15 May, 2008

The Strange Death of Riad Hamad

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[Readers: going through mailbox after weeks of ill health. Came across this very interesting letter.]


I wanted to alert you to an extremely important development occuring in Austin, Texas.

In brief, one week ago, the body of Riad Hamad was found floating in Lady Bird Lake (a prominent, very active, local lake adjacent to downtown Austin). His head, hands and feet were bound with duck tape. He had been in the water for about two days. After fishing his body out of the water, the police spent about two minutes examining the scene. Their determination of death–suicide.

Why am I notifying you of this? For over 30 years Mr. Hamad was at the top of the ADL list of most watched anti-Jewish agitators in the country. Immediately following his death, the Jewish internet exploded in a delerious swoon that their long reviled Palestinian nemesis had finally gotten what he deserved. Curiously, the Jewish internet wasted no time in calling Mr. Hamad’s death a murder. However, the Austin police continue to maintain its original finding of suicide. Having personally talked with the family myself regarding the cirucumstances of Mr. Hamad’s death, I can assure you that the real story

is laughably at odds the one now being presented by the local media. Now, only a week after his death, the local press is working frenetically to drop the matter of Mr. Hamad’s death as far down the memory hole as possible.

Over many years, Mr. Hamad had courageously battled Jewish domination, both in Palestine and the U.S. In response, he was repeatedly picked up, interrogated, hounded by either the FBI or Homeland Security. In addition he was relentlessly smeared in nearly every organ of the Jewish press, both in print and on the internet. The internet abuse of Mr. Hamad by Jewish interests was particularly virulent. Curiously, Mr. Hamad, though repeatedly investigated for so-called crypto-terrorist activity, was never formally arrested. The extent of law enforcement interest in his activities was purely as a “person of interest.” About a month before his death, the FBI and Homeland Security raided his tiny house in south Austin. They turned the house upside down and left with over 40 boxes of documents and various material. This haul has not been returned to his family, despite Mr. Hamad’s death.
Mr. Hamad was a junior high school teacher. He had been employed in that capacity for nearly a decade. More importantly to this story, he was also the national director of the Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund–a transparent charity organization based in California. Mr. Hamad worked tirelessly for the pcwf, though the organization itself was repeatedly characterized as a “terrorist” organization by its Jewish enemies. The organization made its money by selling clothing, books and olive oil. The FBI raid mentioned above, was apparently initiated in the belief that Mr. Hamad was in fact using the organization as a money laundering operation.
Mr. Hamad’s death has triggered a national reaction of unbelievable intensity. Last Saturday, his life and death were featured on a four hour national broadcast. Kevin Barrett, host of the Dynamic Duo, took calls from across the country in response to the incident. Presently, Mike Rivera has an extensive link on the topic at www.WhatReallyHappened.com At the

same time, Mr. Hamad’s own letters, blogs and extremely interesting political views are making their way through the internet at blinding speed.

Unsurprisingly, the local Austin press is strenuously at work obscuring the matter of Mr. Hamad’s death. All reports of the

police investigation have already disappeared from the broadcast media. The Austin Statesman, the city’s only newspaper, has already relegated the subject to the back pages. Given the sheer magnitude of Mr. Hamad’s impact, we are only seeing the very early traces of the coming media juggernaut.

In closing, I wanted to get this very important information to you in both a timely and substantive manner. Please know that my warmest thoughts are with you and everything you stand and work so hard for. Please take a moment to explore this matter–I think you will find it of prodigious importance and highly ominous in its long term implications. Best regards and thanks, [ ]

Please google: Riad Hamad/ murder.

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    2. StuGavin Says:

      Is Alex Linder dying from Crohn’s disease?

    3. Martin Says:

      Alex – it’s very good you’re back, sorry to hear you’ve been unwell.
      Hope all is well now.

    4. sgruber Says:

      Dammit. Keep well. Get off Adkins, it screws with metabolism and meat ain’t the easiest food to digest. You may yet be a Hitler vegan. Not a bad thing to be.

      As to Hamad, what is there to say, except the time has come to get rid of the jews?

    5. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      A must read, May 28, 2000
      By A Customer

      Dr. Rudolf A. Wiley’s book (BIOBALANCE: Using Acid/Alkaline Nutrition to Solve the Food-Mood-Health Puzzle) is nothing short of revolutionary. It deconflicts virtually all of the contradictory advice being dispensed to the public by the nutritional community; advice which promotes nutritional regimens ranging from low fat/high fiber vegetarianism at one extreme, to high protein/high meat fare at the other.
      As this review is being written (May 2000), the debate among the so-called nutrition experts rages. Characteristically, it has been forced to fever pitch by the recent clash between Dr. Richard Adkins (actually Robert Atkins) (an advocate of the high protein diet), and much of the mainstream dietary community (advocating low fat, high complex carbohydrate fare). As illustrated in his book, Dr. Wiley has resolved this debate in addition to others being waged within the nutritional community by demonstrating that different individuals metabolize foods in different fashion. Specifically, he has shown that while some individuals will thrive on regimens similar to the regimen advocated by Dr. Adkins, other individuals will require low fat, high complex carbohydrate fare. (For biochemical reasons made clear in his book, Dr. Wiley classifies the former and latter as acid and alkaline metabolic types respectively.) Conversely, Dr. Wiley has demonstrated that each of these regimens can be catastrophic to both physical and mental health when inappropriately applied. Hence, metabolic compatibility is the key to matching or pairing each individual with his or her biocompatible nutritional regimen in the quest for optimal performance.


    6. sgruber Says:

      It’s post hoc, but I got cancer in my 30s after a 6-month bout with Adkins, and discovered I had developed severe osteoporosis as well (much upgraded now).

      Adkins told the truth about ketosis being a weight-loss method. The screwy part is the “lifetime diet” (or long term diet) thing. Who has stayed on the Adkins diet?

      The Waterloo of many a great man occurred when turned his focus to diet. Thomas Edison died of malnutrition after discovering the secret to perfect dieting – consume milk only. Milk, he proved to himself, is the perfect food and all else is deleterious. In months he was dead.

      Since AL likes H.L. Mencken and I’m slowly going through Menck’s writing, here’s a quote (slightly paraphrased). “The only sane rule of dieting is – eat what you like, and wash it down with whatever the good lord sees fit to send you.” He was 68 when he had his bad stroke; pretty good for a man born in 1880 who never exercised and who smoked like a stack.

      Anyway, back to fighting the jews!

    7. Ich Bin Laden Says:

      A nearly all-meat diet worked pretty well for the Eskimos (and the Masai), but you have to keep in mind the following considerations:

      1) The Eskimos ate much of their meat raw and/or fermented.
      2) The Eskimos ate the *whole* animal, including fat, organs, bone marrow, and blood, and not just the muscle meat.

      Personally, I eat a mixed diet, merely avoiding refined carbohydrates like white sugar and white flour. If you’re going to consume a diet that’s mostly made up of meat, make sure you have some animal fat in there, or you’re going to get sick.

      BTW, AH was not a *vegan*. He did consume dairy products and maybe eggs, AFAIK.

      Anyways, I would like to know more about what happened to Riad Hamad, so I’m off to a search engine.

    8. Lindbergh Says:

      This post is based on the assumption that you (Alex Linder) have been
      diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (CD). If you do not have CD or its closely-related twin, colitis, then please disregard this post.

      I am about the same age as you.
      I was diagnosed with advanced Crohn’s a while back.
      ‘Advanced’ because I not merely had the intestinal problems i.e.,
      diarrhea, etc., but had severe immune/arthritis problems during my two
      flare-ups that rendered me crippled for four to five months each time.
      When I say ‘crippled’, I don’t mean walking with a cane or a walker, but
      rather completely unable to use my legs because of the very severe inflammation.

      Before I continue, let me say that I have at no juncture taken any allopathic/doctor-prescribed medications; I have not taken antibiotics, cortisone, or doctor-prescribed analgesics. Please take note that should
      you take cortisone you will greatly increase your chances of developing
      brittle bones/osteoporosis.

      The cornerstone of my approach is a diet that was discovered some years
      ago by a woman whose own daughter had colitis and who went back to
      school to obtain a masters degree in microbiology to study intestinal disorders. (I am writing this part from memory so every detail has not been
      rechecked for accuracy).

      Anyway, this diet has helped thousands of people with CD or colitis, and,
      yes, it has helped me as well.

      Here are some links:

      “The Science Behind The Diet” is a very brief introduction to the science,
      I think she goes into far more detail in the book (although I haven’t read it now for many years).


      The home page:

      And, most importantly of all, here is the link to The List, which will tell you which foods you can eat and which foods you should avoid if you want to try this diet.

      P A I N

      On the topic of pain medications, I should point out first that you should NOT take aspirin, tylenol NSAIDs, ibuprofen, etc., because they will contribute to the deterioration of your condition.

      1) First of all, I take turmeric, which is an Indian spice available in select grocery stores or alternately in health food stores. There are studies
      [do a google search: turmeric ‘tumor necrosis factor’] that show that regular consumption of turmeric helps to suppress tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) which is one of your pain pathways.
      As a bonus, turmeric is also very good for your intestines and digestion.

      Here is a random link from a quick google search:

      I take turmeric powder in my soup with some black pepper which increases

      2. 5-Loxin

      Here is a random link:

      Yes, you could take Boswellia Serrata standardized but I found that
      you might have to take several a day and Boswellia is a gum resin which
      is on the verboten list of the SCD diet. With 5-Loxin on the other hand, you
      only have to take one pill per day since it is a highly-concentrated extract
      and I find that it doesn’t bother my colon as much as taking 6-8 Boswellia pills per day. In fact, I currently don’t take it on a daily basis; I only take it when I feel I’m becoming slightly worse — maybe I take it now (when I’m not in flare-up mode) only twice a week.

      3. Bromelain, derived from pineapple:

      This should be taken on an empty stomach. If taken on a full stomach,
      it will only function to digest protein. On an empty stomach, it will help mediate pain. When selecting a brand, one should note the GDU’s
      (I think it stands for gelatin digesting units) as the higher the number, the
      more potent it is. There are several bromelain products on the market that
      are near worthless, so you rate the efficacy of brands by its GDU.
      I tried the NOW but go with the Organika brand which has a slightly smaller GDU score but is better price wise. However Organika may not be available in the US, but you can order it online:

      4. Serrapeptase and / or Serrazimes


      These work on the same principle as the bromelain (on an empty stomach) and I only use the serrazimes as extra defense when the turmeric/curcumin, 5-Loxin and bromelain need extra support, which is not very often, I am happy to say.


      If you follow the diet precisely with no exceptions then your diarrhea
      should cease within one week, at least that’s true for me.
      But should you and your diet require some assisstance, you might consider Enteraklenz which a “chocolate-mint flavored drink mix of activated charcoal and bentonite”. This is somewhat pricey if you compare it with
      bulk activated charcoal that you can purchase on the net, but the cheap stuff is quite repulsive. This concoction is actually palatable and the charcoal and bentonite will absorb all toxins and gasses from your intestinal
      tract. This thing really works. In fact, if you take too much of it, then you
      will develop constipation, the complete opposite of diarrhea. Of course, this potential problem goes away as soon as you stop taking the Enteraklenz. Also, taking activated charcoal in pill form is not cost effective
      because you would have to take a lot of those pills; it is also inconvenient.
      The powder form that you mix into water is much better in terms of effectiveness.


      Although I could make this a very long section, I will keep it brief. You can
      contact me via email if you have any queries.

      It is quite common for one who has CD to be deficient in vitamin B12.
      (Actually, it is quite common for one who has CD to be deficient in scores
      of nutrients, but I digress). I take a sublingual form which bypasses
      the colon:
      I take this brand:

      but any brand that does not contain sugar(s) or maltodextrin should be fine.


      As for vitamin pills in general, I strongly advise against taking anything in
      (hard) tablet form; it is much preferable (for your colon) to take anything in vegicaps/gelcaps, or in powder form (to be mixed in a drink), if available.
      Be careful of sublingual and powder brands, however, as some add
      sugars etc., that are detrimental to your health according to the SCD diet.

      There are many more things that I could write about, such as vitamin K, carnitine, pantethine, gamma tocopherols, selenium, etc., but I have run on far too long.
      If you do indeed have CD and have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the email address that has been provided. I may not have all
      the answers (for CD), but,
      1) I do have advanced CD,
      2) I am (successfully) coping with it and without the aid of any allopathic medicines.

      Best of health.

    9. tennyson Says:

      get a high colonic every week for four weeks.
      (no redblooded whiteman wants a hose in his ass but it will flush
      the walls of of the intestines helping digestion and nutrient uptake)
      juice wheat grass.
      10 grams of esther-C a day. (grams not milligrams)
      move around as much as possible. if you can get in a work out do it.
      lots of distilled water.(1 gallon a day…yeah yeah youll be in the bathroom alot…not quite…after a few days your body will adjust and you will go about the same as before)
      acidophelous pills.
      other enzyme supplements.
      raw papaya, pineapple ect…enzyme foods.
      as much raw veggies as you can stomach. just picked is best(like some spinach or lettuce leaves from the garden an hour before you eat them, enzymes are alive and die off rapidly after harvesting…
      as little red meat as you can stand.
      a little authentic German beer.
      stay away from niggers and jews for a while( de-stress things a bit if you can. We get ulcers from stress and some get colon problems from constant stress),
      Some higher power kept us alive through ice-ages and plagues…tune into that force and it will aid you in times of need.
      Good luck and get well soon.

    10. Arch Says:

      Is this a surprise? (Hamad’s death) Austin? Isn’t this the state comprised of mealy-mouthed citizens who allowed federal troops to incinerate all those men, women and children at Waco with little more than a mimicking hoop and hollar of “WEEEEE-HAAA!, Let’s have us a Tex-ass Bar-B-Q!!!”??? There certainly was no legal due process of any kind. Waco told the feds one thing for certain, you can now do as you please with these stupid goy. The police state can manipulate, oppress, destroy and murder them and their institutions with impunity in the name of state necessity and no one will ever lift a damned finger in opposition. The other thing Waco proved was that you can tell the most obvious of lies right to the dumb goyim’s face and they will believe you. As Khrushchev once said: “We spit in their face and they think it’s the morning dew.” As I once said on Ron Engleman’s KGBS talk radio, then out Dallas, I’m leaving this state for good. On my way out, no doubt I’ll encounter the dead and decaying corpses of the likes of Travis, Bonham, Bowie, Crockett walking down the road on their way out as well. When I do, you can be sure I’ll stop and give them a ride out of this cursed state.

      Arch Stanton – Died April 19th; Waco, Texas