2 April, 2008

Tikkun Olam via NATO?

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If they join NATO, Georgia and the Ukraine might allow the U.S. to station missile batteries on their turf, which would increase the tension that already exists between Russia and America [1]. (NATO’s popularity with the U.S. government is growing. There has been a shift recently in the government’s attitude concerning NATO and the globalist agenda. The shift has been away from using the UN and toward using NATO to enforce the Jew World Order/New World Order. Why? One reason is because NATO is a military organization/alliance. Another reason is that Russia isn’t a member of NATO and therefore has no influence in that organization [2][3]. Russia is a member of the UN Security Council, however, as is Russia’s sometimes-ally, China. NATO’s power will increase when the Mediterranean Union is born. In fact, the American plan for NATO seems to be that it will keep expanding and eventually replace the UN. It will then be in a position to reshape the world into a safer place for the self-chosen – something that the UN has failed to do) [4][5][6][7]:


[1] Buchanan, re: NATO: [Here]

[2] NATO sprang from Chapter VII of the UN Charter

[3] there is, however, a NATO-Russia Council: [Here]

[4] about the Mediterranean Union/NATO: [Here]

[5] Ron Paul on NATO: [Here]

[6] more about NATO expansion: [Here]

[7] Raimondo on NATO: [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “Tikkun Olam via NATO?”

    1. Scipio Americanus Says:


      Nice job collecting and posting the NATO articles. Indeed, the Russian Bear was bound to react sooner or later to what clearly constitutes a provocation on the part of PAX JUDIACA-AMERICANA. The Jews are tricky devils; given the failure of the UN to respond to their demands, they have switched gears and are now pushing world domination under the auspices of NATO instead.

      Scipio Americanus

    2. Socrates Says:

      Scipio Americanus Says: “Socrates: Nice job collecting and posting the NATO articles. ”

      Thanks, Scipio.