2 April, 2008

Reader Mail: April 2, 2008

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See below URL: “UK ‘most anti-semitic'”-

Yes, but that was last week.

This week it’s Iceland and next week it’s probably Djibouti.

I wrote a piece some time back detailing some actual ‘most anti semitic nations’ lists, when it was Sweden’s turn- previously it was Finland, after Sweden it was France- for months, then USA, but Ahmedinnejaad went and scored a home run, only to be relegated to the second division, when Putin, brilliant manager of the first division Russian side, defeated all-comers, with his famous ‘double whammy’- kicking out Jewish oil oligarchs and bumping off another in London.


But was his teams performance just too good to be true?

An often asked question.

I suspect doping and possibly antisemitically enhancing drugs.

We are fielding a good, strong, all British, anti-Semite team in this year’s semi finals, as the writer concedes- but will we be good and antisemite enough to win the coveted world anti-Semite final against such experienced opponents as the Palestinians, the Poles- always a strong contender, or the Pakistanis?

And we must not discount the newcomers:- Bolivia, and China.

Who can tell- World Anti-Semitism is a funny old game sure enough, and ‘it aint over till the fat Jewboy screams “Anti-Semite”- as they say.




C’est le message scandé par Fabrice Robert, président du Bloc Identitaire, lors de l’inauguration de la “Vlaams Huis”, la maison de l’identité flamande gérée par les Identitaires dans les environs de Lille.

Après 3 mois de travail, les acteurs de ce projet formidable ont pu présenter à plus d’une centaine de personnes une véritable maison, lieu de liberté au service de notre identité. Maison de par sa superficie et son aspect, mais aussi par son rôle de foyer où de multiples activités sont proposées (Ciné-club, soirées à thème, conférences, cours de néerlandais, sport de combat, bibliothèque militante, etc…).  Forte de son succès auprès de la jeunesse politique, qui s’y implique totalement sous les conseils des aînés, la Vlaams Huis est maintenant certaine de devenir une institution non-négligeable de la vie locale.

Après la renaissance des Jeunesses Identitaires sur Lille, et ce dans un climat difficile, l’alliance avec l’efficace association Terre Celtique, des candidats aux élections municipales, et maintenant une maison de quartier, plus rien ne semble arrêter la mouvance identitaire dans la région qui va désormais s’atteler au développement d’une section régionale du Bloc Identitaire.

Communiqué du 2 avril 2008

:: Poisson d’avril ? ::

Un “Comité d’initiative pour la refondation” vient d’annoncer la constitution d’un parti supplémentaire de droite nationale. Une liste de signataires soutenant prétendument cette initiative est jointe à l’annonce.

Citée au premier rang, on trouve Isabelle Crépin. C’est de façon tout à fait abusive que le nom de cette responsable du Bloc Identitaire en Flandre apparaît.

Cette manoeuvre a au moins un mérite : celui de permettre aux Identitaires de préciser qu’ils ne sont en aucune façon associés à cette initiative. En effet, les axes, les projets, les méthodes de ce futur parti ne correspondent en aucune manière à notre stratégie et nos ambitions pour le courant identitaire.




Although Bernanke said he hopes inflation will moderate in coming quarters, he acknowledged that high energy prices have clouded the inflation outlook.

Well Ben, I don’t suppose the printing presses churning out untold billions of dollars have anything to do with it.  Remember M3?

In a controversial move, the Fed backed a $29 billion lifeline as part of JP Morgan’s deal to take over the troubled Bear Stearns.

What is a lifeline?  Does this have something to do with “Who wants to be a billionaire?”

Although the taxpayers are on the hook for the $29 billion, Bernanke said he was “reasonably confident we’ll be able to recover the full amount.”

A lifeline and taxpayers are on the hook, what’s wrong with this picture?  Oh well, you just have to feel warm and fuzzy all over what with Bernanke’s confidence.  Anyway, what does Bernanke have to lose?  $29 billion recovered or not, he and his buddies will make out like bandits, which is exactly what they are.

“We are fighting against the wind,” Bernanke said. The Fed’s interest rate cuts and other actions are working their way through the economy and are having the effect of “at least offsetting significantly the headwinds coming from these financial factors,” he said.

Bernanke is not some delusional Spaniard fighting windmills.  He is taking the fight to the source, the wind.




Blood Flag bearer Jakob Grimminger autographed postcard 1936 Reichsparteitag:

Original Nazi Berning ROBOT automatic Luftwaffe camera:

Extremely derogatory anti-Jewish publication by SS Nordland Verlag, Der Untermensch:






LONDON — Immigration should be capped, according to
a parliamentary report published today which concludes
that record numbers of new immigrants have had “little or
no impact” on economic well being.



The Utter Normality Of Ethnonationalism—Except For Whites

By Kevin MacDonald

Jerry Z. Muller’s Foreign Affairs article, Us and Them: The Enduring Power of Ethnic Nationalism (March/April, 2008), is a grim and timely reminder of the power of ethnicity in human affairs. It has explosive implications for the future of the United States and the West.

Muller demonstrates that, over the last 150 years or so, the general trend in Europe and elsewhere has been has been toward the creation of ethnically-based states—“ethnostates”. This trend did not end with the close of World War II.  In Europe, the war was followed by a forced resettlement of peoples—mainly Germans—to create ethnically homogeneous states. Indeed, the high point of ethnic homogenization in Europe was in the two generations in the immediate aftermath of World War II.



Sailer is getting better

1st post:


And why is Efraim Diveroli’s ludicrous little company certified as “Disadvantaged?”

Because he’s a Hasidic Jew. (Efraim’s cousin, Michael Jackson’s favorite rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the son of the owner of Botach Tactical, is one of the best known Lubavitcher rabbis in the media).

In fact, I just learned, all Hasidic Jews, such as the Botach/Boteach/Diveroli clan, are eligible for federal ethnic preferences! I had no idea ..

2nd :


I explained how something like this could happen in a VDARE.com article “What’s Spanish for Chutzpah?” which explains how a Polish-born entrepreneur named Liberman got himself declared Hispanic for the purposes of getting tax breaks on buying radio stations. See, the Libermans got tossed out of Spain in 1492, which makes them Hispanics.

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    1. Will Stuteley Says:

      LOL! Keep up the good work, Alex. Radio Reason had its Maiden Voyage tonight, as far as I know, and things are getting better and better. The word IS spreading–So much so that in the near future there will be a crucial battle over whether or not race-realists and WNs will be allowed to post on the Net.

      Just an aside: I read Majority Rights as well as VNN. It’s a great site for UK politics. I hope you or Dietrich are able to get James Bowery on again. He is a great speaker and has great powers of analysis when it comes to the Jewish “life-cycle” and its effect on the economy.

      As frustrating as “the movement” can be, the public anger-level is undeniable all over the Western world. Our cause is far from lost, and events are pushing inexorably in our direction. I can’t predict the future, but the report from British Parliament yesterday about the utterly-negligible economic benefits of immigration was a STUNNER. It’s becoming impossible for the elites to hide the cracks…


      U.S. Diplomats Forecast Nuclear Arms Race in Middle East if Iran Gets the Bomb
      Wednesday, April 02, 2008


      Saudi Arabia most likely would develop nuclear weapons if Iran acquires them, according to a report to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

      High-level American diplomats in Riyadh with excellent access to Saudi decision-makers said an Iranian nuclear weapon frightens the Saudis “to their core” and would compel the Saudis to seek nuclear weapons, the report said. The American diplomats were not identified.

      Turkey also would come under pressure to follow suit if Iran builds nuclear weapons in the next decade, said the report prepared by a committee staff member after interviewing hundreds of individuals in Washington and the Middle East last July through December.

      While Turkey and Iran do not see themselves as adversaries, Turkey believes a power balance between them is the primary reason for a peaceful relationship, the report said.

      Egypt most likely would choose not to respond by pursuing its own nuclear weapons program, said the report prepared in late February and obtained Wednesday. The impact on relations with Israel and the United States were cited as the primary reasons.

      A U.S. intelligence estimate late last year said Iran worked on nuclear weapons programs until 2003 before abandoning them. However, the intelligence analysts also reported Iran was continuing to enrich uranium, a key weapons component, and possessed the capacity to produce nuclear weapons if it decided to do so.

      Sen. Richard G. Lugar, R-Ind., the senior Republican on the committee, directed staff member Bradley Bowman to conduct the study.

      Among its conclusions, the report said demands for nuclear energy and for matching Iran’s nuclear progress virtually guarantees that three or four Middle Eastern countries will generate nuclear power by 2025.

      And this, in turn, will reduce the obstacles to acquiring nuclear weapons, the report said.

      The spread of nuclear weapons in the Middle East could reduce regional security and endanger U.S. interests, the report said.

      In the next two or three years, the United States must take steps to restore Arab and Turkish confidence in U.S. security guarantees, the report concluded.

      Otherwise, it said, “the future Middle East landscape may include a number of nuclear-armed or nuclear weapons-capable states vying for influence in a notoriously unstable region.

    3. Anon Says:

      … But without a doubt the kikes will be getting their dirty little hands in their neighbouring countries’ affairs, getting various ZOG’s Armies in on the act too. In the forecast for the Middle East that much is absolutely certain.



      February 24, 2008

      Bush gets it right
      U.S. knows a nation when it sees one


      The Bush administration has lurched for so long from one foreign policy disaster to another, we almost have forgotten what it’s like to see the United States do the right thing.

      But we did last week.

      After decades of oppression and struggle, the two million Albanians of the former Yugoslav/Serb province of Kosovo finally achieved their long-sought independence. This was the final welcome act in the death of the abortive state, Yugoslavia.

      The U.S. was the first major power to recognize the new Republic of Kosova — as it should henceforth be called. There were almost as many American flags in the streets of its capital, Prishtina, as Albanian ones. President George W. Bush deserves a hearty salute.

      The U.S. had once more rescued the Albanians. In 1918, victorious Serbia was about to annex tiny Albania to gain its deep-water Adriatic ports. U.S. President Woodrow Wilson ordered Serbia back, saving Albania.

      After communist demagogue Slobodan Milosevic sought to build a Greater Serbia in the 1990s through ethnic terrorism, Washington forced NATO to halt Serb genocide in Bosnia.

      In 1999, while Europe watched impotently, Milosevic’s forces killed 13,000 Kosovar Albanians, blew up mosques, gang-raped Muslim women, burned Albanian villages and drove one million Albanian Kosovars into frigid winter fields where they would have died of exposure without outside help. The U.S. saved the Kosovars by launching a short air war on the Serbs.

      Outraged Serbs claimed they were victims of an American-German conspiracy. Kosovo was their historical medieval heartland, they insisted. Serbia’s very soul. But by 2008, Kosova’s population was two million Albanians and only 60,000-80,000 Serbs and gypsies, mostly in the Mitrovica enclave. About 100,000 more Kosovo Serbs had moved to Serbia.

      Historical claims are often of questionable value. Kosovo was indeed the heartland of medieval Serbia after Serb tribes invaded the region in the 6th Century AD. But the original inhabitants were Illyrians — ancestors of today’s Albanians.


      Serbs sought to ethnically cleanse Kosovo of Albanians three times: In the 1911-12 Balkan Wars after they seized it from the Ottoman Empire; in 1945; and in the 1990s. This brutal record, and persecution of Albanian Kosovars in the post-Tito era, invalidates any legitimate claims Serbia has to Kosovo.

      Wounded pride aside, Serbia is better off without Kosova. History teaches it’s often counterproductive to try to retain by force a region that wants out (the U.S. Civil War is a major exception).

      Serbs, an intelligent, talented people, became international pariahs after the demagogue Milosevic intoxicated them with Nazi-style bogus historical mythology, primitive nationalism, and anti-Muslim racism. Serbia’s future lies in the European Union, not in dubious medieval mythical glories.

      America once again saved Albanians from extinction.

      By contrast, it was noteworthy that Romania refused to join Britain, France, Germany and Italy in recognizing the new Kosova republic.

      That’s because Romania also has its own dirty secret. The post-First World War Treaty of Trianon was every bit as evil and immoral as the 1938 Munich Pact. At Trianon, the victorious allies handed over 66% of the Hungarian people to Romania, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. Romania got the lion’s share, including Transylvania. Hungarians want freedom from Romania.


      Albanians also were divided between Albania proper, and Yugoslavia’s provinces of Kosovo and Macedonia. So Albanians and Hungarians remain Europe’s divided peoples.

      But there is no hint free Kosova will join neighbouring Albania anytime soon. The Kosovar leadership, under able PM Hasim Tachi, rejects any talk of union; so does Albania’s capable prime minister, Dr. Sali Berisha. Kosovars are not eager to merge with impoverished, struggling Albania; they want to be in the EU.

      It certainly is a tonic seeing people abroad joyously waving American flags and blessing the U.S. This is what my America used to be about.

      I pray that under new presidential leadership, the U.S.A. will resume this honourable tradition as liberator and defender of human rights.

    5. Tom G Says:

      OMG Tom Metzger is DEAD! Another Great is gone : (

    6. Socrates Says:

      Where did you hear that [about Metzger]??



    8. Rob Williams Says:

      I wondered if he was dead also since he forgot to upload last month’s radio show.