28 April, 2008

Health Care in South Africa

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A White doctor says good riddance to Black mismanagement, which has wrecked most of South Africa ever since Blacks came to power in 1994. Of course, this is a good time to mention Jewish communist Joe Slovo and his vital role in delivering political “rights” to the S.A. negroes. (Trivia: Slovo’s wife Ruth First – who was also a Jewish communist – met a dramatic end in 1982, thanks to, presumably, the White S.A. government. First is now a minor celebrity in South Africa and also in British academia):


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    1. Wade Thalweg Says:

      Looks like she was postage cancelled and forwarded to Hell.

      Hey aren’t letter bombs a jew invention?

    2. Arminius Says:

      There are still too many fools- in governments and on the ground of the white race- who believe, they must develop nigger, sandnigger, goons and other assorted backward races to a higher level. Only bullets in their heads or legs will cure them from such mad ideas. It is fortunate, that the underprivileged are now slowly seeing to this.
      We should applaud black governments like that of South Africa for neglecting their populace, thus reducing their numbers, while our good doctors did the opposite.
      By the same token, if black or goon leaders buy for aid money Mercedes 600s and executive jets and let their folks starve, they are doing something good for the world.

    3. Arch Stanton Says:

      Herein lays a most classic example of the Jews use of their Negro jackhammer to achieve their ends. South Africa is rich in resources, especially strategic minerals like Chromium and cobalt. Much of the mineral resources found in Africa in abundance is either in extremely short supply or virtually unavailable from other sources. “The continent of Africa plays a major role in the reliance that the United States has with numerous strategic minerals. This continent ranks first or second worldwide with its concentrations of bauxite, chromium, platinum, diamond, gold, cobalt, and manganese to name a few (Coakley, 1999). There are approximately twenty-four nonfuel minerals and the United States is dependent on twenty-one of these. For many of these nonfuel minerals African nations are a major source. In 1980, $29 billion worth of nonfuel minerals were imported into the U.S., while it was projected that by 2000 $85 billion worth of goods would be needed (Hagerman, 1984). Four important minerals that the United States imports vast quantities from African nations include chromium, cobalt, manganese, and platinum.” http://www.emporia.edu/earthsci/amber/go336/natalie/newindex.htm. I have long said when one wants to know why the white governments of Africa were viciously attacked, slandered and finally destroyed; one only needs to look at who will wind up with title to, or control over, the mineral resources of that continent. Clearly a fair market price would have to have been paid to the white African governments for those resources, but now with Negro tribal “governments” in control, these precious resources will be able to be purchased with pretty baubles, trinkets and white “trophy” women. (I have always wondered if it was a Jew who traded those beads and trinkets to the Indians for Manhattan.) I found it strange that DeBeers, the Jewish diamond cartel of Africa, was totally silent about that continent’s takeover by black rule, for this would undoubtedly impact their diamond production. Perhaps when the Jews finally carve up Africa as they might a Christian boy at Passover, DeBeers will be cut in for a large share of the other rich mineral resources of that continent. The only curious thing is the rising Chinese influence on that continent. Clearly the Chinese are making major inroads into the region with the full complicity of those Jewish overlords who fomented the present chaos. Is it possible that the Jews somehow believe they will be able to master the Chinese in the same manner they mastered the white race? For this to happen they will obviously have to “deconstruct” Chinese culture in the same manner as the white western cultures. Yet, considering that Chinese culture is far older and much more established than any white culture, will such deconstruction be allowed. The Chinese were calmly counting their commercial profits on hand held calculators when the Jews were running barefoot across the desert with the Pharaoh in hot pursuit. Considering their racial history, one can only wonder if in the long run the Chinese will be as gullible as the white race. Then again if there is a war with China, the fact that the Jews control the vast majority of nuclear resources of both the West and Israel pretty much assures that China will lose that war. As the Chinese curse goes – may you live in interesting times.

    4. Marwinsing Says:

      Just let me remind you folks – what WE have gone through (or rather, what we ARE going through) you WILL STILL go through and I don’t wish to waste time umm-and-oo-aahing about this but – and this is a big BUT – America and WHITE Europe DEMANDED us White Saffers to dismantle Apartheid – now YOU suffer – cunts. Wake the fuck up White Neanderthal America!!! Fucking idiots!!!

    5. Marwinsing Says:

      A little message to the White West: you have NO fucking idea of what oppression is about – YET.

    6. Voir Dire Says:

      Note to Arch Stanton: Exceptional post, Sir, and it is quality postings such as yours that keeps this white, female returning to this website.

      Up until today and reading those outstanding links, I did not know (but as in all subversive movements in the Western/white world suspected Jewish involvement; the evolution-in-reverse blacks are simply incapable of organizing a tea party, much less the overthrowing of a white government) about Ruth First and Joe Slavo. I was fairly well read on Zimbabwe, and knew what the Jewish criminal enterprise headed up by Evil-doer extraordinaire Kissinger had done to them. I am once again struck (barring IQ’s) of how many traits and characteristics are shared by blacks and Jews. They are truly kindred spirits in that both are innately remorseless, sadistic, narcissistic, self-absorbed, violent, selfish and completely devoid of any scruples or empathy for any but their own. The Jews of course, because of their IQ’s, are the more dangerous of the psychopaths. It is abundantly clear that whites co-existing with either group is tantamount to collective white suicide and genocide.

      If American and European whites weren’t so profoundly ignorant (once they could have used the excuse of not being in control of their media, but with the internet it no longer washes), just the fact alone that there is an ongoing, concerted wholesale slaughter against the remaining whites in Zimbabwe and South Africa with NARY an offer forthcoming of sanctuary or refuge for our productive brethren by our Zionist-controlled Western governments, even as they are steadily importing the worst imaginable, primitive, life-long welfare dependent, criminally-prone black refuse by the tens of thousands should single-handedly convince them of the Jews objectives.

      Marwinsing: You’re right…We racially-conscious whites fully appreciate that your fates are our own too.

    7. Voir Dire Says:

      I just had to share this piece of shit, sickening, lying propaganda from the New York Times recently entitled “Human Wave Flees Violence in Zimbabwe.”

      “At the time, Zimbabwe was one of Africa’s stars. Mr. Mugabe had turned a relatively small, landlocked country into an economic powerhouse that produced beef, grain and tobacco.

      ‘Bob Mugabe was my hero,’ said a white Zimbabwean farmer who drove into Messina the other day for supplies. He did not want to give his name because he went on to criticize Mr. Mugabe’s more recent policies and said he was afraid he could be evicted from his farm for doing so.”



      You got that folks? Mr. Mugabe turned Zimbabwe into an ECONOMIC POWERHOUSE and brother Bob Mugabe was purportedly a hero to at least one WHITE FARMER who conveniently for the Jew York Times preferred not to give his name. The Jew York Times could not quote such a farmer because he is as magical an invention as their monopoly money machine known as the Federal Reserve. Despicable…!

    8. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Spanky meets the wild man of Borneo:


      Kinda looks like Jay Hawkins. . .