26 April, 2008

Book: Twilight Over England

Posted by Socrates in Britain, Socrates, William Joyce, World War II at 5:04 pm | Permanent Link

by William Joyce. (A .pdf file. Use the .pdf tools at the top to enlarge the text, if needed): [Here].

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  7. 4 Responses to “Book: Twilight Over England”

    1. NSN Says:

      The Martyrdom of William Joyce by Michael Walsh
      is a recommended on-line biography of this hero.


    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      I highly recommend that VNNF members read chapter VI of the “Twilight Over England” book, found at the indicated link:


      This chapter runs from page 44 of the pdf file to page 57 of the pdf file, which corresponds to page 86 of the book to page 113 of the book. On page 87, he describes the tendencies of the jews as follows:

      (1) An incapacity to avoid forming a state within a state.
      (2) Complete inability to view their Gentile hosts as possessing equal rights with their own.
      (3) Predetermined specialisation in all those processes which bring high profit. Hence, in capitalism, almost exclusive preoccupation with finance, distribution, and exchange as distinct from productive industry. Professional work undertaken either for profit of for the sake of social advancement.
      (4) A natural tendency to utilize social and economic advancement for the purpose of gaining political power.
      (5) An unholy dread of nationalism as a factor which would draw attention to their racial nature and expose their operations.
      (6) The deliberate debasement of the standards of culture in the land of their sojourn.
      (7) The elimination by competition of the Aryan who merely wants to get enough for himself and not more than anybody else.

      Much more keen inside can be found within.

    3. Charles Martel Says:

      Hmm…This pdf doesn’t read well on the Sony Reader (even in landscape mode). Also, it lists its title as “Full Page Scan Print”.

      I guess I’ll have to convert the scans to single pages…Arg….

    4. -jc Says:

      Very important to get this stuff downloaded and archived at various locations.