2 April, 2008

Radio Istina: Wee Hours This Morning (Apr. 2)…

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Will begin no later than 2:00 a.m. CST.Subjects include: Social Security Administration discrimination against Whites (listener mail); Uomo Florese and Farpoint; ‘White Privilege’ Conference

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  7. 23 Responses to “Radio Istina: Wee Hours This Morning (Apr. 2)…”

    1. Andrew from jew-infested Delray Beach, FL Says:

      What does it mean to be White?

      To view money as a means of earning, rather than a means of gathering.

      To allow free speech without an asterisk.

      To home school your children, and/or other White foster children.

      To be completely educated about Big Jew. The Media, The Federal Reserve, and AIPAC are the top elements. This allows for the understanding that problems such as integration, inflation, unemployment, ‘civil rights’, 9/11, and wars are symptoms, and so only the disease, Big Jew, should be addressed.

      To understand the genetic nature of the jew itself as it relates to social, economic, and political ills.

      The ability to quickly de-jew media information that you are exposed to.

      – Andrew from jew-infested Delray Beach, FL

      “I see the jew”

    2. John A - Las Vegas Says:

      RE: Obama

      Don’t forget his wife. That’s one pissed off lady.

      Although Obama is studiously inoffensive, his wife doesn’t share his discipline. Sooner or later, she may pop-off about something and do him in.

      She got a pass on her “a black man can get shot going to the gas station” comment; ditto for her “first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country” comment.

      After the Rev. Wright thing, even a fawning press won’t be able to repair the damage if she shoots her mouth off again.

    3. John A - Las Vegas Says:


      Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere – LOS ANGELES



    4. sgruber Says:

      Best got-dam news I’ve had today!

      Andrew, your comment is worthy of printing out and putting on walls as a credo.

    5. Mike Quigley Says:

      I really miss radio istina, whitelandia, and FTL. I guess there have been technical problems or something. Welcome back Alex.

    6. saltriver Says:

      Well said, Andrew. I wiil ask everyone that I know to read what you wrote above. That is everyone who wants to read the truth.

    7. sgruber Says:

      That Tochluk woman in John A’s links is one crazy jew: having “crying fits” because black people don’t appreciate her, deriving her amour propre from niggers (as she admits), wringing her hands about that very failing, and dropping sly hints that she – oh you rebel! – flirted with black guys on the track field back in the day. This is a Ph.d, mark you.

      Why feel guilty that they are them and we are us? Imagine feeling guilty you are the child of these parents instead of those parents! “What can I do to become TRULY a member of their family?” You can’t, but you can pursue this misbegotten and unseemly enterprise for life, sinking deeper into your neurosis.

      Personally I have no problem with black people doing their thing in their area and me doing mine in mine. I guess I’m not consumed with race as much as this anti-racist is, and wants everyone to be! LOL

    8. roxanne satinspar Says:

      Sgruber: I guess I’m not consumed with race as much as this anti-racist is, and wants everyone to be!>

      ha. classic line.
      Archive of R.I. ?

    9. alex Says:

      All shows are archived here. This latest is not up yet.


    10. sgruber Says:

      The option to right-click and save to my computer is gone. I don’t like this.

      How can I make copies and distribute them, now?


    11. Andrew from jew-infested Delray Beach, FL Says:

      Download Worked. Right clicked “download” & selected ‘Save Target As…’

    12. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Gentlemen, gentlemen, please!

      The Catholic-bashing doesn’t help anything. The jews have divided us into so many squabbling groups that we’ll never get anything done. We should treat our brainwashed brethren — the jew-led libertarians, Catholics and other fools — with (ironically) the same sort of Christian-style compassion and brotherly love (which is really a genetic and racial trait and does not spring from Christianity) by reaching out to them and showing them the error of their ways.

      We don’t shut the door or shut people up. We open the door and welcome them to the real world of race realism and true facts.

      When it comes to the Takimag crap, it’s not the duped goyim that we have an argument with, it’s the kike Gottfried and others who embrace the Communist tactics of “toe the party line or else” with their censorship. The gentiles don’t see it because they are programmed in a Pavlovian fashion so that everyone who reproaches the jews = evil, nazi, hater, anti-semite, and deserved to be reproached by them.

      When it comes to the Catholics, it’s not the Fr O’Connors that are the problem, but certainly we should inform our Catechized brethren of the race-destroying policies of the Vatican and the negative, dare I say evil, influence of jews and their ideologies.

      I’m not religious myself, so it’s hard to believe I’m writing this, but our position to our fellow, fallen and misguided White brethren is that they are the proverbial prodigal son and we’re hoping and trying to awaken them to the error of their ways and return home. We’re leaving the light on for them.

      Of course, the dupes at Taki and other such places don’t see it that way because, again, they’re been programmed. They believe in the homosexual, tyrannical and irrational Nazi bent on taking over the world myth instead of the real Nazi who is the father or brother considered about his wife, mother, sister or brother who is being pied pipered to death and destruction — if not for himself now, certainly and eventually for his children and grandchildren.

      Sorry for the lecture guys, just the way I’m feeling today.

      Good work on exposing the typical jew-commie behavior at Taki and hopefully some of our White brethren will awaken like so many others have who were former conservatives, AmRenners, etc.

    13. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      oops, sorry, wrong place for post, should be under the Taki thread, I’ll repost it there.

    14. Jim Says:

      Christian Scientists are probably the most brainwashed of any of the religious sects. I was a member of the “Mother Church” many years ago. You are forced to deny objective reality as a manifestation of “mortal mind” Only the divine Mind is real; as interpreted of course, by “our ‘Beloved Leader”. I wonder sometimes how I was able to maintain my sanity all those years. I remember a C.S. friend of mine who was a Korean War vet. Before he shipped overseas, his practitioner told him not to worry because he was not going to be killing people; only “error”. The abstract idea, ‘”Man ” according to C.S. is completely without race or gender. It is a religion that would lead to the utter destruction of our race. It makes me wonder if Mrs. Eddy had some Jewish blood or if she was set-up by Jews.

    15. alex Says:

      She was no jew, she was just a social-climbing WASP twat, as best I can see. She was basically hated by everyone, but she was a shrewd businesswoman, and she on a version of bullshit that drew followers, and she charged them up the ass for lessons.

      Notice how she copped the word ‘science’ – just as the commies today try to steal an honorable name to paint their defective goods.

      CS is as anti-scientific as it is possible to get. However, the one good thing about it, and probably the reason it is dying today, is that it is not dogmatic. Which makes it a very odd variant of liberalism. Normally, to maintain belief in something that isn’t true requires extremely dogmatic ostracism of anyone who differs. Thus, liberals go apeshit if you point out that races aren’t equal. You’re one of THEM! They shriek and point fingers. CS, however, does not require that you do anything. You are free to go doctors without being excommunicated. It’s a very odd thing. No one has ever written a book about it that really captures its essence, as far as I know. All I know is that as a child I knew its doctrines were false, and they had the effect, as so much teaching does in this world, of instilling in the victim the very opposite of what is intended. Grew in me a real, visceral hatred of people and doctrines that dismiss reality and instruct one to believe something palpably untrue. Really, the anti-reality nature of CS prepared me to become a racialist, because I could see that the liberals filling the newspapers with syndicated columns were every bit as anti-reality as my Sunday School teachers.

    16. Jim Says:

      Alex. The best book I’ve found is “Mrs Eddy: Biography of a Virginal Mind” by Edwin Franden Daken (1929). The church still trys to push Sybul Wilbur’s fictitious account.

    17. sgruber Says:

      My fault re download. Safari gives option; Firefox doesn’t.

      Yee and haw.

    18. roxanne satinspar Says:

      Going to try and find that PDF you spoke of re the White Privilege Conference . The anti-white movement is obviously well-funded and supported in many ways despite Emperor/no clothes insofar as their ’cause’. Just looking at the titles of the workshops it almost appears to be a kind of ritualized group repentance, without actual religion. Good point re the hypocrisy of whitely- ensconced poster children for privilege who argue against same. Whites getting paid for self-hate and encouraging it in others.

    19. alex Says:

      Go to VNN forum and look under RI in the broadcasting section. That’s the archive. All the links and show notes are there. For all 17 shows. I can’t link directly to pdf but it’s through the conference link, the program.

    20. ralph Says:

      Alex,VNN isnt the same without VNN radio.I dont like voice of reason….way too conservative.PLEASE reinstall VNN radio for those of us who dont to have things changed.

    21. roxanne satinspar Says:

      I don’t mind V.O.R. , except that they copy almost exactly AL’s shtick.
      I want Dietrich to be Old Dietrich, before he started being Dietrich being AL.

    22. ralph Says:

      Alex, please reinstall the old-style radio setup right here on VNN.You can’t talk about JEWS without using the”F” BOMB.These guys at “voice of reason” sound like mindless robots.

    23. Ronald Moyers Says:

      First time listener and I don’t know how I’ve missed you before now. Good job and keep it up…we need you out here, or I do anyway! Ron-M