23 May, 2008

Book Quote

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“The ‘Fascist’ nations are refusing to sell out and be absorbed by the great monopolies, in a word, they refuse to borrow money.”

— from the book “The Rulers of Russia” by the Rev. Denis Fahey, third edition, 1986, page 56; first published in 1938; no publisher listed.

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  7. 13 Responses to “Book Quote”

    1. Osama bin Laden Says:

      That is the precise reason why Jews so bitterly oppose fascism; it literally puts them out of business and takes away their power over the people.

      Oswald Mosley’s BUF welcomed Jews into his movement but he was defiantly opposed to finance capitalism, lending, and the like. Jews still opposed him in great masses.

      Our struggle is essentially materialism of the Jews vs. the material transcendence of Aryan culture.

    2. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Why don’t you read this, and get back to us:


    3. Osama bin Laden Says:

      Read it. Its a fraud. Among key errors is lumping in National Socialism with the doctrines of bolshevism and new deal socialism. They also claim that Germanic heathenism has something to do with the “financial origins of National Socialism”.

      I could go on.. But its typical loony stuff from the “George Bush is a Nazi” crowd.

    4. Randolf Facto Says:

      This is what’s wrong with the internet… blogs posing as the source of reliable historical information. Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler… sheesh!

    5. Mickey Says:

      It’s not so bad Osama. The research is sound and important in understanding the 20th century. Though Suttons interpretations and conclusions are off, his work gives us a better insight into our present situation.

    6. Osama bin Laden Says:

      Its trying to imply that the Jew bankers were colluding with the German National Socialists and that Hitler was part of the New World Order. Totally bogus right off the bat.

      Now, I don’t claim to be an expert in this area of history and it is obvious that they did indeed take money and financing wherever they could get it and felt appropriate to do so, but it is clearly documented that the National Socialists were against this whole hegemony of globalism and international money rackets.

    7. abe foxman Says:

      I concur with Osama here!
      Any country whose rulers deny Jews a controlling interest in it’s financial affairs is labeled a fascist state! Russia is going through the same phases of ostracization because of this but more so because of its newly found wealth especially in hydrocarbons.
      Whatever one thinks of white Russians, they are genetically and culturally closer to Germanic tribes than the Bolshevik masses under Stalin.
      History shows that the Fatherland and Mother Russia enjoyed extremely harmonious and mutually beneficial relations until the turn of the 19th century. Despite it’s dismal history of Jew interference after that time and throughout the 20th century until present day, Russians have more in common with Germans than most give give credit for.

    8. Richard Feverel Says:

      Osama, where’s your evidence for the BUF welcoming Jews into the party?

      Are you refering to the early days?

      No Jew would have been tolerated after 1935.

    9. Osama bin Laden Says:

      Feel free to educate me on this. I’m just picking up my information from http://www.oswaldmosley.com/buf/buf.html and elsewhere on that site that gives the distinct impression that Mosley was against anti-Semitism and explicitly states that Jews were in the party in some minor amount.

      Mosley also wrote this: http://www.oswaldmosley.com/archives/antisemitism.htm

      Mosley clearly is very critical of the Jews, but he doesn’t go so far as to condemn them as an entire group, at least from these writings.

    10. ein Says:

      Mosley was against anti-Semitism and explicitly states that Jews were in the party in some minor amount.

      I think that is correct.

      I read a biography of Mosley some years ago. Speaking only from memory, as best I recall, Mosley’s rally’s were physically attacked everywhere he went by gangs of euphemistically referred to as “Eastern Europeans” and “Bolsheviks” who followed him all over England and violently disrupted his speeches everywhere he went. Still, he just didn’t get it, and continued to try to attract Jews into his movement. Maybe he got a few (inevitably) but Jews overwhelmingly despised him, and he could never comprehend why. He remained totally unsuccessful with them. In fact, he remained totally unsuccessful, period.

      For the proof of the pudding,we can see the utter failure of Mosley’s policies in the fact that he is today only a very minor footnote to history. A historical oddity, nothing more. I regret saying that, it sounds harsh, but isn’t it true?

      The above link given by Osama further confirms this.

      I could further add that Mosley was quite a ladies’ man who had low resistance to temptation (or low discretion). There were numerous affairs in his life, including in-laws, and I believe that included romantic affiliations with Jews or part-Jews (with which the aristocracy was riddled). This might have had something to do with it.

      [Re. Britain vs. Germany] There was no question of racial persecution on our part. That was entirely contrary to our principles, … We British were running a great Empire composed of many different races, and any suggestion of racial persecution would have broken it up. For practical, as well as moral reasons, it would have been the gravest error for us to pursue a policy of any kind of racial persecution. .. Our duty then, was to hold together and develop a multi-racial Empire.

      The fatal line-up [of the Allies] against Germany was above all aided by their [Germany’s] anti-Semitic policy, which enabled their main enemies, in the international finance world, to build up a front against them. These errors brought to nought, all of the great social achievements of the National Socialist movement. We, always rejected the nonsensical doctrine that a whole people were born wicked, and doomed to sin and damnation from birth. This is the deep moral and intellectual error of anti-Semitism, which has for a long period impeded the whole movement of European renaissance;…Neither before, during, nor after the war, did we have anything to do with the doctrine of anti-Semitism. Our policy now remains the same.

      Note the above comments, published by the” Friends of Oswald Mosley”. They STILL don’t get it!

      After more than half a century of internal subversion and alien invasion, they have learned nothing. Their country is presently being invaded, occupied, and is breathing its death rattle, and they still talk about their duty to develop a multi-racial Europe. Some people never learn!

    11. ein Says:

      Some comments re. Mosley:

      Sir Oswald Mosley was a cousin of Queen Elizabeth, the wife of George VI and mother of the present Elizabeth II.

      Mosley’s first wife, Cynthia, an heiress (and daughter of Lord Curzon), was the granddaughter of Levi Ziegler Leiter, the multi-millionaire owner of the Marshall Field department store in Chicago.

      Adccording to Wikipedia:
      “Mosley and his wife Cynthia were ardent Fabian Socialists in the 1920s and 1930s. ”

      “Mosley was a noted philanderer and had numerous affairs, including, one with his wife’s older sister, Irene Curzon, the Baroness Ravensdale. Irene was passionate about hunting, drinking and sex. She had numerous adulterous love affairs and had a long affair with the pianist Arthur Rubinstein, with whom she slept with on his wedding day. “

    12. gw Says:

      “No Jew would have been tolerated after 1935.”
      – – – – – – – –

      If Jews were in Moseley’s bed, they were certainly in his party.

      It appears that Mosley was surrounded with Jews, although it’s possible he was very naive about it. Nothing unusual.

    13. Whitepride Says:

      The National Socialists did what they had to to gain power knowing the disaster that lay in wait for their people should they fail. Why not beat the jews at their own game?