21 May, 2008

Demjanjuk Loses Fight to Stay in U.S.

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The Jews specialize in revenge, and that’s reflected in their motto “never forgive, never forget.” Whether Demjanjuk actually committed crimes against the self-chosen or worked for the Nazis doesn’t matter. To be merely accused of those things by Jews is enough to set the vengeance-machine in motion:

[Article] and [Article].

More about the U.S. government’s Office of Special Investigations (scroll about 3/4 down the page to “The Creation of the OSI”): [Here].

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    1. Lee Luttrell Says:

      Realizing the lack of usefulness of the OSI and the budget problems the FBI was having, a request and review of the OSI was made by the FBI. It was determined that the OSI was still needed. This decision which totally lacked any common sense provides the Jews an anchor within the FBI that permits them to moniter their activities. There is nothing the FBI does that the Jews cannot discover internally.

    2. Gage Says:

      These trials are needless. Those being convicted are old and some sick. I doubt they want to go through this legal BS in their final days… It’s foolish.



    4. sgruber Says:

      Says the whole reason they deported him to Israel a few years ago is that they though he was “Ivan the Terrible,” but an Israeli court cleared him – he is not Ivan the Terrible, they said. So they shipped him back to the US.

      Now the system admits there was evidence showing he was not Ivan the Terrible, from the very beginning. They had the evidence showing he couldn’t be Ivan the Terrible. Except, the way they are presenting it is to say “we have 7 different documents proving he was a guard in a different camp.” (!)

      Jews are torturing this 88-year-old White man like a cat tortures a rat.

      First he’s Ivan the Villain, then he’s Sven the Villain. Next he’s Jack the Villain, and if that doesn’t work, why then, he’s Billy the Villain.

      The only thing clear is he’s a White man who used to be a Nazi, and his blood is in the water. The kike sharks don’t care precisely who he is, they just want to eat him alive. (Some are sharks, pushing the whole thing, and some are cats, savoring the madness of the whole stupid process. Both kinds of jews are nasty animals.)

      What is unclear, to me, is whether he is in custody. Is he in a prison “pending” the outcome of his case? I don’t know.

      If he isn’t, consider this interesting conjecture. He’s old and about to die anyhow. What does he have to lose? His reputation? Ha! So, why not make a glorious end – and make his tormentors pay?

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    5. hengest Says:

      The mass media thrives upon stories like this, for the sheeple are simple and uncritical to the point of retardidness. They never think to ask why the same standards don’t apply to Soviet-communist murderers at large in Israel, England and America.

    6. ein Says:

      The only thing clear is he’s a White man who used to be a Nazi, and his blood is in the water. The kike sharks don’t care precisely who he is, they just want to eat him alive. “

      Exactly. And not just that. It occurs to me that a possible secondary reason for this cat-and-mouse torture (entirely apart from its viciousness) is the cautionary warning it provides to anyone who might be tempted to follow in his footsteps.

    7. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Poor Demjanjuk, he should have hired a good PR firm, rather than a lawyer.