15 April, 2008

Reader Mail: April 15, 2008

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Is it just my imagination or do I perceive all the top Jews desperately distancing themselves from the parasitical destruction that is about to bring down the house of cards? Here is the latest warning from one of the many genius jews of money machinations.


Suddenly everywhere I look it seems as though I find some obscenely wealthy and powerful Jew decrying the state of the world’s economy. “Oy Vey!” They cry in unison, “How terrible! Look, look, before it’s too late! Look at vat ve vonderful jews are tellink you now! Remember, it was the genius of the jew who saw all this in advance! Remember it was the farsighted Jew who called out your destruction. When your bellies are empty and your cardboard box dwelling is cold, remember it was the great jew who first brought warning to you that this was happening. When the end comes, remember it was the Jews who saw it first and sounded the alarm. Remember, we jews are the light unto the world and we tried so hard to bring the light of our advanced knowledge unto you!”

Instead of listening to this self serving claptrap, the white western world would do well to take the Jew’s own internal message to heart – Never forget, Never forgive! Never forget it was the jew who gnawed at the foundation of your nation until it collapsed. Never forget it was the jew who infected your race with their debased morals and avariciously sick behavior. Never forget it the jew who brought forth the grief and suffering you now experience. Never forget that as long as you allow the jew to infect your race and culture this will happen again, and again, and again, and again, ad infinitum, until either you or the jew disappears from this planet. Never forgive the jew their parasitical destruction. Never forgive the jew the destruction of your race, your culture, your world! Never again! The world must all cry out in a terrible, unified, voice, “Never again will we allow the jew another chance to wreak such destruction upon us!”


Arch Stanton




Gosh – you are all so reasonable and generous.


I hate Jews. I think they have way too much power. As a third generation Russian American, I am hostile to their holohoax thumping, and resent the inflated numbers when 20 million Russians died.


My grandfather used to tell me that Jews were vermin – monsters – inhuman – but not because of anything Jews did to Christ – but for what they did to Russians, Poles and Germans.


He came here from Russia in the 1920’s – and told me all my life – that Jews should have been exterminated for what they have done to populations all around the world throughout history.


He told me I would understand later in life…. and you know what?


Now I understand. He would be proud of this correspondence because I am not afraid of Jews. Everyone is afraid of them, and rightly so…


Jews are evil. And they orchestrated 9/11 so we would war on THEIR enemy- Islam.


This letter is for you grandpa… maybe Islam will find a final solution to this plague on mankind.
Posted by Georgann Marks on Dec 05, 2007.



Why do you all trip around it?


Occam’s razor, boys.


‘Middle American Revolutionaries’ – come on. There’s no such thing.


What there is – is Whites.


Whites who are unrepresented. Whites who have ABSOLUTELY ZERO political interest in any kind of forced association with blacks, mexicans or the jews and turned elites who sicced these ‘minorities’ on them.


Whites for Whites is the knife in the middle of the table. Who will grab it? Nothing else even has the potential to change things.
Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.






It is generally recognized by historians that one of the reasons ancient Rome fell was because Roman citizens became too weak, effete, and sissified to serve in their own armed forces, and eventually handed over the defense of their empire to barbarian mercenaries from the same nations that were trying to destroy Rome. History seems to be repeating itself in chilling detail.


According to the Nation newspaper in Nairobi, Kenya, for some reason having nothing to do with sanity the United States is now opening recruiting efforts in Uganda, Idi Amin’s old stomping grounds. “Ugandans who want a career in the United States military, can sign up at the annual convention of the Uganda North American Association, organisers say. American military recruiters will set up a booth at this year’s UNAA convention in Orlando, Florida, and seek out professional Ugandans, said Lt. Frank Musisi, himself an officer in the US Army. Lt. Musisi, who comes from Kalangala District on Lake Victoria, is the current president of UNAA. He said the US military would also advise Ugandans on the “proper channels” to follow in enlisting. The announcement, which is also on the UNAA website (www.unaa.net), is set to cause a rush to this year’s convention that takes place from August 29 to September 1.”


“UNAA is encouraging interested Ugandans to book flights to Orlando and take a shot at joining the US military. The organisation says it has made a deal with Kenya Airways/KLM for a discounted return ticket at $1,200 (Sh74,400). The conference fee is $190 (Sh11,700). ‘All registered Kampala travel agents have been authorised to book intending members,’ Lt. Musisi said in an email interview. The tour firm Let’s Go Travel confirmed to Saturday Monitor that UNAA had
circulated a notice of the discounts. Applicants are being asked to carry their curriculum vitae (CV) suggesting that the recruitment exercise will be a main attraction at the convention.”


“Public interest in jobs abroad in Uganda is intense. Recruitment and job placement companies which advertise are often flooded with thousands of applications.” Uh, yeah, if I was forced to live in Uganda I’d probably do pretty much anything to get the hell out of there myself.


In view of the fact that Uganda has just come through about 30 years of civil war, since the overthrow of Idi Amin, I can kind of see why the desperate U.S. military might target Ugandans as potential mercenaries. Lost of combat veterans. (Do the poor bastards realize they’re just going to be given six weeks of basic at Fort Lewis and then loaded onto a plane to Iraq, I wonder?)


Of course, that begs the question of what the U. S. Army is doing actively recruiting foreigners anyway, but then in view of the fact that the recruiting environment was recently described in the media as “the worst in 25 years,” and in view of the fact that entrance requirements for Americans to join have been so lowered that criminals are now reporting directly to basic training from their parole hearings and basic training courses now include basic literacy courses so these idiots can read the labels on their equipment and common road signs, maybe that’s not such a strange question after all.


Can you say ancient Rome? Sure you can!



Cultural Insurrections


Essays on Western Civilization, Jewish Influence, & Anti-Semitism


Foreword by Virginia Deane Abernethy


Release Date: April 21, 2008


Jewish intellectual and political movements are a powerful force in Western societies. Marxism, Zionism, neoconservatism, psychoanalysis, and multiculturalism have transformed Western self-consciousness, shattered ancient political orders through wars and revolutions, and promoted the ongoing demographic dispossession of European peoples by Third World immigrants. The Jewish role in these movements is often the subject of fierce partisanship, on all sides, but is seldom the subject of careful and dispassionate scientific analysis.


Kevin MacDonald has pioneered the evolutionary analysis of Jewish religious, intellectual, and political movements as strategies for achieving collective survival, advancement, and influence in his trilogy A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy (1994), Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism (1998), and The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements (1998).


In the present volume, MacDonald extends and refines his analyses in chapters on Zionism and the Jewish role in Soviet Communism, neoconservatism, and the promotion of racial integration. MacDonald also devotes chapters to the anti-Semi-tism of Henry Ford, the psychological basis of ethnocentrism, the unique characteristics of Western civilization, and what Jewish group evolutionary strategies can contribute to its survival. MacDonald’s essays are not only models of scientific rigor, broad research, and deep insight, but of courage, candor, and clarity. They are essential reading not just for scholars and students, but for anyone concerned to understand, and perhaps to alter, the dominant trends of Western civilization.


Cultural Insurrections is available in three formats:


1. A limited, numbered hardcover collector’s edition of 100 copies, available for a donation of $100 or more


2. A regular hardcover edition for $40


3. A quality, smyth-sewn paperback for $25


Shipping costs:


US: $5 per book


Canada & Mexico: $7 per book


Elsewhere: $10 per book




Regular volumes will begin shipping April 21, 2008.


Special edition volumes will begin shipping May 5, 2008.


For credit card payment, visit:





Phoenix mayor appeals against crackdown on illegals


Phoenix mayor asks FBI to check sheriff
Associated Press Sunday, 13 April 2008


PHOENIX — The mayor wants the FBI to investigate whether
the local county sheriff has violated any civil rights laws with
his recent high-profile crackdowns on illegal immigrants.


Jewish mayor appeals to Jewish attorney general.


The “saturation patrols” have drawn protests from civil rights
and immigrant-rights advocates, but they have drawn support
from backers of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and from
people who believe the government hasn’t done enough against
illegal immigration.


In an April 4 letter to US Attorney General Michael Mukasey,
Mayor Phil Gordon asked the agency and the Justice Department’s
civil rights division to examine what he called discriminatory
harassment and improper stops, searches, and arrests by sheriff’s
deputies in Maricopa County, which encompasses the metropolitan


“Over the past few weeks, Sheriff Arpaio’s actions have infringed
on the civil rights of our residents,” Gordon wrote. “They have put
our residents’ well-being, and the well-being of law enforcement
officers, at risk.”


Sheriff’s deputies arrest illegal immigrants


Justice Department officials said they would review Gordon’s letter
but declined to comment further.


Arpaio said it’s ironic that Gordon wrote the letter the same day
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials observed his
deputies arresting residents and illegal immigrants in the town of
Guadalupe and approved of the sheriff’s work.


“I think the mayor is disconnected from the people he represents
and he doesn’t get the point,” Arpaio said Saturday. “Now he’s
going to Washington to confuse the issue and try to get the public
against me.”


The mayor “is degrading my office and my deputies by insinuating
that they’re violating all these civil laws. We don’t profile,” the
sheriff said.


Jewish groups protest


In the past month, sheriff’s deputies and trained volunteers have
gone into neighborhoods with large Hispanic populations, stopping
people for routine traffic violations and asking some of them about
their immigration status. Dozens of illegal immigrants have been


ICE officials say Arpaio is not violating the formal agreement he has
with their office that allows sheriff’s deputies to enforce immigration


Last week, the Arizona Ecumenical Council and American Jewish
Committee issued a joint letter saying the patrols “evoked a ‘police
state’ atmosphere” and led to “detainment on the basis of a racial
profile and dehumanization of innocent people.”


They were joined Friday by the Arizona chapter of the
Anti-Defamation League [of B’nai B’rith: a Jewish secret society],
which echoed calls for a Justice Department investigation.








The only thing that Carter needs to be guarded against is Israel, in my opinion.


Israel refused to guard Carter, sources say




Hi All,


Please contact President Carter at the e-mail address: [email protected]


and express your support for his willingness to reach out a hand of peace
and understanding to the Palestinians and Hamas.


As you can imagine, he is currently receiving many e-mails filled with
vitriol from Zionists.


A hard copy letter sent to him via US mail would be even better.




MarWen Media



In The Telegraph UK, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes: “We drive, they starve. The mass diversion of the North American grain harvest into ethanol plants for fuel is reaching its political and moral limits.”





Dear Patriot,


The British People’s Party announcement that we are holding a John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Brighton on the 13th July seems to have a ruffled a few feathers with a small number of people.


There is apparently another meeting in the Home Counties which is described as a JT Official Memorial Meeting.
This in NO WAY impacts on the “Official BPP JT Memorial Meeting” and this will go ahead as planned in Brighton.


The last meeting John Tyndall spoke at was a Nationalist Alliance meeting in Brighton shortly before the BPP was formed and was organised by the soon to become BPP Brighton members. The BPP Founder members knew John Tyndall for many decades. Since the BPP website was set up it has always carried a picture of JT along with the words “Our spirtual leader’. We exert our moral right to hold this meeting in memory of a fallen and great, late White Nationalist – John Tyndall still present in our hearts!


Note: At this meeting entrance will be FREE and there will be a totally free buffet too.


Kevin Watmough
National Leader, BPP



Global White Population to Plummet to Single Digit—Black Population to Double


The big population story of the 21st Century is shaping up to be the status reversal of whites and blacks and the Indian baby boom


As a percentage of world inhabitants, the white population will plummet to a single digit (9.76%) by 2060 from a high-water mark of 27.98% in 1950.


Using 2010 as the base reference, the big gainer in the population derby will be blacks or sub-Sahara Africans. This group will expand almost 133% to 2.7 billion by 2060. By the middle of this century blacks will represent 25.38% of world population, which is up dramatically from the 8.97% they recorded in 1950.






Re: Apocalypse of the Psychopaths (the gusto of the hero — in an era of rank cowards) [ To: John_de_Nugent | Post 296175648, reply to 296175402 ]


(Score: 1)


A warrior wrote me that for all his courage, he felt terrible forebodings about the near future.


I thought about the fact that in 1914 and in 1939 many people did also feel forebodings, and it really came just as horribly as they thought. Our forefathers too could read the signs of the times. The psychopaths were busy creating a world of living nightmares for them too. We must break the accursed spines of thse vicious and mutant fiends who delight in the infliction of suffering, and end the endless cycle of their millennia of psychopathic depredations on the innocent.


We must study, analyze, organize and then fight so as to terminate forever a society filled with man-made pain, artificially induced agonies that are inflicted by sociopaths, and not part of any natural order and not willed at all by any God.


We are fighting evil and truly it has never been more rampant.


I wrote this warrior back as follows (and publish it here with all personal references to this man removed]


[much more]









AP story, 4/13/08:


“Dean Singleton, CEO of Denver-based MediaNews Group Inc., said his company spent $500 million on press-related products over the past three years. Still, many publishers are increasingly focusing their efforts on building up online advertising revenues, which are growing rapidly even as print advertising declines. So far, the gains in online ads are far from making up the shortfalls in print advertising. Making up the difference is currently the No. 1 topic in the newspaper industry.”





Dear Mr. Singleton:


One step you might take to reduce the bleeding of subscribers and advertisers at the San Jose Mercury News (a MediaNews property) would be to insist that they cease the use of slur terms for the diverse white American peoples.


Slurs that are acceptable on the pages of the San Jose Mercury News include English-language slurs like white boy, white privilege, wasp, non-Hispanic whites, white flight, redneck, hillbilly, cracker, white trash, nerdy, white-bread, lily white, typical American, typical white person, goober, white resentment, acting white, and Wonder Bread along with Spanish-language slurs like anglo, guerro, and gringo.


Comment critical of the slur by the writer is never included, even though San Francisco Chronicle writers will often do so. The demeaned demographic is never allowed a rebuttal in the hate story, or by a letter to the editor.


No other demographic suffers this flood of hate speech.


Bo Sears


PS: We are not offended by this astounding phenomenon, but we believe that it gives us insight into the hatred that your editors and writers have toward the diverse white American peoples.



Barack Obama has nevertheless been on the receiving end of more vitriol from the Israel Lobby than any other candidate, possibly because his middle name is Hussein and he lived in Indonesia. The Abe Foxmans of this world, sensitive to even the slightest whiff of disloyalty to Greater Israel, detect that Obama might not be completely faithful to the cause … More disturbing to The Lobby have been Obama’s own views, which, prior to his run for president, were relatively nuanced on the Middle East …





Mental Hygiene and Disability in the Zionist Project


Before and during the Mandate period, Zionist ideologues believed that changing the mental state of the Jewish people – from one steeped in Diasporic oppression to one of promised political and emotional liberation in Palestine – was of utmost importance to building a “normalized” nation. Indeed, collective mental disability is a powerful theme that runs throughout Zionist ideological formations and medical discourse. Reflecting this emphasis – and because I have reviewed the topic of physical disease elsewhere — this article directs its attention to mental illness as both a signifier and an object of practical policy.





On Religion


“For a people’s religion should come out of its own blood. It should be its own innermost soul made manifest, the elevation before its eyes of its own hopes and dreams, of all the lessons it has learned through its own immemorial experience.”


— Which Way Western Man? Chap. IIIb, p. 84






Are you aware that the federal government is trying to get each state to setup registration of ammunition and then tax the ammo five (5) cents per round?


Are you aware that it would be illegal to have unregistered uncoded ammo by 2011? Also, are you aware that a Driver’s license or government issued ID will be required to buy ammunition. Many of Us, like Myself, do not have a Driver’s license nor a government issued ID.; nor do I want one, volunteer for one, and or be forced to have one. Eventually, people will have to accept the implanted chip before buying ammo. This may be worst than any gun law thus far.


One of My webpages has the related information: http://www.usavsus.info/US-AmmoRegistr.htm


My home page is: http://www.usavsus.info/




As a former Special Operations Airborne Commander during the 60s – I was trained to know FIRST AND FOREMOST – just WHO my enemies were. At the time there was a book by a famous ancient Chinese warlord that was required reading at the US Special Warfare School at Ft Bragg NC. It is titled ‘The Art OF War’ by Sun Tzu. Knowing whom to fight was lesson #1








. . . from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (www.HJTA.org)


California Leavin’


It takes a lot of public policy folly to persuade people to pack their bags and abandon California’s sunshine, 70-degree weather, scenic mountains, and beaches. But lately the politicians in Sacramento have proved themselves up to the task, say Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore in their study, “Rich State; Poor States.”


Major findings:


– The latest Census Bureau data indicate that in 2005, 239,416 more Californians left the state than moved in; this was also the case in 2003 and 2004.


– The native-born outmigration flows have become so systematic that the cost to rent a U-Haul to move from Los Angeles to Boise, Idaho is $2090 — or some six times more that the cost of moving in the opposite direction.


What’s gone wrong with the Golden State? A big part of the story is a tax and regulatory culture in Sacramento that treats rich people as if they were cash dispensing ATM machines, say Laffer and More. The cost for businesses of complying with California’s rules, regulations, and paperwork is more than twice as high as other states. But the real growth killer is California’s steeply “progressive” income tax with 10.3 percent rate applied to high-income residents — the highest in the nation outside New York City.


– The richest 10 percent of earners pay almost 75 percent of the income tax burned in the state.


– Most of these “evil rich” are small business owners, i.e. the people who create jobs.


This has all been tragic because California has traditionally been a high-growth state — though there has been much volatility. During certain periods, personal income in California surges, while at other times California’s growth lags behind the nation’s. From 1975-1978 personal income growth in California exceeded the average U.S. personal income growth by nearly 28 percent, say Laffer and Moore.


Source: Arthur B. Laffer and Stephen Moore, “California Leavin’,” Rich States; Poor States, 2007,” American Legislative Exchange Council, 2007. To read or download the study (PDF):





I thought I’d share this article by BNP Leader Nick Griffin with all of you so as you can respond.




Notice the one called Liam is also photographed on my blog. Handy having those names when making complaints to college officials.By getting them to act violently we can get their student society banned perhaps and cut off some funds to them. Also nice to have those photos as Cork is a small place and I always spot people first.


Where these people get their notions from I don’t know.I suppose when there is a flow of funds from somewhere then people will always slurp it up. The David Convery one does not like Stalin.


I am organising some more leafleting at UCC for next week .The scene in Ireland will remain tiny until support is gotten from somewhere





Why wasn’t Christ born in Mexico? Because they couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin!



Prosecutors in Cherepovets, Russia (Vologda region) opened an investigation into the screening of an anti”semitic” film at a Russian Orthodox Church affiliated library, according to an April 9, 2008 report by the Interfax news agency. The library screened the film “Russia With a Knife in its Back: Jewish Fascism and the Genocide of the Russian People” throughout 2007, despite the fact that the Federal Registration Service lists it as banned extremist material. Local prosecutors assert that the film “contains statements aimed at inciting hatred, truth and enmity, and humiliates the “dignity” of Jews based on their ethnicity, origin, and attitude towards Talmudic religion.”



Labour Government In Britain Silent When Whites Persecuted in Zimbabwe


Date Posted: Friday 11-Apr-2008


(In Britain only the British National Party is exposing the suffering of the white community in Zimbabwe at the hand of Robert Mugabe’s thugs. Interesting those are the same Labour members who campaigned hard against white rule in Rhodesia and South Africa.)


Many visitors to this site will recall Labour’s vocal support for South Africa’s black population and of their enthusiasm for sanctions against Ian Smith’s white government in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.


However, now that the boot is on the other foot and it is Zimbabwe’s remaining whites that are discriminated against – nay persecuted – the silence from the Labour regime in Britain speaks volumes.


Can it really be that Labour’s opposition to white Rhodesia was not so much based on a principled stand against “racism” but merely a manifestation of their anti-white bigotry?


The following piece, from a BBC report, is interesting for a number of reasons – not least the absence of a peep of protest over the treatment of white farmers, most of whom have British roots, by anyone in the Labour regime.


We quote: Ahead of the court ruling, Mr Mugabe called on the black population to ensure white farmers did not regain seized land, reports say. He said black Zimbabweans could not afford to “retreat in the battle for land”, the Herald newspaper said. Several of Zimbabwe’s few remaining white-owned farms were invaded over the weekend, farmers say, raising fears of renewed violence ahead of a possible run-off in the presidential election.


In an article published on Monday, the state-run Herald newspaper quoted Mr Mugabe as saying Zimbabwe’s black population had to protect from white farmers the land for which thousands died during the independence war in the 1970s. ”Land must remain in our hands. The land is ours, it must not be allowed to slip back into the hands of whites,” he is quoted as saying. ”We cannot afford to retreat in the battle for land.


In 2000, there were 4,000 white farmers working on much of the best land in Zimbabwe. Just 300 now remain after a campaign of often violent land seizures initiated by the government’s land resettlement programme.


On Friday, war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda accused white farmers of reoccupying farms allocated to blacks, and of telling other black farmers to leave or else face the wrath of an “incoming MDC government”. Those white people trespassing on the small-scale and medium-scale farms should know that it is an invasion of our country,” Mr Sibanda told reporters.


“We will defend our sovereignty. We will be compelled to repel that invasion.” The war veterans association was instrumental in the invasion of white-owned farms ahead of parliamentary elections in 2000. This turned many rural parts of the country into no-go areas for the opposition.


Labour – hypocrites to a man!





When the smartest guys in the room designed their credit default swaps, they forgot to ask one thing – what if the parties on the other side of the bet don’t have the money to pay up? Credit default swaps (CDS) are insurance-like contracts that are sold as protection against default on loans, but CDS are not ordinary insurance. Insurance companies are regulated by the government, with reserve requirements, statutory limits, and examiners routinely showing up to check the books to make sure the money is there to cover potential claims. CDS are private bets, and the Federal Reserve from the time of Alan Greenspan has insisted that regulators keep hands off. The sacrosanct free market would supposedly regulate itself. The problem with that approach is that regulations are just rules. If there are no rules, the players can cheat; and cheat they have, with a gambler’s addiction. In December 2007, the Bank for International Settlements reported derivative trades tallying in at $681 trillion – ten times the gross domestic product of all the countries in the world combined. Somebody is obviously bluffing about the money being brought to the game, and that realization has made for some very jittery markets.


Ellen Hodgson Brown, J.D.





We have newly prepared this text, a classic of NS spirituality, for the web.





Since we seem inclined to inflict the ineffable joys of black rule on our own country, perhaps America could do with a little preview of coming attractions.


The basket case nation of Haiti is the oldest black-ruled country in the world. The Associated Press reports: “A desperate appeal from the president Wednesday failed to restore order to Haiti’s shattered capital, and bands of looters sacked stores, warehouses and government offices. Gunfire rang out from the wealthy suburbs in the hills to the starving slums below as 9,000 U.N. peacekeepers were unable to halt a frenzy of looting and violence that has grown out of protests over rising food prices.” (Now, think about it. That’s some pretty heavy rioting when 9,000 soldiers can’t rein it in.)


“Many of the protesters are demanding the resignation of the U.S.-backed president, Rene Preval, and on Tuesday U.N. peacekeepers had to fire rubber bullets and tear gas to drive away a mob that tried to storm his palace. Preval delivered his first public comments Wednesday, nearly a week into the protests. With his job on the line, Haiti’s president promised to press importers to lower food prices and appealed to the rioters to go home.” (Those of us with memories slightly more than two inches in length wll remember that several years ago, when Preval was “elected” president, he attempted to flee to the United States and had to be dragged off the plane at the airport and forcibly returned to the palace by Bush’s Blackwater gun thugs. Can’t say as I blame him; I got lumbered with the presidency of Haiti, I’d try to flee the country too.)


According to AP, Mon President really laid it on his rioting countrymen. “‘The solution is not to go around destroying stores,’ he said. ‘I’m giving you orders to stop.'” (Hey, why don’t we try that one next time in Los Angeles?) “But gunfire rang out around the palace after the speech, as peacekeepers tried to drive away people looting surrounding stores. The streets remained in the control of bands of young men carrying sticks and rocks, who set up roadblocks of burning tires and stopped passing cars. Businesses were closed and most people locked themselves indoors, as mobs looted stores, warehouses and government offices. Black smoke billowed over the city as protesters set tires ablaze. Sustained gunfire was heard throughout Petionville, where many diplomats and foreigners live, and in Martissant, a lawless slum west of downtown. On the road to the airport, groups of protesters surrounded makeshift barricades and threw rocks at passing cars. Looters could be seen sacking a supermarket and several gas-station mini-marts. Radio stations reported looters also sacked a government rice warehouse outside Port-au-Prince and the office of Petionville’s mayor.” (Kind of sounds like what Al Sharpton has hinted his own private negroid militia will do to Denver if Barack Obama isn’t nominated.)


Okay, granted, for Haiti all the above is situation normal. Haiti has been black-ruled for 200 years and for 200 years it’s been like this. But do we really want to hand our own government over to BO and his posse like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Calypso Louis and Alcee Hastings? I’m curious: what will it take before we finally come to understand that black rule doesn’t work?





Hi Alex,


The system is failing and resistance is growing or they wouldn’t be publicizing this. Isn’t it amazing how similar the language is to “holocaust denial”. Just another example of Judeafication of our legal system.




U.S. Says It Will Increase Efforts Against ‘Tax Defiers’
Published on Wednesday, April 09, 2008.



Ed.: I read somewhere the IRS only opened 330 new tax cases in a recent year. Maybe that’s wrong, but if not it seems surprisingly low.



Should the U.S. End Aid to Israel?


Alison Weir


On April 1st I participated in a debate in San Francisco that raised the question of US aid to Israel … In Israel’s sixty years of existence, it has received more US tax money than any other nation on earth. During periods of recession, when Americans are thrown out of work, homes are repossessed, school budgets cut and businesses fail, Congress continues to give Israel massive amounts of our tax money; currently, about seven million dollars per day.





Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s population plummeted, and until recently was shrinking at the rate of about 750,000 people a year. So the Kremlin made kids a priority … More important, perhaps, Russia’s surging economy has made it possible for young couples to plan for their future. The population decline hasn’t halted, and demographers warn it could plummet again. But today births are on the rise, from 1.4 million in 2006 to 1.6 million in 2007 – their highest level in 15 years.


Baby Boom in Russia





Scott Ritter, former head of weapons inspection in Iraq who protested there were no weapons of mass destruction to justify an invasion, believes the same is true for Iran. But there is an 80 percent chance of war with Iran, he told about 200 people Wednesday at Middlebury College as part of a series of talks facilitated by the Vermont Peace and Justice Center. The pattern of preparations for such a conflict has been steadily developing and involves Congress as well as the Bush-Cheney administration, he said.





UN Expert Stands by Holocaust Remark


The next UN investigator into Israeli conduct in the occupied territories has stood by comments comparing Israeli actions in Gaza to those of the Nazis. Speaking to the BBC, Professor Richard Falk said he believed that up to now Israel had been successful in avoiding the criticism that it was due. Professor Falk is scheduled to take up his post for the UN Human Rights Council later in the year.



Israel Bars UN Envoy After Holocaust Remark


Israel has said it will refuse a visa for the new United Nations human rights envoy to the Palestinians after he said it was responsible for a “Holocaust in the making” in Gaza. Richard Falk, a Jewish-American law professor, is to assume the UN post of special rapporteur in June. But the Israeli government is furious as he compared it last year to Nazi Germany and has refused to retract his comments since his appointment.





Shahak and Mezvinsky provide a number of translations from the Talmud and other writings that they note are omitted from books on Judaism published in English; for example, from a fundamental book of Hassidism: “All non-Jews are totally satanic creatures ‘in whom there is absolutely nothing good.’ Even a non-Jewish embryo is qualitatively different from a Jewish one. The very existence of a non-Jew is ‘non-essential’, whereas all creation was created solely for the sake of the Jews.” There are many such passages.


What makes such texts particularly significant, Shahak explains, is that “[i]n Israel these ideas are widely disseminated among the public at large, in the schools and in the army.” In a booklet published by the Israeli Army for its soldiers, Shahak reports, the Chief Chaplain wrote:


“When our forces come across civilians during a war or in hot pursuit or in a raid, so long as there is no certainty that those civilians are incapable of harming our forces, then according to the Halakhah they may and even should be killed … In war, when our forces storm the enemy, they are allowed and even enjoined by the Halakhah to kill even good civilians, that is, civilians who are ostensibly good.”





Hey Alex!


A couple things:


You’ve played a song called “Black Dress” on your last couple Radio Istina programs, but you didn’t know what the group’s name was. You only knew they were called JOJ. It stands for “Jack Off Jill”. The song is actually called “Devil With The Black Dress On” and comes from their album “Sexless Demons And Scars”.


Here’s a story I got from a Health E-Newsletter I subscribe to. It’s just another reason to home school your kids:


School goes overboard on vitamin restrictions


Dear Friend,


That sound you hear is Thomas Paine spinning in his grave. Because I’ve got new evidence (as if you needed more) that common sense, which Mr. Paine famously wrote about at the time of America’s birth, is now dead and gone in the U.S. of A. And ironically, the place you’re least likely to find it is in our nation’s schools.


Recently, a student in the South Middleton School District in Pennsylvania received a 10- day school suspension for – get this – taking vitamins at school. Why? Because taking vitamins violated the school’s drug policy.


Are you laughing or trembling with rage? For me, it’s a little of both.


When I hear stories like this, I just want to grab the bush-league school bureaucrat by the collar and call him an idiot. OK, it’s not nice. But it’s so hard to argue with the idea that only an idiot would punish a student for something so absurd.


The student in question, Andrew Figueiredo, had recently begun an exercise regimen for his participation on the Boiling Springs High School soccer team.


Figueiredo is not only a four-year letterman on the squad, but also the team captain. And because he’d had the school’s zero-tolerance drug policy drummed into his skull, he even consulted the student handbook to check the drug policy before bringing the vitamins to school. While prescription medications and illegal drugs were covered, the handbook made no reference to any bans against vitamins or supplements.


School Principal Joe Mancuso, however – surely a real genius – disagreed, and slapped Figueiredo with a 10-day suspension. When Figueiredo’s outraged parents demanded an explanation, the school softened a bit, saying that Andrew had violated the school “medications” policy rather than the “drug” policy. And the suspension was still to be enforced.


In case you can’t guess what happened next, lawyers got involved. And of course the insertion of lawyers into any situation usually leads to a clear-headed and rational discussion. The Figueiredo family lawyer sought a public apology and to have the incident expunged from Andrew’s otherwise spotless school record.


The school’s lawyer countered by saying that school policy clearly prohibits “any pill, capsule, powder, liquid, inhalant, fascimile, drug paraphernalia, or other substance of whatever form or texture, which may adversely affect the health, safety, or welfare of any student…” The vitamins that Andrew had taken were the supplements Megaman Sport, BSN Nitrix and BSN Axis-HT, all of which can easily be purchased over-the-counter at most health food or nutrition stores.


Don’t worry, it gets even more ridiculous.


The school said they couldn’t remove the suspension until a drug test could be done, so Figueiredo went and got one on his own. The results were negative for any illegal or banned substances. The school did nothing. Ultimately, Andrew had to serve the entire 10-day suspension.


And even though the episode is now in the past, it refuses to die. There are allegations that the school superintendent Patricia Sanker accused Andrew that the supplements were illegal steroids (they weren’t), and because Andrew protested those comments, she threatened additional suspensions, and allegedly told Andrew “I can ruin you.” Nice, huh?


Schools are merely extensions of low-level government bureaucracies. As such, they are filled with little tin-pot dictators and careerist butt-kissers and butt coverers. Anyone who’s ever been to the Department of Motor Vehicles knows that if you give any low- level civil servant an ounce of power, they’re likely to abuse it. Schools are, sadly, no different.


How many stories just like this have you heard, where local principals and school boards go overboard enforcing silly “zero tolerance” policies, whether they’re against drugs or dress codes. I’m guessing that they believe they’ll somehow be lauded by the system that they serve for their “even-handed and equitable” approach to handling these things ( i.e., the star soccer player gets no more or less consideration at Boiling Springs High than the constant truant with a long record of suspensions for fighting or drug use on school grounds). But in the end, they simply look like unreasonable bush-league despots, and they’re forced to stand their ground because it’s “their job.”


As I said earlier: no common sense.


It’s hard to make blanket statements. And the “zero tolerance” policy – like so many similar government restrictions – are put in place with the right spirit in mind. They’re there “for the good” of the students and the school. After all, shouldn’t the school be a place where no drugs are tolerated? But as I’ve pointed out before, regulations and bans in the “public interest” often lead to the loss of important civil rights. Perhaps the South Middleton School District is just administered by morons – this is the same school district that had also threatened other students with suspensions for school gun policy violations such using a pen that was adorned with the logo of a gun manufacturer. I’d say that these folks aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, but that might get me suspended because saying “knife” could violate the school weapons policy.


Regardless of the school’s “zero tolerance” drug policy, it’s very obvious that Andrew Figueiredo had no intention of getting high with the supplements he was taking. So you just have to wonder why such a silly and unnecessary mess was made by the school, when the Principal Mancuso could’ve just nipped it in the bud by saying, “OK, I know why you’re taking that. But in the future, please don’t bring those to school.” Instead, Mancuso went to Defcon 4 and dropped a suspension on the student. Why? It’s hard to say. But I can’t imagine ANYONE who hears the details of the story possibly concluding that Mancuso in particular or the school in general handled this situation appropriately.


As I’ve said before: whenever anyone in the government says they’re doing something for “the public good” – whether it’s at the federal, state, country or even local school board level – put your hand on your civil rights and hold on for dear life.


Schooling you about silly school rules,


William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.


Keep up the good work!




Ed.: Thanks.

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    1. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Arch, whoever he is, has a good grip on the current situation. As things get worse, and the jews do everything to inflate the economy to keep the war for the jew homeland going, Americans will be subjugated to a jew financial propaganda barrage. Soros will only be one of many apologists deflecting for jew financial interests & jew financial practices that have led us into this bloody economic mess.

      Good financial reporting will be naming the jew, the philo-semite, and the shabbos goyim.

      Btw, Business Week is good at naming the jew.



    3. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

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      “Blondie, Tuco and Angel Eyes have a standoff in the cemetary. Blondie kills Angel Eyes and, with the help of Tuco, finds the gold in an unmarked grave next to the grave of Arch Stanton. Blondie loads half the gold on his horse and leaves the other half for Tuco. He also leaves a noose. Tuco stands on a grave marker while his head hangs in the noose as Blondie and his horse gallop away. Just as it seems Tuco will fall and hang himself, Blondie turns around and shoots the noose, causing Tuco to fall to the ground. Blondie heads off into the sunset, leaving Tuco with half of the gold and his hands tied behind his back, in the middle of nowhere.”

    4. Stan Says:

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    5. sgruber Says:

      When Arch Stanton’s letter is loud-spoken in a voice of thunder in every downtown in America, to crowds of hurting listeners, is the day we begin.

      The time has come to get rid of the jew.

      PS: What about a Channon-Chris Knoxville rally this year? Any in the planning/discussion stages?

    6. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Another awesome one for you Stan- a B52 model with eight real jet engines.


    7. New America Says:

      This is a fascinating insight from the Howard Jarvis report:

      The native-born outmigration flows have become so systematic that the cost to rent a U-Haul to move from Los Angeles to Boise, Idaho is $2090 — or some six times more that the cost of moving in the opposite direction.

      in reply:
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      In short, once again, Harold Covington is RIGHT – the move to Take The Gap is well underway in all but name.

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      We can do better – a LOT better- and we should do so…

      While we can.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!