20 May, 2008

When Thought Is a Crime

Posted by Socrates in 'hate', 'hate' crimes, Socrates at 3:54 pm | Permanent Link

by Harmony Grant: [Here].

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  7. 3 Responses to “When Thought Is a Crime”

    1. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Pretty good article by Harmony. Couple issues…

      Harmony wrote: “Centuries of experience has shown that laws can only be practically and justly enforced against individuals, not groups.”

      Wrong. We’ve treated blacks as a group, jews as a group and american indians as a group to our race’s benefit. We WILL eventually treat the jews as a group that needs to be dealt with either vertically or horizontally. If not my generation, then the next. And yes, SOME innocent jews — and by innocent I mean those who haven’t been involved in lying wars and murder, pornography, white slavery, etc. — will be mistreated. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way things happen. And there will also be exceptions where some jews will be left alone and allowed to remain just like in NS Germany.

      Harmony wrote: “ADL was on the scene in Arizona to respond to teens’ beating of two Mormon teenagers. ‘Police said the suspects, with carved swastikas on their wrists, are accused of attacking the Mormon teenagers with pellet guns and beating them. One of the victims was sent to the hospital.’ ”

      Interesting story. Note that if the teens were true National Socialists, they would not have any quarrel with the Mormon religion as long as it didn’t impose a theocracy. However, I can say that in my dealings with emotions they HATE with a passion Hitler and the Third Reich and think the jews are the greatest thing since air conditioning in Arizona (or Utah or anywhere for that matter). They’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated and brainwashed into Marxist and anti-Nazi beliefs. Even more so than the average Joe Q. Public because they not only get the brainwashing and lies from the mass media, schools and government, but from their church doctrines.

      Harmony wrote: “It will happen in the US unless enough people realize that it doesn’t matter how much the public agrees that racist or other beliefs are bad—we must not criminalize beliefs.”

      Two things about this… that the public — meaning the White majority — agrees that racism is bad is part of the problem. We’ve been indoctrinated to believe love and defense of our own people is evil. And second, the solution is not to argue against these laws as much as it is to identify the root cause of the problems: 1) the jews (first and foremost) and 2) the jewish ideal that we can and should have a multicultural and multiracial society. When you have a multiracial society, you will always have racial conflicts. Period.

      Hate laws are symptoms. Address the disease, fellow would-be analysts, not the symptoms: the jews and their false ideologies.

    2. ein Says:

      “Wrong. We’ve treated blacks as a group, jews as a group and american indians as a group to our race’s benefit. ”

      Did I misunderstand you or did you mean to write “to our race’s detriment” ?
      Surely, the treatment was to THEIR races’ benefit.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Great State Of Texas

      How anyone sat back and watched these silly ass SWAT goons raid a religious compound, and then a hundred multicultural deputies drag women, and kids off, is amazing. These 443 kids sat at an old horse barracks, became ill, and then were moved to a convention center. Mothers weren’t allow to breast feed infants, and 12 yr old girls were given gynecological exams by Zionist doctors.

      Isn’t it odd that the Kosher Nazis never bothered to stage a protest, but then again, they never said boo on 9/11, the OKC bomb, or any of the obvious Zionist False Flags.