15 April, 2008

Genocidal Hatred and Raw Jewish Rage Besmirch Long Beach Academic Community and Prove Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s Thesis: Jews Hate Whites and the West Whites Built

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[An attack on Kevin MacDonald is an attack on you, me, our families, our ancestors and our posterity. It should be met with every possible resistance, for the jews mean genocide for our kind, and Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D., is a hero for proving that. MacDonald has a new book, and you can show your support by buying it – see April 15 letters for ordering information.]

[Article from Daily 49er]

Psychology professor denounces departments’ reprimands of his work


Several departments at Cal State Long Beach have released statements denouncing the writings of psychology professor Kevin MacDonald after accusations surfaced that MacDonald’s writings and teachings are anti-Semitic.

Last semester, MacDonald sent an e-mail to the CSULB faculty confirming his belief that the Jewish race has had a negative effect on Western society….

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sf csulb student
posted 4/14/08 @ 12:42 PM PST

Whether or not you like the man personally, I am appalled at the statements made…as they are REPORTED here. To preface my position, I found Dr. MacDonald a very knowledgeable but somewhat boring lecturer. I am not his TA nor do I have any relationship with him. I am just a person offering some reason to claims as they are REPORTED in this article. I have not read the book, but the particular criticisms CITED here are flawed.

First of all, Dr.MacDonald teaches evolutionary psychology, a subject that is deeply connected to history. That his degree is not in history, anthropology or ethnic studies, does not discount his expertise in historical information.

As for the supposed scholars from other departments: No human being can possibly locate and consider EVERY view on any one subject. The responsibility of scholarly adults is to offer evidence that refutes certain claims instead of calling names and using emotional language to discredit another person’s argument. Instead of acting like children, how about submitting practical, unemotional, logical evidence for consideration?

I am sure that the complaining departments all teach historical “facts” that identify some group as responsible for some event(s). I am also sure that someone from those groups have been insulted by ?factual history.? Because those “facts” may be more widely accepted by others does not always make them valid, nor does the case of a thought that is “new” make it without validity. As rational, educated adults we should always consider new information. If you don’t then you are guilty of the same thing you accuse Dr. MacDonald of doing: only considering research that supports YOUR existing beliefs.

All groups, no matter how they are defined, have strengths and weaknesses; have done “good” things and “bad” things. The tricky part is being honest and responsible enough to “own” the good with the bad. This may or may not be the case here, but the method of opposition being used against Dr. MacDonald are unbecoming to a supposedly educated and scientific community.

Instead of making sweeping generalizations, name calling and fighting this battle using emotion and a closed mind, why don’t the esteemed opposers calmly and reasonably offer valid evidence to refute the particular arguments or statements instead of using flawed and fallacious arguments themselves? We, as academics, should be able to consider the research of others as an effort to investigate issues, true or false, without reducing it to a personal insult and responding like children or jilted lovers. If you choose to operate in this manner you set your own research up to be criticized for its affect on emotions rather than its actual content.

posted 4/15/08 @ 5:54 AM PST

You seem perplexed at the adhominems cast at Dr. Macdonald.

The reasons are simple. Possibly too simple to rectify with the depth and demeanor of the attack on him.

When one has no facts to substantiate his argument and the facts actually disprove ones argument then the only way to validate the argument is to attack the man, his language, his clothes, his hair, his anything that steers the dialog away from the facts one wants hidden. This is the quintessential method used by those who know their adversary is correct so must misdirect those paying attention to questions other than what the author has written. The tactic works because we are easily diverted. Our attention span is too short to hold onto the original claims made by the author and instead we get lost in the minutia thrown at us by those wanting to keep uncomfortable facts away from public scrutiny. This is the reason for all hate laws. There is a history, the real history that some want desperately to keep hidden that hate laws and this “attack the man not the message” is designed to keep us from knowing.

There is an axiom that is pertinent here.


Our enemies are the enemies of free speech. It is they that any and all venom should be directed at.

Be diligent at disproving Dr. Macdonalds claims, When you fail you will be in a better position to see your true enemies. Do the same with the claims of Dr. Tony Martin .

posted 4/14/08 @ 5:50 PM PST

Back in the way back of 1964 & 1965, when I was a young, I came to almost the same conclusions that Dr. MacDonald arrived at years later in his very professional research.

My only difference with Kevin MacDonald, is that some Roman Catholic ethnic groups have played a negative role in the US, that in their own homelands they would not have played. Although, I do think the Roman Catholic ethnic groups have come to realize realize the error of their ways. Perhaps too late.

posted 4/14/08 @ 7:48 PM PST

The very fact that the University has stooped so low simply serves to prove that MacDonald has been right all along. After all, the core of his research holds that Jews (1) pursue a collective self-interest, (2) actively persuade non-Jews to support Jewish interests, chiefly immunity from criticism. (3) cloak their motives in an appeal to universal values to conceal the self-serving nature of their undertaking, and most relevant (4) attempt to deal with critics by labeling, isolating, slandering, or intimidating them, except in those rare cases when they find it necessary to resort to murder.

The University’s craven and disgusting open letter is just one more example of the centuries-old practices that Dr. MacDonald has so meticulously (and courageously) documented.

Shame on the University, and shame on everyone who signed this filthy missive. They have declared their own intellectual and moral bankruptcy in so doing.

James Morris
posted 4/14/08 @ 8:30 PM PST

Professor Kevin MacDonald’s work has been much appreciated/valued by many to include myself.. I wouldn’t have such an extensive understanding of the Jewish neoconservative movement (which pushed US to war in Iraq for Israel and is doing similar to get US into a war with Iran for Israel as well) if it weren’t for his excellent ‘Thinking about Neoconservatism’ article and ‘Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement’ monograph which are both linked near the top of the following URL:


William S.
posted 4/14/08 @ 9:06 PM PST

Professor MacDonald represents a rare breed among intellectuals today – one that possesses intellect and courage. Ninety-five percent of modern professors in the social areas are either outright marxists or pitiful panderers to political correctness.

The flaiming irony of this situation is the actions of the censors, who’s true goal despite whatever they may claim is to drive Prof. MacDonald out of a job, only serve to confirm his thesis of Jewish behavior!

Rob Chapman
posted 4/14/08 @ 9:30 PM PST

Professor MacDonald’s research and published works are some of the most important that I’ve read. It’s unfortunate that the so-called “scholars” at CSULB have chosen to attack MacDonald and alienate and attempt to punish him rather than engage in an honest debate on the actual MERITS of his works.

I’ve read “Culture of Critique”, twice, and spent a great deal of time checking references and sources as the topic of Jewish history is of great interest and have found nothing that would lead one to beleive of any allegation’s bantered about as true.

The faculty engaged in this nonsense have embarrassed themselves, the school and academia as a whole.

It’s called: Intellectual Dishonesty.

posted 4/15/08 @ 8:30 AM PST

Want to discover just how ‘right on’ Prof MacDonald really is ? Google..’WHEN VICTIMS RULE’ another seminal work, online book that NOBODY will publish.

Joe Shepherd
posted 4/14/08 @ 10:50 PM PST

If Prof. MacDonald is wrong then surely his opponents could dispute his claims in a public debate. I suspect they are too intellectually dishonest to defend their views.

Charles Fockaert
posted 4/14/08 @ 10:59 PM PST

I’ve read Professor MacDonald’s book, the Culture of Critique. Anyone who says MacDonald didn’t do his research or didn’t accurate reflect what his research showed either didn’t read COC or just plain doesn’t like what the research, or the messenger, have to say.

My guess is it might be both, they didn’t read the book and don’t like hearing the truth and due to cognitive dissonance are lashing out.

It’s time for the rest of us to put a stop to these kinds of attacks. Professor MacDonald, you have my absolutely and full support. Don’t give in to these campus gauleiters.

Jerry Bolduc
posted 4/15/08 @ 12:00 AM PST

I have to agree with Professor MacDonald.

Here’s a letter I sent to a NY Times reporter:

Hello Peter…I read your article on the ifamericansknew.org website titled “Speech on the MidEast Brings Opinions to a Boil”.

First of all, I want you to understand that the United States and its’ people have been thoroughly duped by the Jewish leadership! Take a look at this film…it’s over an hour long, so schedule a time to see it…and remember while you watch it that the American taxpayers are FORCED to finance these atrocities thru their “no strings attached” foreign aid package of $3,000,000,000 per year:


If that doesn’t break your heart, I don’t know what will.

Here is something I have been sending to people all over the country…the so-called Jewish Holocaust is a Jewish Hoax!:

Hello folks…I wrote to you several weeks ago concerning your Congressman, Robert Wexler. I was so disgusted with his deception that I did some research and I’d like to send you a copy of the information that I am sending to everyone around the country. It seems that there are Congressmen from all around South Florida and New York, who have signed on to these fraudulent “holocaust” schemes:

H.R.1746 (The Holocaust Insurance Accountability Act of 2007)

Title: To require disclosure of Holocaust-era policies by insurers and establish a federal cause of action for claims arising out of a covered policy.

Sponsor: Rep Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana [FL-18] (introduced 3/28/2007) Cosponsors (41)

Latest Major Action: 2/7/2008 House committee/subcommittee actions. Status: Committee Hearings Held.


Rep Ackerman, Gary L. [NY-5] – 7/24/2007
Rep Berkley, Shelley [NV-1] – 9/17/2007
Rep Bilirakis, Gus M. [FL-9] – 10/15/2007
Rep Blackburn, Marsha [TN-7] – 12/4/2007
Rep Cantor, Eric [VA-7] – 3/28/2007 (primary co-sponsor)
Rep Chabot, Steve [OH-1] – 3/28/2007 (primary co-sponsor)
Rep Cohen, Steve [TN-9] – 5/1/2007
Rep Diaz-Balart, Lincoln [FL-21] – 10/15/2007
Rep Engel, Eliot L. [NY-17] – 6/5/2007
Rep Faleomavaega, Eni F.H. [AS] – 9/17/2007
Rep Fortuno, Luis G. [PR] – 7/24/2007
Rep Gallegly, Elton [CA-24] – 10/15/2007
Rep Hare, Phil [IL-17] – 8/3/2007
Rep Hastings, Alcee L. [FL-23] – 11/6/2007
Rep Inslee, Jay [WA-1] – 10/22/2007
Rep Israel, Steve [NY-2] – 8/1/2007
Rep Jackson-Lee, Sheila [TX-18] – 6/20/2007
Rep Kirk, Mark Steven [IL-10] – 11/6/2007
Rep Klein, Ron [FL-22] – 5/1/2007
Rep Lantos, Tom [CA-12] – 6/20/2007
Rep Lowey, Nita M. [NY-18] – 9/17/2007
Rep Mahoney, Tim [FL-16] – 10/15/2007
Rep Maloney, Carolyn B. [NY-14] – 12/18/2007
Rep Meek, Kendrick B. [FL-17] – 5/1/2007
Rep Myrick, Sue Wilkins [NC-9] – 8/1/2007
Rep Nadler, Jerrold [NY-8] – 6/5/2007
Rep Pence, Mike [IN-6] – 3/28/2007 (primary co-sponsor)
Rep Ramstad, Jim [MN-3] – 11/6/2007
Rep Rohrabacher, Dana [CA-46] – 9/17/2007
Rep Rothman, Steven R. [NJ-9] – 8/1/2007
Rep Schakowsky, Janice D. [IL-9] – 9/17/2007
Rep Shays, Christopher [CT-4] – 2/7/2008
Rep Sherman, Brad [CA-27] – 10/23/2007
Rep Smith, Christopher H. [NJ-4] – 5/1/2007
Rep Van Hollen, Chris [MD-8] – 12/4/2007
Rep Wasserman Schultz, Debbie [FL-20] – 5/21/2007
Rep Watson, Diane E. [CA-33] – 5/1/2007
Rep Waxman, Henry A. [CA-30] – 5/21/2007
Rep Weiner, Anthony D. [NY-9] – 9/17/2007
Rep Wexler, Robert [FL-19] – 3/28/2007 (primary co-sponsor) A charlatan seeking to find financial
supporters for his re-election effort thru his “Impeach
Cheney” grandstanding.
Rep Wilson, Joe [SC-2] – 10/15/2007

While I’m at it, I want you to understand another deadly problem that has been allowed to fester in this country as put forth in the following message to the author of an excellent article I had read:

I read your article titled “Credit Default Swaps: Derivative Disaster DuJour”


and I was ecstatic that, FINALLY, someone has the correct answer to our financial difficulty as you made manifest in your concluding paragraph. Indeed, if we would just make Congress honor their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution, most, if not all, of our problems would lift as the morning mist before the rising sun.

Another issue that I think should be addressed as well, is the one of concentration of mass media control…only 4 or 5 corporations controlling what we see on TV, at the movies, and in the newspapers and magazines is unacceptable and has led to massive corruption within our government. As an example, were you aware that all but 43 members of Congress belong to AIPAC? That’s why the Democrats didn’t stop the funding for these criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…they are afraid of the Jewish lobby and its’ ability to ruin their political “careers” (as tho that is a legitimate profession) thru misinformation in the print and on TV news shows!

Take a look at what Robert Wexler is pushing in Congress (yes, the same Robert Wexler who is pushing for the impeachment of Dick Cheney…he has almost 200,000 people who have signed up on his website supporting that action and he is soliciting donations from all of them!) http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/5729 He doesn’t tell these people that he is pushing for this eternal holocaust reparation scheme…nor has he informed his constituency in Florida’s 19th Congressional district. So I did! :)

Holocaust reparation schemes are gaining an international appeal http://www.budapestsun.com/cikk.php?id=27879

After I saw that one, I was really angry!

First of all, we are talking about something that allegedly happened nearly 70 years ago. When the “holocaust” museum was being built in Washington, DC, it was noted, at the time, that the evidence to prove that the holocaust ever happened would fill a shoe box! That’s right…a shoe box!! Here we are in the 21st century and they’re still looking for ways to scam us…yet, the Jews have never been able to prove that the so-called “holocaust” ever happened!

We now have tons of evidence to show that it DIDN’T happen the way it has been portrayed:


2 of 7

http://nafcash.com/ (This is an excellent source…you simply must click on the links…the knowledge you will be
introduced to is stunning!)


How were they able to keep the fraud going for so long?


Here’s the latest holo-hoax…more are on the way, I’m sure.

http://jta.org/cgi-bin/iowa/news/article/2008030420080304holmem.html (Phoney holocaust book!)

The problem is that so many of the holocaust claims have been proven false. In addition to “Misha”, other books like “The Painted Bird” and “Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood” have proven to be acute embarrassments. Claims of soap made from human fat and lampshades made from human skin have been discredited by modern forensics tests. There never was a camp Walscak…there are no mass graves at Treblinka! Something is clearly wrong here!

Had the holocaust happened as the orthodox account claims, there would be so much hard factual evidence around that there would be no need for the many hoaxes and deceptions.

The Germans even tried to help the Jews emigrate from Germany; when their ship arrived at various ports of call, not one country on the face of the earth wanted them! NOT ONE!!! Ask yourself ‘why?’. Why were they so universally disliked? Again, I refer you to this article http://www.viewzone.com/dualcitizen.html . I maintain that this is why!

The ship eventually returned to Europe with the Jewish passengers still on board. That was the basis for this fraudulent legislation (our ole buddy, Robert Wexler from Florida’s 19th District is behind this one too!)
Go to http://thomas.loc.gov and in the “Search Bill Text” block, type in “HR 1185” (minus the quotes) and select the radio button that says “Bill Number”…then click on the “Search” tab.

Keep in mind that the United States had interred the Japanese during WWII in conditions far worse than what Germany had used to inter their undesireables. We were at war folks…we, and they, had every right to protect ourselves from the threat of possible internal subversion!!!

Jerry Bolduc

Please feel free to show this message to your friends and to others in Florida’s 19th District, as well as the folks in the surrounding districts that have Congressmen that are involved in this. See if this is what their constituents want them to do while serving in far away Washington, DC!

I’m sure you will agree that these issues need to be discussed as urgently as the dissolution of the fraudulent federal reserve system!

posted 4/15/08 @ 7:43 AM PST

Quote Jews who warn against Jews’ evil works, such as Rabbi Daniel Lapin:

Western civilization has been under assault from two forces: ZIONIST JEWS and MARXIAN JEWS, from the late 1800s forward. And while both camps are in conflict on many levels, they both have in common the destruction of the West.

Zionist Jews’ machinations ought to be obvious to you, such as using the U.S. as a PROXY COMBATANT for defending Israel:


Oil is payoff for the West’s efforts at providing PROXY COMBATANTS for Israel–for protecting Israel from expanding, encircling Islamic Arabism; a Jewish nation-state having supporters throughout the West willing to destroy the entirety of Western civilization for Israel’s sake.

That’s the gut-wrenching truth of why Western democracies are sacrificing blood and treasury in the Middle East; especially the U.S., which has enough off-shore and on-land oil reserves to last 300 years at her present rate of consumption, and which reserves were PURPOSELY capped and/or not drilled because Israel’s supporters poured millions of dollars into ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT groups’ coffers, to work at keeping America from oil/energy
independence and tied to Israel’s interests in the Middle East. That’s the truth you’ll NEVER see nor hear reported in Western mainstream news media, because Israel’s supporters control what’s fit to be said or printed about why the West wars with Islamic Arabism.


-from Rabbi Daniel Lapin, one from only a few of TRUTH-TELLING Jews in America:

“You’d have to be a recent immigrant from Outer Mongolia not to know of the role that people with Jewish names play in the
coarsening of our culture. Almost every American knows this. It is just that most gentiles are too polite to mention it.” -Rabbi Daniel Lapin (2006)


You may not be fully aware that Marxian Jews control America’s popular culture and debauch it:

Magna Carta and Free Speech

Marxian Jews Evil Works

Fled Frintstone
posted 4/15/08 @ 1:36 AM PST

Holy crap, Batman. Who turned over the racist rock and ferreted out all of the bigots?

posted 4/15/08 @ 2:17 AM PST

Originally posted by
Fled Frintstone
Holy crap, Batman. Who turned over the racist rock and ferreted out all of the bigots?

It’s easy to call names, isn’t it? That saves you the effort of actually refuting any of the claims made. Have you read the book? Done any research in these areas? If you have a valid argument against anything MacDonald has written, please make it. I won’t hold my breath.

posted 4/15/08 @ 4:19 AM PST

Originally posted by
Fled Frintstone
Holy crap, Batman. Who turned over the racist rock and ferreted out all of the bigots?

It seems the good Prof. McDonald has done that very well. If his research had any flaws, they would be listed and refuted in that order. Knowing how certain opposition is organized, when the messenger is what is being attacked, the message must be too close to the truth to list and refute, in that order.

Stand tall Professor McDonald, you have the facts behind you, as the attack method proves. They resorted to a poll regarding what is free speech or not,,, keep up the pressure. The truth will win.

Steven Douglas
posted 4/15/08 @ 4:14 AM PST

The orchestrated campaign against professor MacDonald is the latest uprising of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution: the conformists libel and denigrate the academic work done by an eminent scholar because his findings are non-conformist.

Is this really going on Cal State Long Beach Uni in 2008?

What a affront to acacemic freedom!

Charlotte Ann Creamer-Wyatt
posted 4/15/08 @ 5:33 AM PST

Anti-Zionism is the new blasphemy in a global Zionist theocracy. Those deemed guilty of it must be mercilessly punished in full view of all goyim so that others will be deterred from even thinking it. “Worship the Zionist god, or die!” Given the choice, I’d rather die, thank you.

C. Wernerhoff
posted 4/15/08 @ 6:18 AM PST

As an historian, I would have to say that I have obtained far more enlightenment from Professor Kevin MacDonald’s writings than from most books by run-of-the-mill conventional academic historians, nearly all of whom, it would seem, are terrified to touch the really important subjects. It’s a scandal that some of the most informative historical works of our time have been written by a psychology professor, not because psychology professors can’t write history – obviously, they can – but because trained historians ought to be able to do at least as well. Instead, it seems they are content to pour out philosemitic propaganda.

Louis Calabro
posted 4/15/08 @ 6:23 AM PST

Rather than blindly denigrating and demeaning the apparently provocative writings of Professor Kevin MacDonald takes some time to view all of his writings and then come to a conclusion.

I for one will be sending him a donation to help him bring a civil action against those who defame and libel his good name.

Defend this good man from hateful attacks.

posted 4/15/08 @ 7:32 AM PST

Professor MacDonald fails at revealing the truth extend of Marxian Jews’ evil works in the West. For example, he fails at relating how hard Marxian-Jewish organizations work at stripping the West of fundamental human rights,
such as free speech:

Magna Carta and Free Speech in GB (and America)

Richie Rich
posted 4/15/08 @ 7:32 AM PST

Any time a Jew is mentioned they go into crazy overdrive trying to equate it with bigotry. Zionism is a political apparatus for insuring Jewish domination of the political life worldwide, and it will be used as a hammer to bash anyone who dares to suggest that all Jews are not totally wonderful people with love for all humanity in their hearts.

Jews can do NO wrong, ever. That is the new Neocon way, and the destruction of the world is at hand because of it.

Curtis Maynard
posted 4/15/08 @ 7:36 AM PST

Dr. MacDonald has every right to voice his opinions, certainly as much right as any Jewish professor, and when was the last time yoiu ever heard of the media going after a Jewish professor for anything they’ve said?

Stephanie Smith
posted 4/15/08 @ 7:50 AM PST

And his PERSECUTORS can’t refute a damned thing he wrote, thus the witch hunt under the auspices of “his not being a
credentialed historian” continues unabated.

It is OUTRAGEOUS what this bastion of anti-intellectualism is doing to this courageous scholar. The modern “academies” are nothing more than Soviet finishing schools. And let us do remember WHO visited the scourge of totalitarian Marxism upon the miserable inhabitants who live under it with all it’s accompanying police state mechanisms and manifestations like political correctness, suppression of truths, “hate” crime and hate speech laws, and punishment of dissidents who dare question the Zionist party line.

Let the terrorist organization, the illustrious and deceptively misnamed Southern Poverty Law Center, refute ONE thing Prof. MacDonald has written. He is an American patriot of the highest order, and shame on his cowardly fellow “scholars” who’ve remained silent in the face of this wholesale assault on free speech and blatant attack on Professor MacDonald. You have no business being in a university and are ALL gutless, spineless intellectual FRAUDS and IMPOSTERS just like those orchestrating this crusade.

posted 4/15/08 @ 8:03 AM PST

There are numerous “tenured radical” professors who have made comfy careers bashing America and bashing white people, without a fraction of the footnotes that Dr. Macdonald uses. Moreover, the anti-white professors mostly refer in their footnotes to other anti-white professors. Dr. Macdonald’s footnotes are largely sourced from Jewish sources themselves!

As Ben Stein said in his book, “The View from Sunset Boulevard” — “Sure the Jews control Hollywood, so what?”

Why is it OK if a Jew says such things, but not OK if a Gentile says the same thing? There is a double standard of power in this country. For so many years, Hollywood (aka Jews) has been criticizing white America to death. Did they think the shoe would never go on the other foot? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Well, the tidal wave of reaction to Jewish behaviour in the United States is just beginning.

Free Speech
posted 4/15/08 @ 8:15 AM PST

I’m sure there is something much deeper going on behind the scenes here. Maybe those departments would lose funding if they don’t speak out against Prof. MacDonald? This guy is a hero, not for his beliefs or writings, but for at least having the courage to publish them. For people to attack him, just confirms it.

God bless him for writing on this issue, as there is no free speech when it comes to anything related to this topic. Now that is a pretty scary thing when you can’t even speak on issues. Very convincing that what he says has a lot of truth in it, yeh?

posted 4/15/08 @ 8:18 AM PST

Indeed, the Jews have had a very negative effect on the world. Its not the Jews personally. People all have the same inherent nature. But any religion that teaches its adherents that they are better than everyone else is going to create delusion and evil acts justified by the belief that others are less than human. Look at Palestine. America rots in its bias and lies. Christians worst of all. Because they serve the Zionist cause to gain favor with God. I call that a 2 bit whore. Why should God want such followers? Maybe its a test of your true integrity: will you support evil to secure your place in heaven? I suggest to you that such people will not be welcome. “I never knew you” Jesus said.

posted 4/15/08 @ 8:18 AM PST

Having experienced the jews first hand throughout my life as a result of living in New York City, I can only comment on how right he is. What a shame he is not the leader of a political party. We need a man with his courage and integrity to bring us out of this mess. Dr. MacDonald’s books are the most well researched and written I have ever seen. As unpalatable as you may find the facts, they are the truth nonetheless. The life or death question is what are we going to do about the problem now that we are aware of it? Turn off your television and burn your newspaper for openers. Free your mind from the daily barrage of jewish propaganda that floods your every thought. We are in competition with them folks and they mean us harm.

Richard Millett
posted 4/15/08 @ 8:31 AM PST

Prof. MacDonald is a man of courage and integrity. Although he is only stating the obvious, but in todays climate of fear, that can be dangerous to one’s career and livelihood. We are truly in the new Dark Age.

Louis Calabro
posted 4/15/08 @ 8:39 AM PST

Anyone with the slightest interest in determing the facts about Dr. Kevin MacDonalds writings can easily find them at


posted 4/15/08 @ 9:24 AM PST

Who got to the CSLB History and Anthropology Departments to attack such an extraordinary reseacher and academic? Is it those nameless professors, who quiver in their shoes for “fear of the jews”? Every freedom-loving American should be phoning, faxing, and emailing these departments and letting them know how shamefully coward they are.

posted 4/15/08 @ 9:39 AM PST

52 min dutch doc on Aipac.



posted 4/15/08 @ 9:47 AM PST

Dr. MacDonald is under attack BECAUSE he is a truth seeker and a truth sayer and a TRUE historian, which in this day and age makes him a hero of the people, and very powerful and extremely evil forces would like to stifle his research and his truth telling and brilliant commentary. The powers that be are extreme psycopaths, and they rule the world and they OWN the lamestream media, our federal government (which is now a criminal enterprise, pure and simple). They own the military industrial komplex, they own the CEOs of the multinational fascist corporatocracy, and they will continually take away our rights as they are trying to do here. They CANNOT refute Dr. MacDonald’s facts with facts, so they try character assasination. If you are attacking his research, you are either a very ignorant dupe for the PTB, or you are a part of the evil. Most people that are part of the current cronie capitalistic system are compartmentalized, and if they knew the “endgame” of the “elite” criminal bankster criminal filth, they would be shocked. That brings up a good point, please watch Alex Jones “Endgame” documentary, and before you discount the facts exposed, please understand that his sources are extremely well vetted, cross referenced and documented. We have been lied to by our politicians, our media, and our history books on a massive scale, and it is getting worse. Learn the truth, your own immortal soul is at peril with this new world order coming into clearer and clearer view!!!

posted 4/15/08 @ 10:04 AM PST

The world has retired the psuedo-term “antisemitic” because it has never been sufficiently explained. We assume it has something with Jews being angry. If making someone angry is bad, then we’re all very very bad people. There’s only one criterium that matters – is it the truth. Have a problem with an assertion, counter it with your own argument. Name-calling just doesn’t cut it. Only facts do.

curt maynard
posted 4/15/08 @ 10:41 AM PST

Please note that Daily49er is now requiring everyone to register just to read this article, which will of course mean that very few people will take the time to do so, and thus the article, and more importantly, the commentary won’t be read by your average American lemming

posted 4/15/08 @ 10:45 AM PST

Your need to look up the definition of semite. Then you need to look up the history of the Khzars(and their CONVERSION to Judaism) Then follow their migration to Palestine. The true semites have been there forever. The Ashkenazi have not.

posted 4/15/08 @ 10:52 AM PST

First look up the definition of semite. Then look up the definition of Khzar/Ashkenazi(Jews by conversion 8th century eastern Europe) These are the people that migrated(with the help of the Balfour Declaration) to Palestine after WWII to displace the real semites, the Palestinians. And you wonder where the rub is?

Jeffrey H
posted 4/15/08 @ 11:56 AM PST

This is all about the First Amendment. Let’s not follow the gov’t down the path of censorship. After all, censorship is becoming America’s favorite past-time. The US gov’t (and their corporate friends), already detain protesters, ban books like “America Deceived” from Amazon and shut down Ron Paul. Free Speech forever (especially for Professors).

Mike Taylor
posted 4/15/08 @ 12:13 PM PST

I have found Prof. MacDonald’s writings to be of the highest quality, with extensive historical documentation (often straight from Jewish sources) used to back up seamless logic and keen insights. But he has certainly touched the third rail of academic discussion, which is the disproportionate power wielded by Jews in political and academic institutions. As others have noted, these attacks on Prof. MacDonald merely add to the mountain of evidence in support of one of his observations: ethnocentric Jews exhibit intense political and intellectual aggression toward those whom perceive to be a threat to their ethnic interests. Thankfully Prof. MacDonald has not been cowed, but continues to devote himself to a dispassionate pursuit of the truth.


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  7. 10 Responses to “Genocidal Hatred and Raw Jewish Rage Besmirch Long Beach Academic Community and Prove Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s Thesis: Jews Hate Whites and the West Whites Built”

    1. Old Raven Says:

      Alex — they’ve spiked the link at CSULB. They’re trying to make this go away. Too late! There’s a mirror. Redirect your link to the mirror, ok?

    2. Socrates Says:


    3. StuGavin Says:

      That History Department is just like everyone else in U.S. society, they don’t actually consider or research anything, they go with the popular view to protect their career and spend the rest of their time watching Ben Affleck movies and buying new pro sports jersies.


      Jimmy Carter Lays Wreath at Arafat’s Tomb

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      This is not another brick in the wall (of Jewish conspiracy) it is a whole pre-poured wall.

      Strange, how American Renaissance does not take a stand for Prof. MacDonald. They, who are not afraid to discuss any truth, or whatever their motto is.

      I am just about convinced that they have been usurped.


      Hitler was a bohemian, as a young man. He was not a “conservative.” Conservatives have minds of wood. They cannot think intuitively or get beyond the authority of the ordinary.

      I would not be surprised if Hitler was also a left-hander.

      But back to MacDonald–I have read “The Culture of Critique” and actually sent him questions about it via e-mail. He replied courteously and honestly.

      So, does the Exalted Western Liberal Tradition apply to Professor MacDonald?

      We shall see, yes, we shall see.

    6. Ruslan21 Says:

      Denying and/or praising the Holocaust *must* be allowed by all states and by the Federal government, according to the U.S. Constitution (not by locales). Given the collective actions of the Jews, they think it shouldn’t be. Thus, we can tell the Jews don’t like the Constitution that has helped to keep America free, so we shouldn’t like the Jews!

      The Jews can afford to strait-jacket freedom, because they are part — with the WASP liberals who “reconstructed” the South and created the Welfare State along with that — of the near-oligocracy that runs this country. To make it a full oligocracy, they and their WASP friends are flooding us with Mexicans who will throw us — and not them — into poverty and anarchy.

    7. Kievsky Says:

      White nationalists rule the comment boards! I’ve noticed this time and again. Sometimes I’m even researching something unrelated to our cause, and I come across a comment board full of WN and/or anti-jew comments! That’s always a pleasant surprise.

    8. Hazmat Says:

      Kievsky, there’s an old internet saying. The internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.

      At the time they were talking about pornography. Little did the jews who produce porn know that one day the internet would be the route taken by the truth they were trying to censor about THEM.

    9. Osama bin Laden Says:

      AmRen is silent on the issue because their agenda is Jew appeasement.

      Although most AmRenners prefer to give MacDonald and the truth-tellers like him the silent treatment, Ian Jobling is quite vocal on the MacDonald issue: http://inverted-world.com/index.php/articles/articles/did_the_jews_do_it/.

      In fact, a significant portion of his teacup-WN website is dedicated to him denouncing the movement and its criticism of Jewish group behavior.

    10. Ruslan21 Says:

      Kevin Macdonald is a great man. Amren’s news feed is great, but there is no way out but through the Jews (among others).