6 April, 2008

Reader Mail: April 6, 2008

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Takimag resorts to censorship for the same reason the MSM does: it can’t handle the truth.

Criticize jews and you’re a nazi! Yeah, that’s the ticket.
Posted by Kevin Cleary on Apr 02, 2008.

Takimag … ‘just another liberal rag.’

That’s a cool subtitle. You should go with it.
Posted by Mike O’Donnelly on Apr 02, 2008.

I don’t post much here but do post quite a bit on another site that requires registration and a yearly payment of $30.. In spite of the policies, there is far more trolling going on there and personal attacks are rife. As I have spent some considerable amounts of time in Thailand due to both military service and personal travel (and comment on that sometimes) I was being labeled by one of the more odious trolls as a peodophile (sp?). I post there using my real name (it’s liberating) and pointed out to this idiot that their IP address could be tracked if deemed necessary by the law and that they were defaming not a pseudonym but a real person with a real name that lives in a real town. The abuse stopped.

You might consider having folks post with their real name.
Posted by Bill W, NH on Apr 02, 2008.

As one of my thousand or so tasks as managing editor at Takimag is the culling of the particularly egregious, I’ve become well acquainted with the phenomenon of the “internet troll” or blog “griefer.” What I’ve found most remarkable is that on any article or blog, more often than not, most of the detritus on the comments board was excreted by the same person.

This is a rather fanciful description of your activities, which amount to little more than deleting factual, substantial comments that you don’t like. By no definition do the posts you have eliminated amount to trolling. By your actions, deleting the written words of Edmund Burke in the founding document of modern conservatism, you show that you believe Burke was a nazi, since he hated and crtiticized jews in factual and substantial terms, just like the posters whose words you ruthlessly censored.

Just admit it, Dick: “I fear that allowing any criticism of jews to stand will threaten my career prospects, so I will delete them as quickly as I come across them, and pray nobody read them.”

Takimag is edited out of fear of jews, and it is precisely that fear that has made America what it is today: a bankrupt, vicious, immoral state that threatens the rest of the world. Israel II, if you will.
Posted by Frank Lamoria on Apr 02, 2008.

Steve Miller [censored at Chronicles]

Blah, blah, blah. Cut the charade. Blacks aren’t ready for prime time, they’re still on primate time. The only solution is complete physical and political separation. We all know it. Why are we afraid to say it? There’s one answer: the country is controlled by jews, and they keep pushing us back in with the blacks until they kill and rape us all. Which is exactly what is going on in Zimbabwe and South Africa today. We Whites are under literally genocidal assault, and the fact the race war is carefully kept out of the jew-owned media called mainstream doesn’t change that.

Tim Dunleavy

Lowry can say it with a straight face because he’s a Jew. It’s only white fools who think conservative or liberal are anything more than masks for Jews to hide behind as they lecture and mulct the posterity of the people who actually built the country.

Mike Harkin

Blacks are the cause of racism, just as jews are the cause of anti-semitism. Whites aren’t guilt of anything but being colossal sucker easily swayed from their natural, normal and healthy reactions.

Mark Owen

If any attempt to notice trends and patterns of behavior among a specific group of people (in this case inner city blacks) is considered racist, then anyone on this planet with two eyes and ears will eventually be branded as such.

Racist =white, just as anti-semite = non-jew. It’s just a verbal game they play to intimidate Whites. There is only one way to escape from the box, and that is to make White identity the starting point of our politics. The conservatives shrink from this because they are cowards. But it is the only way that can work.

In fact, degeneration has gone so far that people are leery of drawing any general conclusion whatsoever. They have been trained that using reason or seeing patterns are in some way dirty, and so they are quick to spout “I know some who aren’t like that,” if you point out blacks’ proclivity for violent crime.

They really appear to believe that the anecdote outweighs the general truth. This is a direct result of dumbed-down education, which is succeeding in producing precisely the type of Semitically Correct (Sobran’s twist) man-robot it was set up to.

14Thomas Michaels

It speaks volumes about Chronicles’ pseudo-conservatism that fact-based racial arguments are deleted where neo-Boasian bilge about culture is allowed to stand.

Detroit was destroyed because blacks are incapapable of building or sustaining civilization. Once they become the majority, bankruptcy and decline into shutters, broken windows and weeds becomes inevitable.

16Censorship Foe

Chronicles is a well-functioning portion of the controlled media, as you can see above. A jew, Press, is allowed to promote his site and the Big Lie that culture is everything and race nothing — without any interference.

But a single poster bringing up inescapable and unchangeable facts about race

– retarded black African IQ
– proclivity for violence
– 40,000 White women raped each year by blacks
– more Whites murdered by blacks since 1965 than died in Vietnam

is called stupid by writer Piatek.

The fear is palpable.

Lose it!

17Censorship Foe

Lowry is a jew. As with every jew, it is the most significant thing about him.

Jew Lowry believes in physical segregation (apartheid) to protect his Israeli blood brothers, and at the same time he believes in forced integration of your family with black savages. This passes for conservatism these days. Jews control the media, whether directly through ownership, as is the case with most of the MSM, or indirectly through fear, as is the case at Takimag and Chronicles.

Both Takimag and Chronicles allow a jew troll to recite bales of Boasian balderdash, and promote its site, while deleting any comment that hints at the reality of race.

Keep mocking NR, which is simply jews doing what’s good for jews, but the real mockery ought to be aimed at the cowardice of this site’s operators, who do their level best to prevent the facts about jews and race from becoming known by men who might use them to change things.


all the jew haters here say they have shown “proof” of their conspiracies, yet all they ever do is throw accusations and name-calling without any damn evidence!

for example the above 2 stories are not much “proof” since they do not even mention what those individuals have been arrested for. The stories say some

people were charged with racial incitement/hatred but nothing else is mentioned.

Posted by jerry on Apr 03, 2008.

‘Hate’ and ‘racism’ are two bogus concepts. Both trace back to jews: Magnus Hirschfeld and the ADL.

The jew handling Takimag, Gottfried, uses the same terminology. Anyone who describes jewish belief and behavior accurately will be tarred as a hater. It has no objective meaning beyond: here is White we jews must destroy.

Wake up, people. It’s later than you think. Gottfried is not your friend, he is your enemy.

Porn, civil rights, foreign wars, open borders – all these and every other misery in America traces directly to Big Jew.

Posted by Mike Sloane on Apr 03, 2008.

Paul Gottfried calls for banning those who think Jews are the cause of all or most of the world’s evils and who believe in conspiracy theories similar to those of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his ilk, and Zmirak says “amen” and “bravo” and calls for banning anyone for criticizes blacks as a group and tells the truth about black intelligence, black crime, black-on-white violence, etc., and Barack Obama’s “spiritual mentor” and his “Afrocentric,” white-hating, “Goddamm America” church and all that this reveals about “African Americans.” And also, I assume, anyone who opposes massive Third-World immigration for explicitly racial reasons -albeit leftists, liberals, neocons, and many libertarians support such immigration for explicitly racial reasons.

Yes, millions of blacks and “Hispanics” would rally to the “paleocon” cause if only they suppressed the free speech of those who tell the truth about blacks and massive nonwhite immigration.

Posted by SK on Apr 03, 2008.

Richard, Will you please quit bottle-assing all over this perfectly fine blog?

A registered comments policy is a sign of weakness a’la the Bushbloggers recent flop sweat-soaked deletions and bannination surges of late. It shouts Turtle Time! Elicits laughs, eye rolling and loss of traffic.

Also, registered comment threads are like eavesdropping on Marcus Welby’s waiting room. Soon, the Regulars start saying “Hi!” to each other! Echhhh!

Just slip a wizened old retired lady twenty bucks to do any sweeping that you feel is beneath you. She might do it just for the exercise!

Monitored (delayed) posting is just as bad. Attracts the bored and boring. (Those who MUST comment dammit.)

Long-short: you’re slipping into Ensign Pulver-hood.

Posted by bryanD on Apr 03, 2008.

As for Canada and the jewish connection, quit being lazy and do some work. The jews use as a catspaw a faggot named Richard Warman. He files complaints against Whites trying to defend their people against jew-sponsored Third World inundation of Canada. The jew-controlled Human Rights (sic) tribunals then

convict these brave Whites of hate crimes, and send them to prison or fine them.

The ONLY reason the jew-owned papers in Canada are even looking into this garbage now is because some of the Muslim diversity jewish immigration ministers have admitted are using the ‘hate’ laws jews set up to go after jew writers Steyn and Levant.

Jews don’t give a damn for free speech. To jews, free speech means their right to abuse others. But it never means your right to describe what they are doing in objective terms. Hell, you cant even do that here at Takimag, just another liberal rag, but Taki is afraid of what the jews can do to him if he allows genuine debate. So he allows the handler, jew Paul Gottfried, to censor any criticism of jews.

You vaunt your manliness, Talki. Why don’t you exercise it and rid your house of the jewish louse?

Posted by Mike Sloane on Apr 03, 2008.

How pathetic is it that every last conservative ratbag blog on the net prominently links to this site:

Musings of a Black Conservative

Pathetically groveling to win jewish favor. “No racists here, boss!”

Curs, curs, curs, as far as the eye can see.

Paleconservative is just a fancy word for coward.

Posted by Mark Brooks on Apr 03, 2008.

I forgot to say, what makes it particularly pathetic, this uber-linking to the nigsite, is that THE SITE IS NEVER UPDATED. It’s all about looking spiffy for Boss Jew.

Takimag, like Chronicles and The American Conservative, is written and edited by cowards for dupes.

Real politics is jew vs White.

The jews are using the minorities that are 92% of the world’s population to kill off our race.

That’s the political bottom line, whether we can say it here or not.

Posted by Mark Brooks on Apr 03, 2008.

Conservatism without race is liberalism. Free trade points up the problem: what precisely are we preserving here? The American nation? But what is that these days, since we’re gathered from all over the world? It isn’t anything, certainly nothing that reasonably stands against the juggernaut of free trade with its global wage rate.

Conservatism should start by affirming the truth: that America was created by White men for the security and well-being of their posterity, their White children.

Posted by J. Taylor on Apr 04, 2008.

6Chip Muller

We’ve been jewed.

Until real Americans separate from jews, nothing will change. We’ll continue to act like monsters toward the rest of the world, because, like the jews of Israel, we will see ourselves as gods and the rest of the world as dogs.

7Chip Muller

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

One subject I’ve been surprised (just kidding) Roberts has never addressed is the complete domination of our law schools by jews. If you examine the top ten, about fifty percent of the professors are jews. These schools are where all the bad ideas and judges come from.

Until we identify jews as the problem, absolutely nothing of substance will change. We are in the position Germany was in under the Weimar regime: jews pwned the culture: dominating the professional schools and the media, and turning the nation into a 24-hour buffet of decadence.

28David Saperstein

Why should we expect Blacks to meet White standards?

The Talmud tells us a fish is not an orange. Why then should we expect fish juice to taste like orange juice?


Wow, an article that makes sense on Takimag? Hard to believe. It doesn’t go anywhere, but it’s a thumbnail of a beginning.

Look at it realistically: what political interest do Whites have in any association with blacks or browns?

The answer is absolutely none.

All we get from ‘minorities’ that are actually 92% of the world’s population are bills and violence.

White identity politics is what we had before the jews completed their takeover in the 60s, allowing them to redefine White interests as “hate.” The fruit of that takeover is that every year 40,000 White women are raped by blacks. And more Whites have been murdered than died in the Vietnam War.

The jews don’t dare for a fleeting second to allow Whites to band together and fight for their interests because they want to keep feeding off us. Using our taxpayer money to prop up Israel, and our boys to kill their enemies half a world away.

America is a great country for jews and for the minority tools they use to wreck White communities. For White people themselves, it’s not such a good place anymore, and it’s getting worse week in and week out.

If they made even a marginal, unattractive state Whites only, you’d have 10 million people living there within a year.

And that’s the bottom line. White behavior—85% of Whites move to a whiter area than the one they’re leaving—shows what Whites really think. And it shows just how strong the System that suppresses their real political desires actually is.

Whites voting White, thinking White, Living White, as Robert Griffin, is the way of the future. It is the only way out of the mess we’re in, and that is why the jews will do anything to stop us. They don’t want us having an Israel for our people. Nay, for us they have death by chocolate and nothing else on the menu.

Wake up, Takimag. I don’t what you think you represent, but you ain’t where it’s at.

I appreciate that the Larison post was made simply to begin yet another pseudo-debate, and I know that you will erase my post, but I can’t resist tweaking you for being cowards one more time.

In closing, these are the orders of the new age:



Posted by Alex Linder on Apr 05, 2008.

Takimag exhibits the defects you complain of in Reason.

For example, your fidelity to the jewish Big Lie that you can be conservative without acknowledging the importance of race.

Hint: those who separate race from politics are liberals. Insanitarians, actually. The last thing they are is conservatives.

Posted by Jed Teale on Apr 05, 2008.

The problem with the right is that it has been taken over by jews, and they have made it ridiculous.

The hatred of Russia is entirely jewish in origin. My god, haven’t these evil people done enough to Russia? They murdered the Czar and his daughters. They starved tens of millions. They butchered tens of millions of more. And nobody talks about it.

And now these same evil jews control all the institutions of American society, and they are setting us up for the same misery, what with the open borders, bankruptcy and endless foreign wars they sponsor. They have sicced the savage blacks and browns on our formerly lovely human societies, and are doing this throughout the West, in Australia every bit as much as in Alabama.

And here at Takimag we have conservatives aware of this fact, yet who fear to speak of it.

Let us speak plainly: this is cowardice. Cowardice in the face of the most monstrous evil the world has every seen: jews. Organized, evil jews. If you aren’t writing and speaking against them, you are aiding them.

Posted by Jim Morrissey on Apr 05, 2008.

There’s a reason, but only one, that Takimag censors comments like the above. Because they are true. Otherwise they could be debated and shown false.

Jews really do control America, they really are evil, and the only way to pursue a truly conservative agenda successfully is to fight them.

Posted by Clarence Boyd on Apr 05, 2008.

White identity? That’s hate. I’m happy with the status quo, like all reasonable white mice. I think it’s great that blacks gang rape 40,000 White women a year, as reported by the Department of Justice. And it’s wonderful that blacks have murdered more Whites since the triumph of ‘civil rights’ (sic) than were killed in Vietnam. I especially enjoy the fact the responsible media, which studies show is only 98% owned by jews, never mention these things.

We shouldn’t mention them here at Takimag either. Thank you for deleting posts that do, noble editors! I’m only sorry I had to use the facts in denouncing them. Perhaps this post can be deleted after the brown trash is picked up.

Posted by Sid Cundiff on Apr 05, 2008.

We’re not trash, Sid. We’re trash collectors. Please be on the curb by six a.m. Thank you!

Posted by Sid’s Beeping Destiny on Apr 05, 2008.

Whites just aren’t good at racialist politics.

You either cower before a minority group, or you go too extreme and scare away potential allies.

Posted by Amin on Apr 05, 2008.

You bet, amin. Was it thirty men or thirty minutes it took to conquer your Doogastan?

Whites seem weak today because they have been brainwashed from birth in the most comprehensive and extensive system the world has ever seen, incorporating government, education, and media into one gigantic Propasphere, about which they are scarcely more aware, most of them, than goldfish their bowl.

But the Internet has allowed them to see what’s going on for the first time, and they are making rapid strides. We’re just hear to alert a few of the stragglers. In time the White movement will find its feet and its voice. The only other option is genocide.

Which is precisely what the jews running the West intend.

Not on our watch, kikes.

Posted by J.P. Randall on Apr 05, 2008.

The fact is the mass media are concentrated in a tiny number of hands, and nearly all of these hands are attached to 36 shorts. That is, greasy little jews

like Sy Newhouse. Men who produce an endless stream of loxist agitprop, typically aimed at getting your White daughter to pair up with a black ‘man.’

This is genocide by another name. The consequences of allowing jews to spread their lies and their filth are brutal. In time, they are genocidal.

Why Whites have not risen up and slaughtered the jews, who have been known as nation-wreckers for 2,000 years (the Romans laid the same charges against them I do) can’t be explained by this humble media analyst. All I know is they sure deserve it.

Posted by Mark Crispin Miller on Apr 05, 2008.

The real question is how much longer this jew Gottfried is going to be allowed to spread his poison here at Takimag. Endless double standards, endless special pleading for his race. Attempts to ban anybody who points out his slimy agenda of jew-exculpation.

The jews are behind the ‘civil rights’ and open borders that have left our cities in ruins. They are behind the war in Iraq that has killed or damaged 50,000 of our young men. They were the liars who got us into World War II which 90% of America correctly wanted to stay out of. They are the ones operating and benefiting from the Fed, which has destroyed our currency.

Evil, thy name is jew.

Taki, get rid of this god-damned evil jew Saul Gottfried.

Posted by Mark O’Neill on Apr 05, 2008.

I sat at a table with half a dozen proverbial “little old ladies in tennis shoes” watching them coo and fuss over Yoshi, my “friend” of the past decade or so. Nobody told Yoshi we were having dinner in a den of notorious “homophobes,” and everyone got along splendidly.

Omigod. I don’t come to this site for porn. That’s what porn sites are for, not Takimag.

Jesus P. Christ. Who is going to pay my dry cleaning bill?

“Yoshi.” I think I”m going to cry when I’m finished vomiting.

The thought of his firm young Asian flesh commingling with Dennis’ stale Italian buttocks makes me want to hurlify volumetrically.

Please, Lord, grab the little Greek boy by the ears and scream some sense into him.

Takimag deletes the comments of Whites but publishes homosexual gushing by orally fixated jewish queers?

For this he sent his beloved son?

Posted by “Arugela!” Shrieked the Tapir on Apr 05, 2008.

14Odgen Nash

Only the Jew
won World War Two.

14David Sarbin

It is a sad thing to see Pat play along with the ‘Holocaust,’ which has been debunked beyond doubt by men now languishing in jails.

The fact is that while World War II caused jews to emigrate, it caused White men to die – by the tens of millions.

Not only was WWII a bad war, it would have turned out far better for the ordinary White man who reads Chronicles if the evil Nazis had won.

Today, having lost, we remain thralls to the judeo-communist victors, and they have turned our lands to mush with their multiculturalism, nothing more than a fancy word for White genocide. Exactly the thing they claim Hitler attempted on them, yet in fact did not.


Buckley was a genial sellout. Yet even his victims celebrate him, judging by this encomium. I guess that’s impressive, after a fashion.

Those who read Joe Sobran’s “How I Was Fired by Bill Buckley” or Peter Brimelow’s obit at Vdare will come away with a rather different view of the man than Bramwell offers. They might conclude Buckley was a coward, as well as a sellout to the jews he fawned over and allowed to dictate the contents of his magazine (!). He also went out of his way to lead the ADL’s charge to relieve Sam Francis of his job for hinting at some of the facts about race that scare the editors here, too.

I guess it’s… what is the point of conservatism, anyway? Is it all about having that yacht, the carefree attitude, that winning smile? Enjoying life while our country turns to moldy cheese, and not the tasty kind?

You might admire William F. Buckley-Spears, but I don’t. I think America and the conservative movement are the worse for his tergiversations.

If you enjoy the taboos round which today’s conservatism, pale or overtly jewish, are girt—the taboos that make takimag and chronicles so flavorless, then I guess enjoy the hagiobitry above.

Isn’t it true that nothing substantial can be discussed openly by today’s conservatives? And that William F. Buckley’s was the most powerful hand in making it that way?

Posted by Niles Kendrick. on Apr 05, 2008.



I don’t believe all jews are evil, I believe all jews are jews.




“The racial state must not adjust its entire educational work primarily to the infusion of mere knowledge, but to the cultivation of absolutely sound bodies.

The training of mental abilities is only secondary. And here again, first consideration must be assigned to the development of character, especially the promotion of willpower and determination, combined with training in a joyful sense of responsibility—and only lastly, academic schooling.” — THE BOOK,

II:2/408 (HM edition)









(We have taken out the words ‘Right Honourable’ for they are neither Right nor Honourable!)

These are the people who are supposedly running the country – we assert that in essence New Labour is a MARXIST party and our Government is a repressive, neo-Communist Government!

Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service
Gordon Brown MP

In a speech given to the Labour Friends of Israel in April 2007, Brown stated:

Many of you know my interest in Israel and in the Jewish community has been long-standing…My father was the chairman of the Church of Scotland’s Israel Committee. Not only as I’ve described to some of you before did he make visits on almost two occasions a year for 20 years to Israel—but because of that, although Fife, where I grew up, was a long way from Israel with no TV pictures to link us together—I had a very clear view from household slides and projectors about the history of Israel, about the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people, about the enormous suffering and loss during the Holocaust, as well as the extraordinary struggle that he described to me of people to create this magnificent homeland.

Chancellor of the Exchequer
Alistair Darling MP

This man is a complete nonentity and was heavily involved in the Northern Rock scandal. In his book Servants of the People, about New Labour’s first term of office (1997-2001), Andrew Rawnsley described Darling as a “managerial technocrat” of a type preferred by former Prime Minister Tony Blair. He was voted Britain’s most boring politician two years running

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
David Miliband MP

Born in London, David Miliband is the elder son of Polish-born Marion Kozak and the late Belgian-born Marxist theoretician Ralph Miliband.

Both David’s paternal grandparents lived in the Jewish quarter of Warsaw, before his grandfather, Samuel Miliband, joined the Red Army in the Polish-Soviet

War, and after the war moved to Belgium. Hitler’s invasion of Belgium in May 1940 as part of the Nazis’ Western Offensive split the Miliband family in half:

Ralph and father Samuel fled to England, while Ralph’s mother Renée and baby sister Nan stayed behind for the duration of the war.

Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor
Jack Straw MP

Straw was elected chair of the Leeds University Labour Club in 1966. When Straw disrupted a student trip to Chile, he was branded a “troublemaker acting with malice aforethought” by the Foreign Office. Straw was then elected president of Leeds University Union with the support of the Broad Left, a coalition including Liberal, Socialist and the Communist Societies. (The Leeds University Union Council recently reinstated Jack Straw’s life membership of the union, as a previous motion had removed his life membership and led to the removal of his name from the Presidents’ Board due to personal disagreement with his political decisions.) At the National Union of Students conference at the end of 1967 he and David Adelstein, the Radicals leader from the London School of Economics, were defeated in their quest for officership in the NUS. That was repeated in April 1968 when Straw stood for NUS President and was defeated by Trevor Fisk. In 1969 he succeeded in being elected President of the increasingly more radical National Union of Students, having led the campaign to remove the “no politics” clause from the NUS constitution.

Secretary of State for the Home Department
Jacqui Smith MP

Smith, a feminist, was appointed as the Government’s deputy minister for women and equality in 2003, working alongside secretary of state Patricia Hewitt. In this role she published the Government’s proposals for Civil Partnerships, a system designed to offer same-sex couples an opportunity to gain legal recognition for their relationship with an associated set of rights and responsibilities.

Leader of the House of Commons (and Lord Privy Seal); Minister for Women; and Labour Party Chair
Harriet Harman QC MP

Discrimination against White males

Harriet Harman announced possible changes to the race discrimination laws in which Black and female candidates will be given priority over white male candidates in regards to jobs and promotions. She also commissioned a report for all-black shortlists designed to increase the number of black MPs in Westminster, at the expense of the white British, on the grounds of positive discrimination. These proposals could face a challenge in the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds of racial discrimination and have been condemned by many fellow MPs.

Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Hilary Benn MP

Second son of extreme Left Wing Labourite Tony Benn.
Secretary of State for Defence; and, Secretary of State for Scotland
Des Browne MP

An almost complete non-entity – slavishly follows the party line.

Secretary of State for Health
Alan Johnson MP

Johnson joined the Union of Communication Workers, becoming a branch official ideologically aligned with the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Hilary Benn MP

Second son of extreme Left Wing Labourite Tony Benn.


Two interesting articles on “white identity politics” on TakiMag at these links:



We responded by a posting on the second link as follows:



One problem with Ramesh Ponnuru’s mocking reference to “identity politics for whites” is that the term “identity politics” is used as a category of discourse without unpacking its meaning. That is, on the most fundamental level imaginable, the diverse white American peoples deserve a public agency (like ADL or the Arab-American anti-defamation organization) to speak out against defamation expressed against them because of their “whiteness.” In fact, this level of “identity politics” is essential because it is really a matter of child endangerment to have his or her ancestors, cultures, and histories denounced at taxpayer cost at the elementary, middle, and high schools levels in texts & lectures, and on the playing field & sidewalk. Many assigned readings on a college level would curl your hair were you to read them.

Thus Ramesh Ponnuru’s extensively quoted comment about “identity politics” for diverse white Americans puts his remark squarely and objectively in the camp of those who mock and demean young European Americans for which the youthful have no remedy. To deny a remedy is to endorse the hatred expressed.

Those who have trouble with the idea that young white Americans need help in rebutting the hate speech that slaps them every day based on their whiteness is that a distinction needs to be made between defensive measures and offensive measures in analyzing “identity politics.” It’s not credible that a smart guy like Ponnuru wouldn’t be aware of this simple distinction.

In short, the diverse white American peoples are right to reject the Ponnuru depiction of them as Morlocks when they reject his advice to meekly adopt Eloi ways.


Good evening!

Apparently by coincidence with the publication of the Absolut Vodka ad showing the southwestern states as part of Mexico [see attachment located by EAIF], the company making Absolut Vodka was purchased by Pernod Ricard SA on Monday, March 31, according to this news story dated April 1, 2008:


It appears that Absolut Vodka was made by a state-owned company named Vin & Sprit which you can read about on Wikipedia at:


Pernod Ricard Deputy CEO & Director Pierre Pringuet appears to be the spokesperson for the purchasing company. More on this:


The new parent holding company address & contact info:


The new parent company did not place the ad, but it now owns the company that placed the ad. So the new company doesn’t deserve anger, just correction. The

link just above has key names & email addresses for Pernod Ricard SA. Here are three:

Patrick Ricard
Chairman and CEO
12, place des États-Unis
75783 Paris Cedex 16,

Pierre Pringuet
Deputy CEO and Director
12, place des États-Unis
75783 Paris Cedex 16,

Emmanuel Babeau
Deputy Managing Director, Finance
12, place des États-Unis
75783 Paris Cedex 16,

No email addresses yet, but the new company needs to be aware of its advertising problem. The purchasing company spokesperson wanted the Absolut Vodka-making enterprise to have greater access to the US market, so they may be responsive.



At-large school board member Tina Hone walked off the dais during Fairfax County Public Schools’ presentation on student “essential life skills” March 27.

For the first time, the school system provided student achievement data in areas related to character and morality development. Officials used information from elementary school report cards, student surveys and school discipline rates to determine student performance in these areas.

Data showed a significant gap between elementary and middle school students who are white or Asian and those who are black or Hispanic in areas like “demonstrates sound moral character and ethical judgment,” “contributes effectively within a group dynamic,” has “skills to manage and resolved conflicts” and “develop practical life skills.”



Newman Sneaks A Slur Into His Front Page Story Today

Good afternoon!

Thanks to Bruce Newman for sneaking a slur into his front-page story this morning in a quote from one Taylor Rogers of Memphis who referred to European Americans as “lily white.” Once again, a slur in a quote needs a comment from an informed member of the group that was slurred. David Yarnold was very clear that “you people,” “those people,” and “these people” were slurs that dehumanized the target group — apparently dehumanizing European Americans is fair

We’re not going to spell out why we believe Rogers felt comfortable describing European American workers in that way, but Newman certainly knows that “lily white” is a way to denigrate and dehumanize the white American peoples. It smothers their diversity; it emphasizes that Rogers claims supremacy in the matter of naming which is echoed by Newman’s use of it; and it is divisive.

Bruce, you’ve been a very bad boy once again. Maybe another dozen European Americans will cancel their subscription — we hope so.

Bo Sears


Islam has surpassed Roman Catholicism as the world’s largest religion, the Vatican newspaper said Sunday. “For the first time in history, we are no longer at the top: Muslims have overtaken us,” Monsignor Vittorio Formenti said in an interview with the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano. Formenti compiles the Vatican’s yearbook. He said that Catholics accounted for 17.4 percent of the world population — a stable percentage — while Muslims were at 19.2 percent.



He is a handsome, blond, young pilot – and he’s not your typical baddie. In the new film The Red Baron, which had its premiere in Berlin on Monday night, Germany’s legendary flying ace, Manfred von Richthofen, is portrayed as an emotional, sensitive man … Richthofen, who shot down 80 British, Canadian and Australian pilots during World War I, is played by the dashing German actor, Matthias Schweighoefer.



A quarter of Americans believe that Iran now poses the biggest threat to the United States, confirming that a sustained neocon propaganda campaign to demonize Iran and its leaders for their own strategic benefit is having a significant impact. According to a new poll by Gallup, Iran is top of the enemy list, with 25 percent, followed by Iraq at 22 percent, then China with 14 percent, and North Korea with nine percent. Republicans are more than twice as likely as Democrats to see Iran as the top U.S. enemy, while Democrats are likelier to name Iraq.



Three seasoned speakers will address an IHR meeting on Saturday evening, May 24, in Orange County, southern California. Mark Weber, historian and IHR director, will speak on the `Good War’ myth of World War II, and why it’s dangerous. Paul Fromm, lecturer and free speech activist, will report on the battle against Internet censorship in Canada. Mark Green, author and former television talk show host, will speak on “Anti-Semitism, Rhetorical Mischief and Moral
Clarity.” For details, phone 949 – 631 1490.



here you can watch 40 or so albophobic TV ads for various products

For example: the Twinnings tea company produced an ad in which three white women say things about the nigger at the cafe that imply they all had sex with him and loved it


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    1. Whitepride Says:

      Using the words of the paleo-fossils’ hero Burke against them was a brilliant Chess move. Congrats Alex! Honorary White Man Bobby Fischer would be proud.

    2. StuGavin Says:

      In Takimag and WHINO land someone is a “Nazi” if they’ve found the Jew roach in the corner of the room and they are ready to zap it with bug spray. A more respectable White would simply let the sweet roach get away.

    3. roxanne satinspar Says:

      I asked them to name what exactly are the things they find offensive? In return they ban my IP. I didn’t say anything about jews. Remember when there were other verboten topics, religion was included in this- but jews didn’t count in the ‘can’t talk about religion’. Jews fixed that with added Judeo-support to Xtianity.

      Now there’s nothing TO talk about religious-wise. You’re either on board w/Israel , or you’re part of a marginalized extremist group that needs to be raided. Politics? You’re on board with Israel/Jewish/war on middle east agenda or you can’t speak period, and you’re a whacko.

      Jewification as normal default and people haven’t even noticed it happening, they just think things suck or they are entertained by it, Idiocracy style . So, if you can’t talk about jewish anything, and you can’t argue/debate/discuss/state your case about politics/ /gender/race/agendas, what IS their purpose? Being totally punked out by jewy blog thought-buggerers and advocating such for the uninitiated?

    4. Old Raven Says:

      “Albo Phobia” Yeah! I love it. Competition for Loxism? More “inclusive” in that it describes the pathological fears “peoples of color” have for OUR color: WHITE.

      Of course, Loxism will always have a special place in the lexicon because it goes far beyond a mere phobia to describe a pathological hatred. Who sez Jewz don’t hate ??? Why, Jewz, of course! Doesn’t everyone know that being “chosen” means being incapable of “hate”. LMAO ….

    5. Charles Martel Says:

      So you are surprised that your venture into the land of kosher conservatism landed you into the backdoor of the Huffington post? Man, you are more naive than I previously thought. The rabbit hole goes far deeper than this….



      US Evangelist Gives $6 Million to Israel
      Sunday, April 6, 2008 8:30 PM

      JERUSALEM — American evangelist John Hagee announced donations of $6 million to Israeli causes on Sunday and said that Israel must remain in control of all of Jerusalem.

      Hagee, a Christian Zionist who has been in the spotlight lately for endorsing presidential candidate John McCain and criticizing the Catholic Church, brought hundreds of backers on a solidarity trip to Israel.

      Hagee and his group, Christians United for Israel, joined keynote speaker Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel’s hard-line opposition Likud Party, at a rally in support of Jerusalem remaining united and under Jewish control.

      “Turning part or all of Jerusalem over to the Palestinians would be tantamount to turning it over to the Taliban,” Hagee told an audience filled with Americans who waved Israeli flags and cheered.

      Palestinians claim the eastern part of the city, captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war, as the capital of their future state.

      Hagee said his group was giving $6 million to 16 Israeli causes. Recipients include the Magen David Adom rescue service and a conference center in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Ariel.

      The fate of Jewish settlements like Ariel is at the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The support of evangelicals for Israel’s continued control of the West Bank endears them to Israeli hard-liners but troubles more dovish activists.

      McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, distanced himself last month from Hagee following an uproar over the San Antonio megachurch leader’s comments on Catholicism.

      Hagee has called the Roman Catholic Church “the great whore” and a “false cult system.” He has also suggested that the Catholic church helped shape Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitism.

      Hagee has vehemently denied he is anti-Catholic and said his remarks have been mischaracterized.

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