24 April, 2008

Muslim Chaplains Will Radicalize U.S. Troops?

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It can be argued that U.S. troops have already been radicalized by the Jewish ideologies of Zionism and neoconservatism. The troops see and treat Muslim countries as enemies when under normal circumstances they wouldn’t [1]. Neoconservatism, with its emphasis on using the U.S. military to transform the world, is a very dangerous ideology that guarantees America’s involvement in perpetual global warfare. Ditto Zionism. The U.S. government is combating jihad while aiding jewhad [2][3]:


[1] normal circumstances = if America wasn’t operating under Jewish influence

[2] neoconservatism is now part of American foreign policy

[3] the Iraq War and the Gulf War were caused by neoconservatism

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