16 April, 2008

Jimmy Carter Meets Hamas

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Now the Jews really hate Carter. The group Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian elections, but Israel and America refused to recognize the election results – in fact, that’s why Hamas seized the Gaza Strip in June 2007. Question: if Hamas is a terrorist group, then what is Israel? The Jewish state was founded on terrorism and it routinely uses terrorist methods [1][2]:


[1] the Jews planned to create Israel by using violence: [Here]

[2] Jewish terrorism in Israel: [Here]

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    2. Mark Says:

      I encourage everyone to watch Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains, an excellent documentary.

      It shows how hostile Jewish organizations and Zionists can be. At one point Mr. Carter describes how he has never in his life been so insulted as he has by Jews who dislike his message.

      Even though Mr. Carter is an intelligent man of great integrity and I respect him, his Negrophilia is unsettling. I suppose having grown up around Blacks, and having practically been raised by Blacks since his parents were too busy to spend time with him created a lasting emotional bond. I agree that slavery, the importation of Africans to America, was a great tragedy, more for Whites than Blacks.

      His relationship to Blacks and other non-Whites is a perversion of ingroup altruism taken to the extreme. While never acknowledging your own group interests, one dedicates their life to helping lesser groups at the expense of one’s own. Unfortunately this is the norm for Whites today. While I am for helping others in need, we must also celebrate and preserve ourselves.

      I also particularly enjoyed two of the Middle Eastern themed songs from the soundtrack.