19 May, 2008

It’s a Paradox

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Oy, to be a Jew is to be in perpetual conflict with yourself:

“Dr. Nahum Goldmann, in his book The Jewish Paradox, describes the Jewish people as ‘the most paradoxical in the world,’ a description that fully embraces the Genocide Convention, an instrument of international law designed to take the risk out of risky Jewish policies and actions and reconcile two completely contradictory fears: the fear of being rejected and persecuted and the fear of being accepted and assimilated.

— from the book “The Zionist Factor: the Jewish Impact on Twentieth Century History” (Costa Mesa, CA., The Noontide Press, 1992) by journalist/political analyst Ivor Benson, p. 195

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  7. 11 Responses to “It’s a Paradox”

    1. OldDude Says:

      Let me get this straight now. If a society of non-jews hosting a group of jews tries to get them to assimilate and act normal in the host society, the hosts are guilty of not respecting their uniqueness and genociding them. Right? And if the host society rejects them because jewish norms and behavior don’t mesh with those of the host society, the host is not respecting their uniqueness and genociding them.

      Either way, they win and the host loses. This is a definition of insanity!

    2. sgruber Says:

      Not insane at all.

      The rule of subspecies, including race, is: kill or be killed. Only one subspecies can dominate a given ecological niche.

      Therefore, the VERY EXISTENCE of non-jews – no matter what we do – is genociding jews; because we are breathing the air that jews could be breathing instead.

      It’s us or them. That’s how they see it. That’s why everything we do is always wrong.

      The way I see it, it’s us or them, too. DEATH TO THE JEWS.

    3. Molecular Says:

      “The Jewish Paradox, describes the Jewish people as ‘the most paradoxical in the world,”

      ‘Paradox’ my ass , jews are a race of lying hypocrites . Using ‘paradox’ to coceal their hypocritical methods they use to deceive the gullible goy.


      Czech police examining “Neo-Nazi bible” The Turner Diaries….
      CLICK TO LISTEN HERE…….Listen 16kb/s ~ 32kb/s

    5. ein Says:

      OldDude Says: Either way, they win and the host loses. This is a definition of insanity!

      It’s certainly insane on the part of the host, yes. But not on the part of the parasite.

    6. no mercy Says:

      assimilate kikes with niggers and mexicans.



    8. Voir Dire Says:

      Note to “ein”: Up until how recently did you post on AmRen, and did you post under a particular moniker? A cyberspace friend (and fellow former poster from there) suggested seeing if “Gentileamongyou” would fly since one of the many jews who posts there uses “Jewamongyou.” I had to laugh!

      Am glad you posted that link, Andrei, as I saw that piece yesterday and intended to read it later, but then promptly forgot about it. It’s absolutely stomach-churning how in the Jew York Times article that the jews are, as always, given free reign to openly advocate and pontificate about THEIR’S and Israel’s interests. Yes, Obama worries them because he alone is the wild card.

      Whites would be cruxified for stating the following and much more found in that article:

      “Some of the resistance to Mr. Obama’s candidacy seems just as rooted in anxiety about race as in anxiety about Israel. At brunch in Boynton Beach, Bob Welstein, who said he was in his 80s, said so bluntly. ‘Am I semi-racist? Yes,’ he said.

      Decades earlier, on the west side of Chicago, his mother was mugged and beaten by a black assailant, he said. It was ‘a beautiful Jewish neighborhood’ — until black residents moved in, he said.”

      The sheer degree of boundless jewish hypocricies and double-standards are mind-blowing:


      Don’t like it one bit when all that fake revered multi-culti integration bullcrap they’ve foisted on Whites spills over into THEIR f**king neighborhoods, do they?

      I agree with you posters above that the jewish “paradox” is just a euphemism for cloaking their intentional wickedness. They don’t operate under a rational mindset which is why to outsiders it appears as unmistakeable madness. But only to those lacking key insights into the pathalogical Judaic mentality…

    9. ein Says:

      A cyberspace friend suggested seeing if “Gentileamongyou” would fly since one of the many jews who posts there uses “Jewamongyou.” I had to laugh!
      Well, at least that one is honest about it. More so that most of the other “many jews who post there”. (I’m laughing too.)

      I tried Auntie Semity for a while but they caught on, though someone else still uses Ray Cist.

    10. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      I use “joo canoo” and it goes thru almost every time.

      (“jew canoe” is jew slang for a Cadillac)

    11. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “all that fake revered multi-culti integration bullcrap”

      Real sagacity here. Truly, there is nothing worse than fake bullcrap.