20 May, 2008

The Turner Diaries Now in Czech Republic

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Dr. William Pierce’s infamous novel goes global. (The novel can be found online as well):


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  7. 16 Responses to “The Turner Diaries Now in Czech Republic”

    1. Socrates Says:

      Olde_Dutch Says: “You all know he was a closet homosexual Marxist.”

      Not funny. At all.

    2. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Projection. . .

    3. ein Says:

      I say, judge the message and not the messenger.

    4. tennyson Says:

      check out “The Brigade” by H.A. Covington if you want a more indepth look at how revolution works.
      The Turner Diaries only skims the subject of insurrection and insurgency.
      The TD seems to be a feel good fantasy novel for angry white men.
      Not that that is bad, but Covington’s book really delves into the political mechanics of power, or Realpolitik if you like.

    5. tennyson Says:

      Find “the brigade” to download at:
      also check out Terrible Tommy’s radio show archives .

    6. Kevin Harpham Says:

      The real story here is the NA is still around.

    7. DQ Says:

      There are many fictional white nationalist books, movies, and plays that could be made while hollywood keeps making the same recycled shit that no one likes.

    8. sgruber Says:

      I’d buy a DVD of a $300 million version of TD. To hell with niggers. They should all be killed. They ruined America. Ruined the cities, ruined the laws, ruined civil life, ruined countless White lives. What a drag on White civilization they have been! Not just in money (40 trillion) but spiritually, emotionally, mentally.

      Who mixed these animals among us, and bid us bow down to the boons.

      You know.

      THE JEWS.

      No way to rid ourselves of niggers without ridding ourselves of jews first.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    9. sgruber Says:

      Humanity’s alternatives are two:

      1. separation of tribes


      2. genocide.

      Mixing has always resulted in death.

      To kill their enemies, jews encourage their mixture.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    10. ein Says:

      sgruber said: Who mixed these animals among us, and bid us bow down to the boons?

      You know: THE JEWS.

      No way to rid ourselves of niggers without ridding ourselves of jews first.

      Indeed! But someone go tell that to those such as Amren.

    11. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Which is the greater problem- jews, or those who appease jews?

    12. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Just because Linder’s sick—don’t use my moniker in vain.

      Matter of fact, when Linder’s feeling better, I have a feeling he won’t be happy to find out that we have an Olde_Dutch impersonator on the loose.

      As far as the late Dr. Pierce, I’m pretty sure I encountered him in 1968 at a George Wallace speech up in West Virginia. If I remember correctly he was leaning back against a set of auditorium doors when they gave way and he landed on his “dupa”. That’s Czech-o-Slovak for ass. Me, and my pal, the late Dr. _____ went over and helped him up off the floor.

    13. Socrates Says:

      Olde_Dutch: I did not realize that someone else was using your screenname. Sorry.

    14. ein Says:

      “Which is the greater problem- jews, or those who appease jews?”

      Good question. Hard to answer that. But if I had to, I’d say the latter. Because they infiltrate better, and they enable the former.

    15. Voir Dire Says:

      “Which is the greater problem- jews, or those who appease jews?”

      If the former weren’t around to corrupt the enablers, then we wouldn’t have to worry about the latter, would we? So I’d say the former.



      MOSES to LENIN


      by Dietrich Eckart

      Translated from the German by William L. Pierce

      Reprinted from National Socialist World, Spring, 1966.

      Copyright 1966 by William L. Pierce


    16. tennyson Says:

      carpenter: The turner diaries was interesting from a social/political view point. Some of it’s depictions of life in America were chilling in their similarities to our present state. I liked that part of TD, but as a novel or whatever it was kind of sucky. Pierce did not set out to be a novelist as a career.
      I was not bashing anyone on this forum, but if my honest opinion is seen as bashing TD fans…I am powerless to stop that response.
      The Brigade is a cooler book of the same racial genre as TD. Check it out for yourself. It goes into how the govt. functions and how that relates to a rebel insurgency. I don’t have any rebel plans in the near future but it is a facinating topic to read about.
      There is no deep psychological shit going on in my head…like I am downing someone to compensate for my own lack.
      My lack is this: I actually took the time to respond to your baseless slam of me.
      I first got interested in pro-White politics after I met some former NA member. I went to the library and downloaded reams of Dissident Voices transcripts. Then I got an internet hook up at home and I got to hear Pierce himself. I’ve been changed by the experience. He was a great man. His writings and broadcasts have been life altering for me. I am a fiction snob anyway… If it is not a classic I pretty much don’t want to read it anyway.
      Listen to MORAL AIDS….at Natall.com one of his best shows.