29 May, 2008

Sheppard, O’Farrell Face Trial in UK for Truth-Telling

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Two White men will go on trial for their honesty about non-Whites who shouldn’t even be in England in the first place. Note: Jews such as Frank Soskice played key roles in the creation of Britain’s “anti-racism” laws:


More about Sheppard and O’Farrell: [Here], [Here] and [Here].

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  7. 10 Responses to “Sheppard, O’Farrell Face Trial in UK for Truth-Telling”

    1. Arch Says:

      This is the most disheartening news I have seen since the German trials of Rudolph and Zundel. I am continually astonished at how unaware Americans are of the curtailment of speech in the other white, western countries. What is even more astonishing is the reaction when Americans are shown the evidence of this curtailment of their speech and thoughts. My experience is that even a highly intelligent individual’s mental faculties will shut down completely when confronted with such evidence. Typically, they go into a mild trance state with glazed over eyes and a blank stare. The information simply does not seem to process in their brain. This reaction is a clear indication of the unbelievable programming Americans have undergone over the last century. They not only cannot discuss the Jewish problem they cannot even think about jews as a problem! Frequently, the reaction of Americans is one of a quick rise to the defense of any jew who is even mentioned in anything less than glowing terms. When questioned why they rise to the defense of a people to whom they have neither attachment nor concern, once again the blank stare is encountered. When it is pointed out, they would not rise to the defense of any other group so quickly, including their own, once again a shutdown is encountered. The information simply does not process. I have witnessed these responses repeatedly. Occasionally I have heard some lame reasoning behind such defense responses like, “jews are people like everyone else and do not deserve to be singled out” but when asked why similar comments about Arabs, Negroes or Mexicans are often considered not only acceptable but appropriate, they again have no answer. The jews programming is one of shutting the mind down when any rational thought is presented about them or their actions. The number of people that can be found to recognize the jews presence and influence in minuscule and the number of people that actually recognize their pernicious and debilitating influence is even smaller. In his article about the parasitical jew, Eustace Mullins mentioned short-tailed spider cram, Inacus mauritanicus, which is attacked by Sacculina neglecta. What is not mentioned is that this parasite actually takes over the crab’s mental processes causing it to act in a manner inimical to its own existence. This parasite will cause the crab to search for food that is desirable to the parasite but will not sustain the crab. This parasite will case the crab to not only attack its own kind, but itself as well! Likewise the white race’s mental process has been usurped against it own best interest for survival. Americans have been programmed to attack anything that threatens the parasitical jew and they will attack their own kind as well as their own thoughts that run counter to the jew’s poisonous programming. Thus we find when the subject of free speech arises in conversation we see the “yes – but” response. Yes, I am all free speech, BUT not if it hurts the jew or their Golem. The jews have cleverly put clowns and idiots in place to receive the blame for their actions. Thus, we constantly hear about how George Bush or Dick Cheney is doing this or that. If one tries to point out that Bush is obviously too stupid to tie his own shoe laces or that Cheney is obviously serving in a role that usurps Bush’s authority as commander in chief, once again the blank stare is briefly encountered before the ranting about how Bush is ruining the country resumes. The mental processes of the vast majority of the American people have been completely dominated by the jew’s mind control programs. The parasitical infestation of the jew is now to the point that the white host organism cannot hope to survive in it’s current form. As the Mogambo Guru might say, “We’re freakin’ doomed!”

    2. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      They call themselves People of the Book.

      I call them People of the Gook.

    3. ein Says:

      The above is a remarkably good post from Arch. It is so good, in fact, that I am going to send it to some other people. Thanks, Arch!

      The comments about the parasite’s ability to penetrate, neutralize, and ultimately control and manipulate its host are particularly relevant. He also mentions the Eustace Mullins work on parasites, which I thought brilliant. Everyone interested in understanding this subject should read it.

      Apart from the general, vague ranting about Jews which is common on sites such as this, but which often misses the point, I think it is important to see this for what is: a biological phenomenon, a case of parasitism, where one breed of creature takes control of and manipulates another, to its own benefit and to the other’s detriment, even death.

    4. sgruber Says:

      Arch, Ein, and occasionally Zoomcopter are the best commenters on here by a long shot. Too bad their comments are mostly lost. Can’t you guys get a blog? It would be great!

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    5. Marwinsing Says:

      Double hat tip to Arch.

      A young pal of mine in the EU Gulag now faces a possible (maximum) sentence of four and a half years imprisonment for daring to vocally object — protest — against the vicious gang-raping of a young white teenage girl in his town, by a pack of niggers. Two years of the full term will be for ‘offending the honour and dignity’ of blacks. He was arrested by white cops.

    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      What’s this ‘offending the honour and dignity’ of nigz, they haven’t got any and never will have. It would be comical if the consequences weren’t so deadly serious.

      What part of the jEWU did this occur?

      Mullins was probably the first WN to parallel jew behavior with biological parasitism, a prescient insight. Luke O’Farrell made the same connection in one of his Heretical columns.

      Just like the malaria parasite which constantly evades detection by the immune system by way of changing its surface membrane, the jew disguises their nation wrecking activities by dreaming up new ‘isms’. Were not Trotskyite commies any more, we are neo-conservatives. We keep falling for this well worn tactic.

      Only when the jews are unmasked can the full force of the Aryan immune system be brought to bear to this pernicious disease.

    7. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Celtic Warrior wrote: “Mullins was probably the first WN to parallel jew behavior with biological parasitism, a prescient insight. ”

      Mullins learned from his mentor Ezra Pound who adored Hitler, the first real WN, and so much more.

      sgruber wrote: “Arch, Ein, and occasionally Zoomcopter are the best commenters on here by a long shot. Too bad their comments are mostly lost. Can’t you guys get a blog?”

      Arch is the man, and one of the plethora of original great writers from the early days of VNN. Go back and search the archives if you haven’t for a gold mine of stuff. Ein and Zoom? No offense, but they don’t do anything for me.

      Blogs blow. Anyone can have one. Like personal diaries, they are mediocre at best and boring as hell and a waste of time at worst. Blogs are democracy run wild. They are single user forums. Where forums are mass democracy run wild, blogs are one man one vote regardless of worth.

      Why have a dozen links to blogs/writers when you can have one VNN.com where they all reside?

      The old style of VNN, was much better IMHO then this bloggy, forum-like crapola.

      Once you have the proper education and understanding, 99% of all posted comments are predictable and unoriginal. VNN.com wasn’t like that at all. It was the voice of true Aryans crying out in the wilderness. Unashamedly pro-White and anti-Jew and things Jewish. Alas, it has been lost.

    8. Voir Dire Says:

      Arch: I join your fan club in offering thanks for articulating so compellingly, and eloquently your lamentation over the heartbreaking arrest of British patriot extraordinaires O’ Farrell and Sheppard, and the sorry state of our paralyzed, catatonic, unhappy union. This is a sad, sad day for grieving over what has happened to two more of the Wests’ greatest voices/activists who should be canonized in history as such for the sake of our future posterity. The sun truly does appear to have set on the West as the Jews have succeeded in destroying in the cool of the evening what better White men had built in the heat of the day.

      Upon my awakening to this jewish menace in our midst and their indisputable, historical role as the bane of all mankind, Luke O’ Farrell quickly became one of my favorite writers.

      If there is anything admirable left to salvage of the British people, this is the time to show it. They can go into drunken riot modes over damned soccer matches, but if they take this arrest of two of their greatest citizens’ lying down, there simply is no hope for our brethren. The British character that writer Michael Franks so passionately pays tribute to and still believes exists is about to be tested. May they arise to the noble task of protesting the arrest of two of their most courageous, vociferous, able defenders of their British civilization and demand an end to this totalitarian speech law enacted by the jews.

      Final Message To The Good,
      True People Of England
      By Michael James on the border of Switzerland


      Marwinsing: That is also an alarming post about your friend’s pending imprisonment, and yet another sad testement to the advanced state of tyranny in the EU for Whites. You should post a link to the details.

    9. Voir Dire Says:

      I wanted to add a remark to FeralWhiteMale who appears to have a real chip on his shoulder. You seem to relish and divert a lot of energy on disparaging others (whether it be writers who are posted on here or other posters), and I for the life of me can’t understand why. To intentionally undermine an intended compliment to other posters here suggest petty jealousies, and is reprehensible behavior to any who witness it. The people who are HERE are amongst those maybe 5% of Americans who are intelligent enough to have caught on to the malignant Jewish cancer metastisized throughout the West. What is to be gained by insulting them? Or the talented writers who are posted here who do so out of nothing more than an uncompensated, labor of love in using their God-given talents to fight the good fight in the only forum available to them which is the internet. Does anyone think for a minute that our many patriots writing on our behalf wouldn’t rather be spending their free time actually enjoying themselves in some other pleasurable endeavor? Most of whom are starving artists and slaves to the state like everyone else. In case anybody fails to realize it, there is NO money to be made writing about the Jewish plague and FEW donations to be had.

      There is much to be envied and emulated about the Jews, and for one it is their hard-core, unabashed,
      ethnic solidarity and their closing ranks and agressively going on the offensive when anyone attacks their own. It is completely absent from our own culture which is why we simply cannot gain any ground against them. You want to learn how to beat them. Study what has clearly worked for them in their own preservation even as we rightfully loathe it.

      And it is not just you, FWM, who this is directed to. I see a lot of “pot-shots” taken by the overwhelmingly male posters on this otherwise valuable forum at each other, and it is completely counter-productive, turns off potential newcomers, and will gain us absolutely nothing but continued losses. We have NOTHING on our side
      but the truth of the written word, our strength in our numbers, and our clear objectives should be focused on winning over the hearts and minds of those potential converts, and using our entire arsenal of power available in the blogosphere to defeat any further gun control and “hate crimes” legislation just as we triumphed against the (couldn’t kill and never will permanently) vampirish Amnesty last year. What has now happened in Britain to two more of our greatest patriots should serve plenty of warning as to what we will be facing ourselves should we fail. This is a period of mourning for what has happened to them. Let us treat it as such and act accordingly.

    10. Arminius Says:

      Arch’s excellent description of the parasite-host predicament we are in, should be understood at least by some of those who naively underestimate the influence of Jewry at our lives.
      However, it has to be seen only figuratively, as to my knowledge there is no species in the world that preys on its own (except as, for example, crocodiles fight and eat each other in an extreme survival situation. Reportedly, this happened occasionally even among humans, but never habitually). Parasites as lice, leeches, tapeworms, the mentioned malaria microbes belong to an entirely different species. Seriously nobody will identify the jewish tribe with leeches.
      The power jews exert over all people in the world, a few remote jungle tribes excepted, rests in the capitalistic properties of money and money alone. Destroy the interest bearing power of money-capital, and the huge, massive, well defended fortress Jewry has built around it collapses like a Chinese city in an earthquake.
      The jews seem to understand- and fear- that, thus they have always strived to prevent us to gather a correct understanding of money as a power.
      They, of course, do their outmost to instill just that into their offspring from early life through the teachings of the “holy” Talmud, in exclusively jewish schools and secret “holy” seminars. They learn how to make use of “money secrets” to their own advantage, that means “profit” is sent from Yehovah only for the practicising jew.
      The religious nature of the whole business is obvious. As Sombart (“The Jews and Modern Capitalism”) once observed: The richest jews were always the most religious.The billion-dollar collapses of highly reputed firms, corporations, banks and trusts (worldwide) indicate, that there is not only an international money-grabbing conspiracy, but also a secret high school of fraud, because its methods are always the same.
      Anyone, who exposes them and their indispensable ancillary auxiliaries (politicians, TV, other media, police, courts etc) is an “Antisemite” and ostracized. But “a little antisemitism is good for the jews”, they say, because any outside enemy binds them to their common cause- to defend the money power.
      So it seems, anti-jewish rants mostly have the opposite effect.
      Now, please note the other side of the coin: A jew, who does not receive money from his rich jewish overlords, does not do his part for the survival of the jewish money system, is useless, disposable for upper Jewry- add to this jewish renegades like Finkelstein, Cole, Lessing, Mendelsson, Menuhin and many less illustrious, the infighting of various jewish parties and groups, and you gain another- less awesome- picture of jewish power.
      I believe, the first American who saw through this was Ezra Pound, and he had to pay the price for it. Jewish power may today be mightier than ever before, but events are moving fast, much faster than they are able to act. The fast approaching demise of the Dollar is doubtless a big worry for them. Will Yehovah save them from a popular uprising? Questionable.