30 June, 2008

A Very Happy Birthday to VNN Founder, Alex Linder!

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Yes! A very Happy Birthday to VNN’s Founder – Alex Linder!

“No way out but thru the jew” and “No jews, just right!”

Birthday wishes can be offered HERE

Some of Alex’s spintros – HERE

Alex’s ‘Radio Istina’ program – HERE

And of course, the one and only GoyFire! – HERE

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  • 29 Responses to “A Very Happy Birthday to VNN Founder, Alex Linder!”

    1. JewTracer Says:

      Happy birthday Alex! Hope you’re keeping well.

    2. Heather Blue Says:

      Happy Birthday, Alex. Hope it was a happy day for you.

    3. DQ Says:

      Heil Linder!

    4. 2050 Says:

      happy birthday Alex

    5. Martin Says:

      Best wishes Alex, thanks for providing VNN for another year.

      Hope to see you back with Radio Istina soon…..

    6. Hoosier Says:

      Happy Birthday, Alex.

    7. Helmut Says:

      Alles liebe zum Geburtstag!!

    8. Vaultner Says:

      I hope you have a very Happy Birthday Alex.
      Now that you’re 21 you be careful out there drinking & carousing HA! HA!.

    9. saltriver Says:

      Happy birthday Alex. Thanks for all you have done. Get well and hurry back.

    10. Mike Quigley Says:

      Happy Bithday Alex and thank you for all you do.

    11. Andrew Smith Says:

      Happy Birthday Linder!

    12. Gage Says:

      Happy Birthday, even if I didn’t get any email responses back. :P

    13. Eric in NJ Says:

      Happy Birthday Alex! Let’s keep fighting.

    14. Stronza Says:

      Mnohya lyeeta, Alex. And many more healthy & happy ones.

    15. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Happy Birthday and best wishes! I hope you return as a regular to the site and radio programs soon.

    16. Mr.AntiSemite Says:

      Happy Birthday, Alex!
      I’m seeing a dramatic turnaround from all levels of society, especially the younger generation. White Nationalism is the only viable solution for the future. Everything else has been tried and has been found futile and destructive. Only the brain dead can’t see that.

      Just tell me when we get the upper hand this time, we’re never letting go till every kiken jew bastard is utterly crushed and destroyed. To do anything less at this junction would be utter suicide. Testing the general populus for jew genes would mop up operations.

      A eugenics program should put in place starting right now to breed smarter, stronger, healthier Whites. Every parent wants that (except for the retards and they’re going away anyway).

    17. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      May you live to be a thousand, O Alex!

    18. Sam Says:

      Love the show, man. Happy B-day, and many more to come!

    19. Arch Stanton Says:

      Happy Birthday Alex and many more. A toast! To a brighter future in a more civilized and racially unified country, sans the influence of . . . well, you know. Thanks again for all your effort and know it has been greatly appreciated.


    20. Antagonistes Says:

      Alex, may everyone “rise up before your hoary head, and honor the face of the old man”! (Leviticus 19:32)

    21. Booger Says:

      Hello and Froh Geburtstag to Herr Linder!Thank You for all you do for WHITE PEOPLE.Happy Birthday and many more to come.VNN Kicks ASS!No Jews-Just Right!

    22. Voir Dire Says:


      I am a white, female who for many years of my adult life, collected and read many important, conservative books. I now realize that the jewish culprits were identified as individuals (but never as jews per se), but never collectively as a group with an agenda so evil and powerful that few dare speak their name. Owing to the freedom forum of the internet and my background of being grounded in fundamental, eternal truths, my awakening occurred maybe a year ago (and helped along by reading rense.com and by one of your faithful readers who persisted in emailing me links) in FINALLY connecting the dots.

      Obviously, you have been a freedom fighter and warrior for a long, long time and it is to your credit that you are blessed with the high IQ to have figured it out many moons ago. Once enlightened, the burning desire to alert all of our brethren to this jew world order and conk those over the head still in denial never abates I suppose.

      It struck me what an incredibly gifted writer you clearly are when I was searching for links to add to my collection of the jewish role in destroying the Whites of Africa, and came across the piece you had so passionately penned on just that topic. And then the satirical interview regarding the spineless, meaningless Tim Russert the other day was nothing short of brilliant.

      As awful as these grave times are for Europeans/ Americans, we can honestly say that the freedom of the internet has served as the catalyst for unleashing the bottled-up, abiding love for our heritage and the unique freedoms and institutions it has wrought. We know who our contemporary patriots and heroes are by the bravery and leadership they exhibit. My biggest regret in being a johnney-come lately to this bane of mankind is not ever having enough hours in the day (like all, a slave to the jew state ) to read all that is so worthy of reading including all that bears your signature. As bad as this unravelling, unprecedented destruction is, at least we are living in a time where we were fortunate enough to, perhaps but for a short duration, witness our heroes/patriots emerge with their verbal trouncings and exposes of this jewish menace in our midst.

      I likewise join others’ in appreciation and thanks for what you’ve done and continue to do, for providing a home for our best patriot writers and a needed respite from the world of profound ignorance and jew-spawned Orwellianism.

      Wishing you your most memorable Birthday ever.

      Support our patriots, dear readers,


    23. Stronza Says:

      You mention “Freedom of the internet”. Stephanie, I hear tell it won’t be this freewheeling, boomtown, anything-goes entity for much longer, though. Hope I’m proved wrong.

    24. JewTracer Says:

      Looking through some of the Radio Istina archives, it occured to me Alex was on to really good stuff where he left off: “Nazis as butch-fag, anti Christian pro-Greek revolutionaries”. This is a very interesting but little discussed topic. Nazism is not the be all and end all and has dark sides too, as Alex was explaining. It advanced the dreaded Socialist philosophy too. I don’t know if true White Nationalism can ever be truly maintained alongside Socialism. Alex stated that he’s not a National Socialist; he doesn’t agree with the philosophy fully. I’m with him on that one. Perhaps Hitler is exonerated too much. Some say that WWII was entirely orchestrated, in which case he would have known of its anti-White, pro-jew conclusion. Some even say he was himself a jew.

    25. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Sheriff John (early L.A. TV) says Happy Birthday-


    26. ED! Says:

      Happy Birthday Alex, I wish you many more in good health! I appreciate all you are doing for our Race!

      Thank you, ED!

    27. Voir Dire Says:

      “You mention “Freedom of the internet” Stephanie,…”

      Sorry, Stronza, would have responded sooner; out-of-town for the July 4th weekend.

      You’re right! The Jewish pests are relentless in their subversive efforts to destroy the White man’s freedoms especially since these human termites are FINISHED living in and leeching off of our countries when they are fully exposed to ALL with the piercing light of truth.

      If you’ve not read it yet (previously posted here), Patrick Grimm’s (always) incisive, informative essay is the best I’ve read yet on their ongoing, perilously-close-to-triumphant efforts to criminalize bloggers/truthtellers (traitor Bush has already signed a State Dept. “Global Anti-Semitism Law”) in the last remaining Western bastion of free speech, the good ole U.S. of A.

      “The Jewish Durga and the Goyim Kleptocracy”. http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/?p=2891

      Cheers, warrior brother,


    28. Stronza Says:

      Voir Dire, I be a sistuh! Thanks for reply!

    29. Voir Dire Says:

      Stronza Says:

      6 July, 2008 at 6:04 pm

      “Voir Dire, I be a sistuh!”

      Sorry, sistuh Stronza…proper gender duly noted and you’re welcome…Love to see other Jewish-plague-cognizant women writers. Your name/gender/posts are seared in my brain henceforth.

      Cheers warrior sistuh,