9 April, 2008

Preparing for More War?

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If America bombs Iran, the whole Muslim world will turn against us. And that is, of course, exactly what the Jews want. They hope that, after a war between the West and Islam, Israel will be able to claim most of the Middle East as its own, with no dangerous Muslim neighbors to worry about anymore. Israel would become the paradise it was meant to be:


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  7. 3 Responses to “Preparing for More War?”

    1. William Says:

      Thanks to Socrates for linking this news item to “tikkun olam” because the ceaseless quest for a perfect world (“reform the world to accommodate Jewish religious, ethnic, and national needs”) is involved.

      I’m not sure that the whole Muslim world would turn against us. They are a remarkable diverse set of cultures & histories, and some fear the dominating version of Islam in Iran regionally more than they fear Israel or the USA. Even in the time of the Kurd Saladin (when his Jewish physician developed and published the first scientific study of race), the Arabs, Persians, Turks, Afganis, and other Muslim nations did not stick together.

      However, I do believe that the invasion of Lebanon & Iraq were designed to split those nations into two statelets in the first instance, and three statelets in the second instance. They’ve managed to split the Palestinian nation into two at this time. Somehow, Israeli leaders are working toward a Southwest Asia that they will dominate militarily, if not culturally, by virtue of little statelets all around them. High level discussions are allegedly happening that contemplate the division of Iran into ethnic-based statelets. (Iran is by no means one ethnicity, there are many large minority groups in Iran.)

      If you take the time to read the Book of Joshua closely & disregard the claim, “God made us do it,” you will see the same pattern as is being played out now. Many observers have suggested that Asians in general, and Jews in particular, witness time differently from outselves. The idea was most strongly argued by Revilo Oliver. We see time in a linear way, and thus we can forgive, forget, and move on. Asians, including Southwestern Asians like Jews, experience time in great circles & loops such that their shenanigans in Egypt (which they scurried away from) bearing off gems “borrowed” from the indigenous people of Egypt (the escape from slavery), their embrace of Cyrus, the story of Esther, the expulsions from almost every country including Germany, happened more or less at the same time. That is, their tale of escape from Egypt (a hoax) is not really different in time from their tale of surviving Hitler’s hostility (another hoax). We have recently learned that there is not the slightest evidence for a great diaspora from Southwest Asia over a relatively short period following the Roman cleansing of their temple notwithstanding Jewish claims.

      The author is correct in that Jews expect a paradise, a kind of big ranch or plantation on which the subject peoples will be grateful to work. However, their mental illnesses (paranoia & megalomania) dictate that they will never be happy, never be content, and never allow the rest of us to enjoy the fruits of our labors peacefully.

    2. Mike Quigley Says:

      Someone actually spoke out against Israel in my local paper this morning. Shocking! I don’t know how it got through.

    3. Will Stuteley Says:

      Good points in the intro, Socrates. I don’t understand why this strategic point regarding Israel’s wet-dreams of Middle-Eastern empire and hegemony isn’t pointed out more often:

      Israel plans to pursue the age-old tactic of Jewry in maneuvering one enemy to fight another. The US and EU, in the form of NATO, are being set up for World War III in the Middle East, a war that will knock out two enemies–Islam and the West–for the price of one (“Oy, great savings!”). We need to drive this home more often. Judea has impossible and absurd delusions of Middle-Eastern Imperial grandeur.

      I suspect that massive Muslim immigration into Europe is intended to make this final conflagration even more devastating. The JudeoCons doubless have nocturnal emissions over visions of apocalyptic fighting and bombing in the great capitols and cities of Europe. Plus, it’s another two-for-one:

      As more Muslims pour into Europe, the likelihood of a major attack, perhaps in the form of Notre-Dame or St. Peter’s blowing sky-high, increases exponentially. Such a high-profile target would provide a rallying point–think 9/11 to the tenth power–for Europeans and a provocation for them to join America in destroying Jizzrael’s potential competitors.