6 May, 2008

Loving Dies

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The infamous U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Loving v. Virginia, banned laws that prohibited interracial marriage. Of significance is that two Jewish lawyers aided the Lovings in their legal fight [1]. Also of significance is that the Loving ruling was based on the 14th Amendment, which wasn’t ratified properly, therefore, the court’s ruling is legally invalid:


[1] more about the Loving case (scroll down about half-way, to the 1960s era): [Here]

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  7. 12 Responses to “Loving Dies”

    1. Lyn Says:

      Good riddance.

      You have to have a lot of gall to want to impose your interracial filth on America, and apparently the Lovings had a lot of gall. I saw a photo of the couple on Yahoo today. Typical liberal sneering faces, full of contempt for what the majority of society thinks and feels.

      Why in the hell do blacks have to make a federal case out of even getting married?

      I feel sorry for Mr. Loving’s relatives and the shame they must have gone through. Really sad how some Whites can sell out their own.

    2. Voir Dire Says:

      I hope everyone will watch the two following powerful, short, compelling videos and find some heartening news in the fact that through our restored freedom of speech, our patriot white men are using the only forum we have to apply their intelligence and creativity to win hearts and minds in this war of ideas, and to awaken our brethren to this Jewish yoke of oppression eveloping and strangling us:



      Please help in disseminating them through emails and blogs.

    3. Mark Richards Says:

      I absolutely do not support anti-interracial marriage laws although I am fiercely against interracial mating.

      First problem is you have to legally define race. That’s easy enough most of the time, but there are far too many mixed people. How white must a mixed race person be before they could legally marry a white person? We don’t even want to go there.

      Second problem is we would re-fight that particular battle forever. No sooner would the law be signed than the liberals among us would begin steps to overturn it . Don’t want to go there, either.

      Third, we cannot dictate such personal decisions to others. After all, we cannot help who we fall in love with (however, we will only fall in love with those we date, and we certainly can help who we date.)

      The single biggest problem facing any government is how to get the people to do the right thing without criminalizing the wrong thing. As lovers of liberty, and filled righteous fear and loathing of the ever-intrusive government, we should understand that more than most.

      So, what to do? Well, like the poor, miscegenation will always be with us. Always has been. It is the job of the society, not the legislature, to address such issues. A strong culture would allow it, but would strongly discourage it. It would be kept to a minimum, and that would have to do.

    4. Ugh Says:

      Well, like the poor, miscegenation will always be with us. Always has been. It is the job of the society, not the legislature, to address such issues.

      I suppose you think pedophilia should be legal too, right?

      Jesus these libertardian chumps make me sick.

    5. Jeff James Says:


      Poor attempt to take the thread off topic. Pedophilia is not miscegenation.

      Argument by analogy is always weak.

      “Jesus these libertardian chumps make me sick.”

      Those who swear by the name of Jesus are doing the work of the jew.

    6. Ugh Says:

      Pedophilia is not miscegenation.

      Yeah, but no one would be so stupid (unless they were a libertardian) that they would say that “it’s the job of the society not the legislature” to address the issue of pedophilia, would they?

      Those who swear by the name of Jesus are doing the work of the jew.

      No they’re not.

      But YOU are if you’re guilty of miscegenation.

    7. Mark Richards Says:

      If we had an all-white country we legally define race and prohibit miscegenation, both of which I would enthusiastically support. But I don’t believe we’re theorizing about the perfect world in this particular thread.

      We are barely 60% of the population in the country that we live in, which means there are gobs of unsuitable mates for the weak and misguided among us. So let’s talk reality here, Mr Ugh. If it was up to you, what would you do about it? Let’s see the law you would write, including the legal definition of race, what measures would be utilized to come to establish race, and the desired punishment for transgressors. You might want to add an addendum for what we do to those who don’t marry – don’t want to be lawbreakers, now do we? – and simply shack up instead.

      One more thing: before you dismiss culture, consider the Amish. For a more graphic example, note that’s it’s old ladies who have themselves been “circumcised” who are determined to “circumcise” the next generation in all those miserable black Muslim hellholes. If that’s not a powerful culture, what is it?

      By the way, Mr. Ugh, your pedophilia comment is just odd.

    8. Ugh Says:

      By the way, Mr. Ugh, your pedophilia comment is just odd.

      Your entire rambling post is odd, Mr. Mark Richards/Jeff James/Whatever The F*ck.

    9. ein Says:

      Can’t some of you exchange thoughts without insulting each other?
      Is this site about ideas and opinions or about curse words and insults? What do you expect to gain by hurling abuse at your opponent? Sometimes I wonder.

    10. NoMongrelsNeedApply Says:

      Libertarian attitudes towards sex and race got us to this point and will have to be changed if we’re ever to get back to sanity.

      In a multi-racial mongrelized culture like the US today we’re so far gone that anti-misceganation laws are moot. They couldn’t be imposed by anything less than a white nationalist coup. But in a mostly white society they’re a safeguard against the thin edge of the wedge. Forcing interracial relationships underground and denying the bastard offspring of such unions legitimacy sends the right message to race mixers.

    11. DMS Says:

      “Mildred Jeter was 11 when she and 17-year-old Richard began courting..” (article)

      Twice a perv!

    12. watching Says:


      “Poor attempt to take the thread off topic. Pedophilia is not miscegenation.”

      “Argument by analogy is always weak.”

      No, it’s not. Pedophilia, like miscegenation, homosexuality and zoophilia, is a mental disease. People who practice them do so because it gets them off. How can you tell two men it’s o.k. for them to have sex with each other, but not with their dog? Or that it’s o.k. to have sex with someone who is 18 years old, but not 16? It all comes down to where you are willing to draw the line?