1 May, 2008

Conquest by Breeding

Posted by Socrates in General Decline, jewed immigration policy, Mexico, Mexinvasion, Socrates at 10:52 pm | Permanent Link

There are White people who believe that we can save our culture if we can just close the southern border. This news article should erase that fantasy. Notice how Mexicans are moving into the Midwest. It won’t be long before every place in America – even remote places in the middle of Montana – is crawling with beaners. Of course, with those Mexicans will come crime, drugs, disease, disorder and other bad things. The U.S. government should be issuing warnings to the public about the dangers of Mexicanization, and it would if it was run by traditional-minded White males. Unfortunately, it’s run by egalitarians, Jews and other non-Whites, women and homosexuals:


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  7. 14 Responses to “Conquest by Breeding”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The whole White world faces the same problem. Pakis in Britain, Arabs in France, Turks in Germany, Viets in Australia, and of course not forgetting the nig tide.

      The demonic jew is international, therefore we have to get international too.

    2. Jim Says:

      The primary solution would be to drastically raise the white birthrate. The problem is that the jewish feminists have so brainwashed our white females that they would rather compete with men on the job market than raise children. Unless we are able to curtail the destructive influence of the jew on white society, we are doomed as a race.

    3. sgruber Says:

      Stab the hydra in its heart; get rid of the jew.

    4. Don Says:

      There is an ample supply of diverse white peoples in various African countries, especially South Africa. Why not a campaign to bring refugee white Africans to the USA?

    5. Blackshirt Says:

      “Stab the hydra in its heart; get rid of the jew.”

      And then what? Everything will be just fine, right? No, it won’t. You know why? Because the same White people who sold us out will be around, continuing to rob us and abuse us (the White working class) like they have always done.

      Don’t just get rid of the jews, you must get rid of all the White traitors and CEOs of these big corporations who have sold our future for greed.

    6. Thoughtcrime Says:

      Eh every beaner I see has one beaner wife, one under aged beaner girlfriend on the side and about 6 beaner kids, half in strollers and half running around loose. Not necessarily parenting at its best.

      Eh if some get run over they got several more, so who cares? Let ’em play in the street.

    7. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re. Jim, that is exactly what Michael Hoffman has been saying for past ten years but not many WN are taking notice.

      Racially conscious White men and women, not necessarily hard-core WN, can recreate the White race and raise those children in the way they should go. This is the ultimate biological imperative and will prove more successful than trying to awaken the brain dead.

      PS Hoffman has produced a good audio tape on this subject.

    8. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Celtic Warrior wrote: Racially conscious White men and women, not necessarily hard-core WN, can recreate the White race and raise those children in the way they should go. This is the ultimate biological imperative and will prove more successful than trying to awaken the brain dead.

      You’ve got a paradox there, CW. You want “racially conscious white men and women” but think you can do that by not awakening them? As Pierce said, the people we’re trying to awaken is the elite who actually can think but who have been brainwashed and programmed into the Marxist egalitarian myth are leading to our extinction. I bought the lies too until I was “awakened”. I would never have been awakened by some Idahoan cranking out kids and homeschooling them.

      Further, such a “build a litter of racially conscious kids at home” strategy leads to no cohesive social organization. Just a bunch of lone wolf families scattered about who might or might not be (there are tons of Marxist Christian homeschoolers out there who think “racism” is evil, but want to protect their prayers in schools) end in anything but another FLDS divide and conquer coup.

      We should surely advocate the “build a litter of racially conscious kids at home” strategy, but don’t stop at that and say that’s all we need to do. Let’s let the rest of the herd be culled. We need the masses. Otherwise, you’ve got too many chiefs and not enough indians.

      The deprogramming effort is not a capitalist-style “take care of my own and fuck the rest of the herd” mentality, but a “lead the flock away from the cliff” strategy. Build white media, organize around it, the sheep will follow. Once the number of awakened has achieved enough of our folk, take it to the next step in the REAL revolution. Not some fake revolution such as the Ron Paul Marxist Constitutionalist crusade.

      The Constitution has failed us. Our system has failed us. Build the pro-white pro-American movement similar to what was built in the Third Reich. Motivate pride in your people rather than the demoralized and guilt-ridden feelings they have now about being white which has them mentally crippled when it comes to being for the survival of their own people.

    9. ein Says:

      That’s a great post from FWM! And the others too.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re. FWM, your strategy is fine once we get out of our emergency crisis situation. Sure, we need to awaken our people but the progress is slow and in the meantime we are loosing our reproductive capacity. That is why I say that those White people who are ALREADY racially conscious and within child rearing age, maybe 10% of the White population?, need to focus on producing kids.

      I don’t want to be dogmatic, there are many avenues we must take, but we are already down to 12% of the world’s population with a median age of 50; increasing our numbers is essential.

    11. Lyn Says:

      I love this post and the comments. A lot of really sincere arguments. Anyone here read some of Pat Buchanan’s articles or books? He’s been way ahead of this crisis, but few people listen to him.

      Raise the White birthrate. It would be a good step. Close the borders, too. Cut federal funding of all forms of welfare to blacks – let states make the tough spending choices. If more tough decisions were made at local levels there would be less welfare money available for blacks; this wouldn’t happen in black-majority communities but at least it would be a start in White-majority communities. Also, stop churches and charities from spending money outside the United States. We got enough problems here and I don’t want to see another “sponsored” family from Sudan or Ghana ever again in MY city of Pensacola. No more damnit.

    12. tennyson Says:

      Why are the Mexicans so successfull in repopulating the land we once occupied?
      My amateur take is this:
      Racial cohesion…..
      a simple plan….they are not fucking around trying to convince people some historical fact is not true(a major energy drain on our movement)

      a clearly defined territorial goal….ATZLAN! you can see their goal clearly on a map…can any white nationalist show you our desired territory on a map?….Farrakhan can’t show you his “national” boundries on a map either….both us and the black nationalists still flounder…the Mexicans flourish…

      A deadline…..
      when will we assume ownership of the land our people need?
      without a clearly defined goal, a tangible goal(even if it is lines on an atlas) We will forever “deplore and lament”(Klassen) and go on eternally frustrated.
      The land is the ultimate goal. The lines on the map can, and almost assuredly will change, but the act of declaring our space would have great effect on the movement.
      “Name it and claim it” Joel Osteen(smiling tv preacher).
      OK …If you know of a map showing a desired landmass for whites only let me know….
      I believe we should claim all the 4 season areas of the America.
      We are 4 season people and this climate is where we evolved for millenia…..
      Someday “Whitelandia” will roll off the tongues of young white activists and street fighters the same way the Mexicans revel in dreams of Atzlan.
      “Keep Hope alive”- Jesse Jackson(nigger)

    13. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re. Tennyson. That is a great concept, name a territory and focus on securing it. We are definitely a 4 season people and can pace our activities to nature’s eternal rhythm.

      Presumably the 4 season land doesn’t include much of California and Texas??

      Here in Europe we need to claim everything from the Atlantic to the Vistula, for starters anyway.

    14. tennyson Says:

      only in recent times(500 yrs or so) hve we ventured out of our snowy spots.
      we screwed up by doing this.