15 May, 2008

Reader Mail: May 15, 2008

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The “W-Word”
Greg Johnson
May 10, 2008
So there is a dirtier word than “nigger,” and that word is “white.”
ARTICLEBritian’s Germanic Roots

How Empires Fall: Unnecessary Wars
Paul Craig Roberts

Evans-Pritchard on Depression

Hillary Plays the Race Card
by Edgar J. Steele

Misnaming Ourselves
By Patrick Grimm

Hand of Hitler seen in Russian billboard ad
Did Putin’s Father Fight With the Germans in World War II?

The Political Cesspool Radio Program will return June 1

Anti-White University Professors and Academicians

Spitzer and the ‘Deballing’ of Masculinity
May 30, 2007
By Patrick Grimm
Did you know that a Jewish psychiatrist (and that includes about 90% of psychiatrists) Dr. Robert Spitzer invented the whole sham diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder? Would you even think that it could have been any other way? The ADD and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) labels have been branded on our children like scarlet letters and the bureaucracy and the education czars and apparatchiks have used this faux psychiatric diagnosis as an excuse to drug our young people. Since boys are more likely to exhibit all the symptoms of ADD or ADHD, they are the first guinea pigs used by the social engineers that run our warped leftist government schools.

Anti-Jewish Sentiments – Part Three
May 10, 2008

Israel at 60: A Grim Balance Sheet
Mark Weber
Truman and Israel: How It All Began

The Professor Anti-Semites Love: Kevin MacDonald

Faurisson Radio Interview Cut Short During Broadcast

Our main credit card processing company has suddenly cancelled our account. Although it refused to give an explanation, the blow appears to be part of a campaign by a major Zionist organization. We’re still working to solve the problem, and hope to have things back on track within the next few days. We appreciate your patience, and your support.


Dear Mr. Linder,

My name is Dayu Yang from ReputationDefender Inc. and I am contacting you today representing my client Ms. Juniko Moody.

Ms. Moody has asked us to contact you in order to request the removal of her name from the following page:


The letter in question is titled “Subject: The hell that is Los Angeles” and is second from the bottom of the page.

First of all, my client feels that her quote was taken out of context by the poster of the letter and she feels that the negative wording could potentially damage both her personal and professional reputations. Furthermore, the the LATimes article the poster quoted from has already removed the article in question and now returns a 404 error.

Could you please either remove the letter or simply replacing both instances of her name (first one is her full name, second instance is just her last name) with her initials?

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards,


Dayu Yang
ReputationDefender Inc.
(650) 206-2701

Ed.: No.

Sam Francis on jew Gottfried



Attached are a couple of songs I thought you might find interesting. “England into death” Well it took about 65 years after this song was written, but England is most definitely now into death. Too bad the rest of the white western world has followed suite. I find these song have a rather soul stirring effect. Sadly, as I listen to the vibrant refrains, I cannot help but remember these are naught but fading remnants of yet another once magnificent culture murdered by Jews. Germans today are little more than cringing, guilt wracked, apologist for their imagined sins. The thought sickens me that these ghosts are
what little remains of the strength of the blood that flows though my veins. Hitler came close to delivering the white race but failed; now we approach the Reaper who demands final payment for blind ignorance and stupidity. We shall pay the Reaper’s ultimate penalty, Amerika in den Tod.

Gute Nacht,

Arch Stanton

More here:


Das U-Boot Lied (II)

. . .


Good morning!

The 2008 Resisting Defamation syllabus is completed and available to you on our Internet web site. There were many changes including breaking down the concept of slurs into four categories — slurs, hate caricatures, negative stereotypes, and white-baiting canards. In addition and to focus more completely on defamation, we have used “demographic” in place of “ethnicity” and “race” whenever possible.

We have also added a new section (“Fighting Back”) which provides samples of educational shock emails to advocates of slurs, and explains how to do it.

We are ready to take this syllabus on the road, and appear at seminars (at first in Northern California). All we need is an off-duty police officer, a conference room, and some advertising. The text is ready and available.

Bo Sears


Kurt Cobain and the misery divorce produces

A deception
May 8, 2008
Dear Editor:
Mr. Bramson?s letter (May 2) regarding the alleged
?Jewish Holocaust? of ?6 million? caught my eye and
the attention of my mind.

White Men’s world-news-net-service

The American National Socialist Workers Party is the a political representation for the White Man of America:

Australian National Action (ANA) is a Nationalist political movement. It was founded in 1982 to promote the cause of Australian Independence, national identity and social justice. More Info and contact on:

Working-Team for democratic Policy fights for the protection of the democratic interest of the Austrian people. Their web-site-informations are in German.

All on:

IMPACT – Truth Out of Africa is a independent, bi-monthly magazine, published in South Africa. It is an informative grouping of news and views from around the world, not only in this South Africa, but also in other climes. What happens o the African continent – especially what used to be the White Tip – could portend the future of the rest of the world, if present trends continue. Address: IMPACT, P. O. Box 2055, Noorsekloof, Jeffreys Bay 6331, South Africa.

New Order is a National Socialist Community representing a revolutionary, new faith and great movement for the White Man:


Richard Krege

[email protected]

Information about the unconventional German/Austrian-born South African author and private lecturer Dr. Claus Nordbruch and his points of view on history and politics especially as far as South Africa and Germany are concerned you find on:

For a Europe of Nations – The Fest of the People of Europe on:


News from the Volks(Folk)-Front in Europe (German language)on:

News and Information of the Combat-Union of German Socialists, a true representation of German Socialists on:

America’s billionaire jews – a collective negative

Barack Obama Is A Closet Homosexual: Listen To The Rev. James David Manning!

“The reason why Senator Barack Hussein Obama stayed within the Trinity of Hell for so long, for 20 years, is because of a homosexual relationship with its minister.”

Listen to this video released Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Trinity of Hell:

Humans in Chile 14,000 years ago

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