28 April, 2008

FLDS: Big Hate- Big Brother

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    1. Arch Stanton Says:

      Basically it boils down to the fact that there are a people who live among us whose name cannot be spoken. These people are the controlling shadow behind the economic, cultural, political and legal systems of the White western world. These are a people of hate. They hate the white race because white people haven proven to be very, very, dangerous in resisting and rebuking their parasitical predations. The white race is thus perceived as the only real threat these people face to total global hegemony. White people are a truly dangerous adversary in defeating their agenda of enslaving the world to their own purposes. Presently they have mesmerized the white race into slavishly and following their suicidal agenda; but they know history has proven time and again, if the white race awakens things will not go well for them. Worse, with today’s level of communication and education, this may well be their last chance for if they fail this time there will be no place on this planet to hide. Perhaps that is why they are pulling out all the stops this time. The irony in this story is these ignorant LDS members haven’t a clue these people even exist as a cohesive force; worse they are totally unaware that their efforts at procreation are perceived to be a very real and paramount threat to those whose name cannot be spoken. The fact is these people whose name cannot be spoken are out to destroy the white race and are doing so by attacking finances, family and culture. It is they who are behind every anti-white agenda in existence today. They are achieving their goal at an alarming rate. Their agenda for legalized abortion has cost millions of white children’s lives since abortion was legalized. These people whose name cannot be spoken are behind the “pro-life” movement and in fact run a large percentage of the abortions clinics that profit from this genocidal prong of attack. (Have you ever wondered why you have never seen a racial breakdown of abortion victims?) They are behind the birth control movement (Have you ever wondered exactly what race uses birth control most frequently?) They are behind the feminist movement that gave women the “right to work” a victory that has now morphed into an economic condition that has virtually destroyed the family. These are the people that pushed, authored and sat in judgment on no-fault divorce laws that have resulted in a fifty percent divorce rate among white couples and often highly dysfunctional, one parent children. These are the people that authored and passed legislation that took white tax dollars and used that transfer of wealth to fund the indiscriminate breeding of the so called “minority races,” a concept they invented. These are the people that authored the bill that opened the flood gate for unrestricted immigration, a move that has resulted in the rapid dilution of the white population of America. These are the people that run a media that openly promotes miscegenation, especially among young white people both male and female. The incredibly hypocrisy in these actions becomes fully apparent if one views the racial standards to which they hold for their own people and the racially discriminatory laws they enforce in their own country. If you cannot perceive these actions as a cohesive plan then you are blind. If you do not acknowledge these acts as purposeful in their intent, then you are an idiot. One thing is quite certain, blind idiots did not create this America and blind idiots will not save it; if you are white and cannot face these facts, then know you are destined for a planned extinction.

      If you wonder who these people are, look to this Biblical injunction – by their works ye shall know them.

      (Posted at the article’s website)

    2. Socrates Says:

      Arch: the first part of your post should be required reading for new WNs. Great observations.

      Indeed, a group of “submissive,” non-feminist, gentile women, wearing old-fashioned clothes and having lots of White kids, is seen as a cultural “threat” by those people whose name cannot be spoken. Let us remember, Jews are emotional people and react instantly to cultural trends which might catch on. Granted, this sort of thing will probably never be widespread, but the Jews are paranoid…

    3. MHK Says:

      The FLDS people are the only proud whites who are still having kids in large numbers.

      ZOG is spooked by these folks and it’s easy to see why.

    4. 2050 Says:

      I think Arch meant that the people who’s names can not be spoken control the “Pro-Choice” movement, not that they control the Pro-Life movement.
      Otherwise, spot on.

    5. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Great comments, Arch!

      Anyone wanna explain why the “Monster of Austria” lined the cellar with Hasidic wallpaper? Look at the top of this photo.


    6. Curious Says:

      Incest is seen as sacred within Kabbalistic(jew) tradition. ‘God the Father’ having sex with ‘God the Daughter’ to be precise.

    7. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Dead-on analysis from Arch, who truly understands the gravity of the situation.

      Grave, indeed.

    8. Stronza Says:

      Tsk, Tsk, Carpenter. My nose is now out of joint ’cause I said the same thing on the VNN forum some time back and nary a bite.

    9. tennyson Says:

      the flds men have been eerily silent through all this.
      they lose points for not stepping up for their kids, unless they are really the scumbags the news says they are.
      Aside from that, anything wholesome or traditional( white tradition)
      is a grave threat to the culture killers. the amish or mennonites will be next.
      The “Little house on the prarie” extras we saw on the jew-tube were almost instantly held up for derision and ridicule by the trendy,superficial talkers.
      The presence of so many careless, gutless whites is what baffles me, not the snatching of women and children. Why is the social service building that put this move into action still in use? why is it not a pile of cinders?
      why do politicians breathe easy in texas after such an outrage/?
      if they were living among mentally/spiritually sound whites they would need an armored escort with air cover to move three blocks.
      they live among brain-fucked former whites. how easy to snatch the child from such creatures.
      at this point they could declare martial law and enslave us all in shackles and all they would hear would be snivelling and the keystrokes of all the electronic warriors.
      Cowards die a thousand deaths.
      just my incoherent opinion.

    10. Stronza Says:

      No. Quite coherent.

    11. MHK Says:

      …the amish or mennonites will be next.

      No they won’t because they advocate sheep-like passivity and nonviolence, and they don’t have kids in large numbers like the FLDS people do.

      They pose no threat to ZOG.

    12. Marwinsing Says:

      Hey – all you big talkers – if you haven’t killed a non-white with hands and boots AND bullets thrown in for fun… you’re a waste of time IMHO because MY race don’t need you – you bitches! Wastes of white flesh.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      MHK Says:

      29 April, 2008 at 10:59 pm

      …the amish or mennonites will be next.

      No they won’t because they advocate sheep-like passivity and nonviolence, and they don’t have kids in large numbers like the FLDS people do.

      They pose no threat to ZOG.

      Preemptive strike by the trouble makers of World history against other Nations, http://www.ussliberty.org etc. is plain as day in the FLDS radi.

      I do not listen to talk radio, but driving and hearing two West Coast Con-servative’s for a minute suprised me, because they both state clearly that the regime attack on FLDS was a crime of Tyranny, and took on all fag leftist, rapture nutz and kooks calling idiots for not seeing the filthy crime of what was done in TEXAS!

    14. MHK Says:

      I remember reading a book some time ago that said that the reason the Vikings were able to successfully colonize northern Europe, despite its harsh climate, was their well-known habit of “polygamy and polypedy” (having many wives and many children).

      I also remember reading somewhere that almost all white people who are alive today have some Viking blood in them because of the Viking “invasions” (their numerous attempts to colonize neighboring areas which resulted in their seed being spread far and wide).

      I think it’s safe to say that there are a whole lot of white folks who probably wouldn’t exist right now had it not been for the Vikings and their polygamous ways.

      WNs who attack the FLDS people for having more than one spouse might want to keep this in mind.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      ONLY POS bastards would dare to defednd this raid and the 33 year old nigger who was used to make the fake calls posing as White 16 year old.

    16. Stronza Says:

      One can object to the raid while still thinking that the FLDS way of life is bad for women, children and non-alpha males.

    17. sgruber Says:

      This is why I love VNN. Better analysis in this thread than in 4,000,000 pages of controlled media’s fishwrap.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      Especially the Doctors

    19. tennyson Says:

      Shame on you “sgruber” ….you would wrap a decent fish in a newspaper?….that is an insult to the fish…
      I wouldn’t wrap a two headed mutant carp in a newspaper.(unless it was the aryan alternative or the insurgent… the only papers worthy of wrapping a fish in.)
      This is the best news around though. Dead on with that comment.