in a little restaurant on a hill-top above Rapallo. At an adjacent table I noticed a small, dark young man in spectacles and a fair, handsome girl. I glanced at them, and continued my argument. We became rather heated, for my friend accused me of prejudice and religious intolerance. I answered that he knew nothing about the Jewish question, or rather questions, for there were several, and to grasp these problems as a whole one should talk to a wide variety of Europeans, and see for oneself – for instance – the aspect and surroundings of the Ghetto in Warsaw, and the crypto-Jews of Salonika and Constantinople. Presently the girl pushed her plate away with a gesture of disgust, and began striding about the terrace, waving her arms. At this point it dawned on me that the people at the next table were Jews. I left soon afterwards, and heard later that they tackled my friend. They were English Jews, they told him, and had overheard what I was saying.”

— from the book “European Jungle” (London, England; Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1939), by F. Yeats-Brown, pp. 173-174.

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    1. Ernst Blofeld Says:

      Rapallo is where Ezra Pound lived and Yeats used to come visit him there. Pound started off as Yeats’ secretary but came to have a strong influence over him. I wouldn’t be surprised if T.S. Eliot’s anti-semitism was also due to his close association with Pound.

    2. ein Says:

      What is an “English” Jew?

    3. -js Says:

      Jews come with all manner of citizenships but they remain “something-Jew” nationality, a nation meaning both land and a people. Jews, as far as I’m concerned, retain their ability to taint a race until some (non-Jew) behavioral proves to me without the shadow of a doubt that it is safe for our people after they’ve been diluted, say, to the tenth generation. And I doubt that is ever going to occur. Whites need to enquire into the lineage of their prospective mates a little deeper than merely the look of someone. To not do so is to destroy the line of your fathers.

      See Mencken and Teddy Roosevelt on hyphenated-Americans. They were speaking of Italian-Americans, etc. And I think that is not only backwards but confusing when one considers such things as the Spanish-American war, not that French and Indian war is any plainer.

      I think we’ve got it backwards and English Jew is entirely correct. I would say it is a racial Jew with U.S. citizenship. That we should refer to Somail Bantus here, for example, as American-Bantus or more simply, for the less discriminating, American-Blacks.

    4. .338 Says:


    5. Hans Schneider Says:

      “Jewish Tolerance” is like the easter bunny, it never existed !

    6. Guagliano Says:

      wish the politicians would think like this… lol…