11 April, 2008

The Rise of the Jewish Empire: the Jewish Conquest of America

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by Bob Finch: [Here] [1].

[1] note: this version of the essay differs from this version

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  7. 4 Responses to “The Rise of the Jewish Empire: the Jewish Conquest of America”

    1. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Good article except for 2 things; 1) sometimes capitalizing words and other times not, and 2) the following:

      “America’s policies towards russia have been shaped for the last forty years by neocons originating from the office of the right wing democratic senator henry jackson. They managed to abolish nixon’s détente with russia which could have resulted in a vast, mutually beneficial, economic boom between the two countries. The neocons, however, didn’t want any american rapproachment with the russians because russia poses the danger of nuclear obliteration to the jews-only state in palestine. Once again, jewish interests predominated over american interests and americans carried out the orders of their jewish masters. ”

      This completely ignores who ruled Russia/USSR => Jews. The US kept postponing the inevitable collapse of the USSR because the millions of inhabitants had to be bled dry by the bloodsucking kikes that ruled it. In America, our so-called leaders underwent schizophrenia from all the jewish psychobabble spewing from radio and television as Joe McCarthy heroically tried to deal with the fact that the US had been infiltrated by Communists and was on the wrong side of WW2, so the American people were subjected to the bullshit of “McCarthyism” as a political witchhunt while in reality this nation had certainly been infiltrated and has obviously moved into Marxist-Leninist unreality since the end of the WW2.

      Here’s something the jewish puppet masters did do to save their beloved Communist experiment in the USSR… they stationed a mere 6 or 7 military divisions in West Germany. As a US Army colonel once said, this proves we never had the intention of defeating Communism, for if we had, why would we expect that 7 divisions could defeat the USSR when 250 divisions of the BEST MILITARY THAT EVER EXISTED IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD weren’t enough to do it? The answer is, we didn’t want to defeat the USSR because the kikes didn’t want us to. Instead, the US kept jewish Communism alive in Russia with grain deals resulting in keeping millions of people in subjugation for 50 years longer than if Hitler would have destroyed Bolshevism and the jewish criminals that created it.

    2. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      And something I forgot to add… where was the largest (and for all practical purposes ONLY) Communist party in the Middle East during the “cold war”? Israel. That shitty little country.

    3. Bill Says:


      Finch says, “Americans need to liberate themselves before they start helping to liberate the rest of the world, ‘Regardless of the particular causes or principles that most move us, that are closest to our hearts, no issue is of greater urgency than breaking the Jewish-Zionist grip on American political, social and cultural life.'” Amen.

      But the problem is that Finch refuses to denounce Jewish control, root and branch, which would have to start with rejecting Jewish names and labels for us, and demanding our own names and labels. Until we strike out at the most intimate control measure there is (naming and labeling), we won’t get started.


      This a denigrating label championed by Jews — why does Finch give it any life or breath at all? Yet Finch says, “Wasps no longer have any significant control over american politics or its foreign policies.” It is a dehumanizing label (we’re insects?) and a slur term at the same time.


      The nasty label “goys” is explicitly a label given to us by Jews, yet Finch says, “This israeli was not only funding american goys but terrorists in the jews-only state.” At a minimum, white liberation demands freedom from Jews’ names for us even in critical essays.


      Finch says, “American slaves need to fight back against the jewish empire rather than pretending they have an empire that acts in their name.” An excellent sentiment, but if you can’t fight back against supremacist Jews’ names and labels for us, how do you carry out the rest of Finch’s program?

    4. Jim Says:

      The Jews brought on the collapse of the USSR because of their fear that Russia was slipping out of the jewish orbit and evolving toward National Bolshevism. In the last years of the USSR most of the promnent government positions were filled by non-jews. It is true that the “cold war” was mostly a sham, nevertheless, the Soviets were no friends of zionsm.