1 June, 2008

Dr. Kevin MacDonald on the Radio Today

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Tune in at 4:00 p.m. Central Time: [More information].

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  7. 36 Responses to “Dr. Kevin MacDonald on the Radio Today”

    1. Whitepride Says:

      I listened to the interview, what stuck out most to me was Dr. Macdonald’s assertion of the justness and fairness of our cause. In short: we have the right to self-determination.

      He is not just a first rate scholar of things jewish but a respectible advocate of White interests.

    2. Randolf Facto Says:

      “In short: we have the right to self-determination.”

      There is no “right” to self-determination.

      It must be fought for and won by those who wish it.

      Whoever is dependent upon other folk to allow them the right to self-determination is a people on the brink of extinction.

      It all starts with something as simple as getting to keep one’s lunch money in elementary school. You either fight for it, or keep having your parents move away to a ‘nice’ school district where nobody tries to take it from you.

      The latter course is the most expedient in the short term, of course… unfortunately the day eventually comes when there are no more ‘nice’ school districts to run to…. and hopefully by that time the will to fight isn’t completely bred out of those who would keep their lunch money.

    3. ein Says:

      Randolf says: “There is no “right” to self-determination. Whoever is dependent upon other folk to allow them the right to self-determination is a people on the brink of extinction.”

      You are absolutely right, and you make an excellent point — one that needs to be made.

      I will not quibble with MacDonald over his wording however. Far be it from me to criticize such a towering figure. I understands what he means. Perhaps he meant, or should have said, “We ought to have the right” (like everyone else), or “we must have the right”….

      As I have always put it: You have NO rights at all ….except those you are willing to stand up for.

      There is a time for talking, and there is a time for fighting. We must be prepared to do both well.

    4. Randolf Facto Says:

      My post was not meant as a contradiction directly pointed at Dr. MacDonald… merely a reminder that, until the world is filled with angels, as the expression goes, white rights in this current system of things are but a chimera.

      And as much as I like to reason with people, I don’t think the other races of the world are ever going to show the same kind of reverence to the downtrodden whites’ equivalent of a Martin Luther King, if one should ever come along.

      For all the high-falutin’ talk that we can come up with to justify our point of view and our ‘right’ to secure the future for white children, we are always going to be the villains, worthy of nothing but revenge for all of our past injustices, both real and imagined.

    5. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Rights are not self-enforcing. The Declaration mentions rights- then they kicked ass until they SECURED THESE RIGHTS.

    6. Whitepride Says:

      My summation of Dr. MacDonald’s comments as indicating that we have the “right” to self-determination in his opinion should be read with the understanding that I also said he was a “respectable” opinion giver. That is he is willing to work within the system to achieve our goals.

      Much of Dr. MacDonald’s value to us is based upon his “respectability”. If he starts talking like an ardent revolutionary much of his credibilty in the minds of people in the mainstream will be dashed.

    7. Mark Says:

      “Right: A moral, ethical, or legal principle considered as an underlying cause of truth, justice, morality, or ethics.”

      We do have the right, self-preservation is a basic and fundamental right. But rights are only as good as those who fight for them. Whites are sorely lacking the will to back it up.

    8. Randolf Facto Says:

      “Respectable” advocate of white self-determination?

      I hadn’t realized there was such a thing in today’s society.

      Will we be seeing him on the cover of Newsweek anytime soon, or hear this interview on CNN or Fox News? You did say he was ‘respectable’, didn’ t you?

      Jeez, are you KIDDING or what? An interview as ‘our esteemed guest’ on http://www.thepoliticalcesspool.org is a far cry from respectability.

      I’m not advocating that Dr. MacDonald change the way he speaks about any given subject, nor lose any of that hard-won ‘respectability’.

      I’m advocating that we, as a people, quit fooling ourselves that Dr. MacDonald and men such as he will ever gain “respectability” or be allowed a significant forum upon which to exercise free speech.

    9. ein Says:

      Much of Dr. MacDonald’s value to us is based upon his “respectability”.

      Let’s not be too picky about words. I think Whitepride meant that Dr. MacDonald has all the standard trappings ofintellectual respectability: doctorate, distinguised university career, publications, etc. If he’s not “respectable” then none of us will ever be. And to some people we won’t, but that’s the way it is.
      We don’t need their “respect” anyway.

    10. ein Says:

      Randolf said:   “I don’t think the other races of the world are ever going to show the same kind of reverence to the downtrodden whites’ equivalent of a Martin Luther King, if one should ever come along. “

      Agreed.  I was shocked recently when Pat Buchanan, at the end of an otherwise excellent article, wound it up with the the appalling statement:

      “Hopefully, the peoples of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, who are about to inherit the earth as we pass away, will treat us better than our ancestors treated them in the five centuries when Western Man ruled the world.”

      Unless I’m misreading him, to me that’s a groveling admission of guilt…. practically an admission that we will deserve what we get.  I would have expected better from Buchanan.  Sometimes I have to wonder: whose side is he on anyway? Or is he getting senile?

      The very concept of tolerance itself was a distinctively European invention. I think the historical record shows that, overall, our ancestors (though not saints)  really treated other races and cultures quite well, and certainly much better than they would have been treated by anyone else — even by each other,  if they were given the means.


    11. Whitepride Says:

      Dr. MacDonald documents how the jews employ multiple strategies to pursue their ethnic genetic interests; I think that it is prudent that we do the same.

      Dr. MacDonald has done his part by doing the necessary research to expose the jews dirty tricks (at least by Aryan standards) once and for all.

      It is our job, as Alex Linder suggested, to popularize the findings of Dr. Macdonald in the form of revolutionary propaganda.

    12. StuGavin Says:

      >Randolf Facto Says:

      2 June, 2008 at 2:40 pm

      “Respectable” advocate of white self-determination?

      I hadn’t realized there was such a thing in today’s society.

      Will we be seeing him on the cover of Newsweek anytime soon, or hear this interview on CNN or Fox News? You did say he >was ‘respectable’, didn’ t you?

      Randolfo is right, we can’t get very far with Professor MacDonald unless he appears on something like Bill O’Reilly’s show, as of now no one knows he exists other than the JEWS, the White lemmings remain just as ignorant of his existence as they’ve ever been, to them he’s just as insignificant and absent from the debate as we are.

    13. ein Says:

      StuGavin says: “as of now, no one knows he exists other than the JEWS; the White lemmings remain just as ignorant of his existence as they’ve ever been”

      That’s a perceptive point. Indeed, the only ones who are fully aware of his existence are the Jews. They are doubtless VERY aware. They make it their business to be. They know better than we do what’s going on among the gentiles.

      Just as a pride of lions situated on a rise will carefully observe and study the unknowing herd of grazing antelope below, so any predator makes it its business to know its prey.

    14. Randolf Facto Says:

      Ein has been making some great posts here… I too would have liked to strangle Buchanan with my bare hands when I read that piece where he ended by throwing a bone to white guilt… geez, WHAT WAS HE THINKING!!! I think his intent was an attempt at a veiled threat, because if memory serves, the gist of the essay was T.S. Eliot’s Hollow Men poem, and Buchanan seemed to be saying at the end that, if they don’t treat us better, our final act will be to go out with a bang, not a whimper. But he couched things very subtly, and that would be a ridiculous threat anyway… too petulant for thinking men, and too immaterial to the unthinking masses, who only live in the present.

      What he should have said was, “I hope they thank us and remember us fondly (thought I doubt it) for having brought them the wonders and comforts of civilization… even if we had to do it by force at times.”

    15. Randolf Facto Says:

      “It is our job, as Alex Linder suggested, to popularize the findings of Dr. Macdonald in the form of revolutionary propaganda.”

      Well, I’ve been following this sort of ‘intellectual racism’ from the days of when the The Dispossessed Majority first came out.

      Forget it… those with an ear to hear already know it… those without the ability to see our future don’t care and view it as “hate” no matter how intellectually-couched it’s presented… and our enemies, well… they just get bolder everyday and put an even greater stranglehold on the white masses.

      Nobody is going to ‘wake up’ until there’s a lot more suffering out there… and I’m not talking about $6 a gallon of gas suffering, I’m talking about severe outages of electrical power, water, and food… and hopefully by then a remnant will still be left to see the 14 words through.

    16. Randolf Facto Says:

      “If he’s not “respectable” then none of us will ever be. And to some people we won’t, but that’s the way it is. We don’t need their “respect” anyway.”

      BINGO! That’s the point… we will never be respectable, and playing the game that way, as if there’s a chance people will listen to the facts and reason, is pretty much what has gotten us into the current mess to begin with.

      We put FAR too much faith in our enemies’ sense of fair play, and in the intellectual capacity of our own masses to hear to the truth and act upon it.

    17. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Randolf wrote: “We put FAR too much faith in our enemies’ sense of fair play, and in the intellectual capacity of our own masses to hear to the truth and act upon it.”

      Who the hell is WE? I don’t. Non-Whites will never be like the noble Aryans of old. I’ve been to the Middle East and Africa and the non-Whites there know we’re the man and can kick there asses. It’s not about fair play it’s about respect. However, they have no respect for the kikes and now even less for us because of our subservience to the kikes. Once we deal with the kikes, we’ll be on top again.

      But keep in mind, we only care about what non-Whites think as far as we don’t want to be the jews. I wouldn’t want to be part of a race that behaved like the jews. The only ones who have no moral qualms are those are like Jeffrey Dahmers. And of course, that’s where the Political Cesspool team mised a fact that Jared Taylor — someone who doesn’t name the jew and is therefore not “respectable” — screwed up on the Queen Latifah show where he failed to point out that Dahmer was a fag.

      The 2nd part of Randolf’s last piece was: “…and in the intellectual capacity of our own masses to hear to the truth and act upon it.”

      Reality for all races is like this: there are a small intellectual elite of leaders and their are the masses of followers. Read Gustave LeBon’s The Crowd, Hitler’s Mein Kampf, et al, or just observer the world your damn self. If it wasn’t like this, there’d be too many chiefs and not enough indians.

      The small elite will react to our message and “awake” by the intellectual arguements and positions we take. The masses will react to emotional appeals. This is why Goebbels and Hitler were such brilliant and persuasive propagandists.

      You can’t get someone changing their feelings and acting upon it until you can reach them. Our messages are not and have not reached their ears. That’s why the building of a mass media is so important. It will work.

      If you don’t think the deprogramming or unbrainwashing leading to an awakening via media doesn’t work you’re wrong. It happened to me and several people I know. I’ve given more money and effort to the cause than probably anyone who will read this post for a year.

      If you think revolutionary acts and lonewolfism is going to be the solution (e.g. to turn out the lights) you’re sadly mistaken. Any such acts will be blamed on “extremism” and anything done to the perpetrators will be lauded by the masses of idiots. Obviously, what you say is true that such a situation would wake people up. It’s happened before on a smaller scale where Whites have to get protection from the KKK or skinheads they had befriended. But as Dr Pierce said, if he knew how to cause that sort of chaos on a large enough scale he would do it. But he doesn’t know and neither do you. Besides that it’s a jewish sort of mentality a la the Bolshevik Revolution. And that’s one thing I can never be.

    18. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Sorry for the typos and other mistakes above.

      Btw, one more thing about the Political Cesspool… I’m glad they’re back!

      BUT, Virginia Abernathy — PhD or not — has got problems. Dr Paul is not one of us who understand the struggle. It’s racial. And it’s whites against jews. She doesn’t understand the struggle. She says the problem is not all jews, but only the “Zionists” et al. Bullshit. They treat us as a group. We should treat them as a group. Don’t be like Wendy Campbell or others who believe the problem is only some bad jews. Yes, when the day of the rope comes some innocent jews will suffer, but so what? Many innocent whites suffer all the time as a result of their behavior.

    19. Randolf Facto Says:

      “However, they have no respect for the kikes and now even less for us because of our subservience to the kikes.”

      That’s true in many cases with the higher races, like the Arabs and the Orientals… but the blacks seem happy enough to slaughter whites at anyone’s beck and call, and don’t seem to mind taking orders from their Jewish masters… said Jewish masters mistakenly think the blacks will spare them, when the final push-to-shove comes… as do all the traitorous whites.

      “Once we deal with the kikes, we’ll be on top again.”

      From your lips to God’s ear… the question is, will we ever deal with them? Some have tried, many have died. And until we eradicate that element within ourselves that allowed such corruption to grow and prosper in the first place, I’m not sure it’s ever going to happen… leastwise, not until we regain that ‘faith in something bigger than ourselves’ as it were. Otherwise everything just returns to the law of the jungle, as it were.

    20. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Part of the answer to our dilemma is to make sure our propaganda is fine tuned to achieve 2 essential objectives.

      Firstly, eliminate any jew-engendered sense of White guilt that exists in the White masses. We have absolutely nothing to apologise for. Medicine, art, science and technology speaks volumes for White achievement.

      Secondly, rekindle that latent sense of self preservation that is temporarily dormant. This is probably the harder objective. But, it is still true that White people enjoy a challenge. Well, this generation has been handed the greatest challenge….to secure the existence of the White race.

      OK, I’m preaching to the converted, but there is a great line in the film ‘Boys From Brazil’, where Dr. M says ‘do you think I’m doing all this for myself! Do you want your world and grandchildren ruled by negroes and orientals?’

      That is the ultimate challenge that jews and globalists have laid at our feet. Are we up to this awesome task? Does the blood of our Aryan forefathers flow in our veins?

    21. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Dr. MacDonald makes a very subtle arguement that the jews cannot help themselves because of more than 2,000 years of learned behavior. Although, he does not rule out a genetic component of the behavior of the jew, his writings stress a group learning process i.e. a learned behavior.

    22. sgruber Says:

      A world of Negroes and orientals isn’t worth living in.

      The world of the jew is the world of death.

      It boils down to whether we want to live or not. If you want to live, you’ll be willing to fight (and – yes – die, too, if necessary!).

      But if a person does not want to live, then he will simply let it all slide into the shitter.

      Too many White people are tragic gutless bags whose tiny energy is animated only by the prospect of hastening their own racial suicide. They’ll hate “rednecks” and uphold niggers till the day they – and we – die. They just don’t want to live.

      I believe only a handful of our race currently wants to live. There has been a deep suicidal tendency bred into us by jew media, jew education, jew culture, and the jew view on everything. It all whispers: “Die, goyim…die.”

      CW is right on the money about rekindling that latent sense of self-preservation; but how many people still have it? I don’t know.

      Part of the positive energy of any people is kicking some other people’s ass simply because they’re another people, and doing it without guilt, nay with pride and righteousness. But we are taught that’s wrong (we must humbly respect every nigger infesting the planet). Maybe reversing that view is where to begin.

    23. Arch Says:

      Fighting, kicking ass? I hear the voice of youth. The fact is fighting only serves to destroy. Anyone who has read their history knows just how destructive fighting can be for all parties concerned. We fought in the revolution, we fought in the civil war and the Spanish American war, we fought in WWI and WWII, we fought in Korea and Vietnam (of which I was a part) and now Afghanistan and Iraq. So what has been accomplished in all these conflicts? Little more than death and destruction of those involved civilizations.

      These wars have set the combatants back decades if not millennia in their progress. Oh I know the old saw: America would not exist if we had not fought the revolution, but the fact is the English colonist were trying to escape the oppressive Jewish control over the monarchy that had been brought about by Cromwell in the 1600s. So look at America today and ask how successful were those American revolutionaries? In less than a hundred years once again the Jews own it all.

      Fighting is an external solution and thus will not solve the problem, the root of the problem must be addressed, a systemic solution must be found. Fighting is analogous to cutting out a cancer. Sure the excised cancerous tissue is gone, but if cancerous cells remain the cancer will most assuredly returns. What is need is a cure for the jews and external solutions like fighting will never cure the Jewish infection. Hitler’s attempt to excise the Jewish cancer from Germany only resulted in a more virulent Jewish infection that now infects the entire globe.

      What is need is not a surgical removal but a cure, an environment that is anathema to the jew. Eustace Mullins pointed out an interesting fact when he stated: “The extrasensory ability of the parasite to spot a suitably developed host has always been characteristic of the Jews. From earliest history, he has made unerringly for the most advanced and the most promising civilizations, ignoring the more backwards or undeveloped peoples. Thus, we do not find the Jew sharing the Spartan existence of the pygmies in the Uturi rain forest; he is living in a comfortable apartment in New York, dining on caviar and champagne.”

      The jews are a destructive race. They thrive on the negative, the hate, violence, animosity and war, but they typically employ the hate and violence of others to accomplish their ends as was the case in the Russian Revolution. When you fight you play the Jew’s game. Hitler did not want to fight, he wanted to build a greater Germany and his pre-war military budgeting demonstrated this fact, but the jews goaded him into fighting and the rest is history.

      What is needed today is a fundamental restructuring of our thoughts and attitudes. Instead of fighting the jews and playing their game, we need to stop and take complete stock of our situation and decide on a more viable solution that will build our civilization instead of destroying it. Taking Eustace Mullins’ work into account the best way for an organism to fight a parasite is to make the host organism uninhabitable for the parasite.

      What do the jews hate most? Self sufficiency, for the self sufficient cannot be exploited. Only those dependant on others can be exploited. The way to “fight’ the jew is to withdraw from the jew’s interdependent system based on the centralized government. The Spanish form of anarchy in the 1930s is a useful study of a form of society without a government.

      Freedom from the jew is also accomplished at the individual level by harnessing one’s desires. Our current consumer society is exploited through our greed, our desire to own more. If we returned to a more self-sufficient agrarian existence, if we refused to borrow to sustain our jew-based, technocratic “lifestyles” then progress against the jew’s global agenda could be made. Hitler based his National Socialist society on “Blut und Boden” blood and soil, race and land. He was returning Germany to a more integrated, agrarian, society and his laws concerning the farm and its yeomanry proved his intent in this regard.

      Just how valuable is this concept? Take a look for yourself http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Soil-Anna-Bramwell/dp/0946041334 Note the jews have used this title for their own book that couches their concept of “genocide.” Now I am no Gandhi and I do not necessarily advocate a totally non-violent course of action, but the fact is the jews have proven time and again that violence only feeds their purpose. Look at the story of Jesus. The Sanhedrin was powerless to stop him until he took a whip to the money lenders, then they found a way to bring him up on charges. It was an act of violence that nailed Jesus to the cross.

      Violence then is not the way fighting will only serve the jews purpose. Fight fire with fire? Think about it for a moment, if you have a fire in your house what do you grab a book of matches or a fire extinguisher? One does not fight fire with fire, but with water or chemicals that smother the fire. Likewise one does not extinguish the jew by using jew tactics of hate and violence. One fights the jew by using the elevated and familiar tactics of love and honor, tactics more comfortable to Aryans. Instead of thinking how you’re going to fight or “kick the jew’s ass” try contemplating how your going to make a world that is uninhabitable to the jew.

    24. Randolf Facto Says:

      Arch, that was a magnificent contribution to the discussion. Thanks for bringing a different and very salient viewpoint to the table. Not many in ‘the movement’ think about solutions that don’t involve actual warfare. And as history has shown, especially in the past century, warfare has been the downfall of the white man, not the savior.

    25. Olde_Dutch Says:

      That Cromwell & the jews baloney is antique papist propaganda. The jews had no legal standing in England until the time of Queen Victoria in the 19th Century.

      That some believe in an infallible human being, a pope, is beyond belief. Of course, some more delusional types, probably think Hitler was infallible. LOL. Or maybe Gahandi too? ROTFLMAO.

    26. Blightblingywingy Says:

      Civil legitimacy is necessary to sustain violence against the enemy. Economic independence is a necessary precondition to acquiring civil legitimacy. Lacking outside support we must look to increasing the economic self-sufficiency and social interconnectedness of small groups. Small groups should be organized around the legally fuzzy but universally acknowledged concepts of family and friendship – not business activities. Violence will be necessary, but now is not the time. Now is the time for socioeconomic independence, self-sufficiency, and civil legitimacy, the three of which can be found to a much greater extent in the countryside.

    27. Hoosier Says:

      Listening now to the archive – good show…..

    28. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:


      Hitler made the mistake of not truly excising the jewish problem. Had he actually exterminated them, Germany and the world would be a better place today. Who can say? Maybe Vietnam and Iraq etc., would have never come about, if the larger problem had been taken care of in WWII.


      I believe war hasn’t worked out so well for white men, because they have been fighting nations and people who are not their enemies. What a monumental and foolish waste of life and fortune.

      Warfare in itself, is not the downfall of White men. Warfare is human. It is the purest expression of man’s territorial nature. The White man’s downfall is not making war against the true enemy of our people.

    29. ED! Says:

      I know two Jews that do not know each other. One of them knows some of the history of Jewish wrong doing, the other did not. When I showed the facts to the one who did not know, a deep sense of shame set in upon him. He got over that and is now on our side. Both of these two guys agree with me that something needs to break the Empires of Corporation, Banking, and Mass Media. They also know that there is going to be a fight involved in restoring the Constitution, and stopping the corruption. There are many Jews who know what wrong is, unless they were brought up with the Talmud, the worlds worst book of hate and greed. A Talmudist Jew is no good for anything except being hanged, or shot!

      In March of 2002 the late Dr. William Pierce gave a speech titled Enron, Fastow, and the Looting of America. Near the end of that speech Dr. Pierce pointed out that we have allowed the Jews to do their dirty work due to our own corruption. His last sentence: “Curing that weakness and cutting that corruption out of our society is the biggest task we have before us”. Amen!

      My stock in Enron crashed before I could do anything about it! Andrew Fastow would be executed if we had a just legal system!

      I am an old fan of Willis Carto and was a long time reader of the now defunct Spotlight Magazine. I first learned about the Jewish Question in 1965 at age 13! From that time I have watched things get worse until now. I think that the lid will blow off soon. I am grateful to Kevin MacDonald and anyone else who is trying to help with the problem of a very corrupt Jewish power structure.

      One thing is crystal clear to me; if we are not willing to fight and take back or keep what is ours then we can kiss it good by!


    30. Randolf Facto Says:

      “Warfare in itself, is not the downfall of White men. ”

      It is when they’re so easily convinced to kill their own brothers for the benefit of minorities and/or at the behest of alien masters.

    31. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      Ed Says:
      Both of these two guys agree with me that something needs to break the Empires of Corporation, Banking, and Mass Media.

      I say:
      Bravo! Does anyone else find it a little anachronistic that many so-called WNs seem to fall for the libertarian “small-government and deregulation” (read: corporate/mass-media/banking bootlicker) party line? The problem with this free-booting capitalism (something that a true conservative should denounce anyway – Edmund Burke certainly did) is that it becomes colorblind (except to green, apparently). What we need now is a local, Volkisch system of commerce to replace the global raceless/godless/traditionless lack-of-culture foisted upon us today.

    32. Howdy Doody Says:


    33. New America Says:

      in reply to Arch:

      This is part of the issues we have long needed to address, one way or another.

      The fact is, the most destructive wars of the Twentieth Century ended up destroying a good bit of our RACIAL stock, and most of the killing was done at the direction of our RACIAL Enemies.

      Even granting the dramatically low levels of personal competency that have been the hallmark of most members of the “Movement” – or “Movement Past,” as I like to call it – I can not help but note that the worst of us choose the mechanisms that are the least effective – the use of Force, against the most powerful military force in the history of the world.

      Let’s be honest:

      If Lee, Jackson, and Forrest returned, they would say:

      (1) We have gone Mad, through accepting the Terms and Definitions offered to us by our RACIAL Enemies, and the philosophy and practice of what Eric Hoffer called Wordism – see the nationalsalvation dot net website – has led us into Madness.

      (2) Something has to be done about this, and it has to be at least as effective as what the demonic. goddamned JEWS did.

      (3) Many of the tools and techniques of the demonic Goddamned JEWS can be used by us, and all of them can be understood by us, to take the poison out of the fangs.

      (4) Dealing with the crackhead niggers will take time, and, perhaps, different tactics.

      (5) Confederate uniforms, and Klan uniforms, just don’t work; these guys would be wearing Hart, Schafner and Marx three-piece suits, and working in banks, and with a wide range of community groups, to build a Nation within America, just as the demonic Goddamned Jews, and the crackhead niggers, have done.

      The War has a strong Cultural component, and the spiritual foundation of Western Civilization is Christianity – NOT the soft, gelded, feminine, JUDEO-Christianity that rules the Institutions of Christianity.


      I’m talking Christianity as it was meant to be, and as it was when Christ walked the Earth – before the demonic Goddamned JEWS made it over in their image.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    34. sgruber Says:

      Arch is basically right. But if a few real-life jews were to suddenly kick the bucket, it would speed up the natural course he recommends, theoretically.

      There is more than one way to skin a cat.

    35. Howdy Doody Says:

      Whew, jooos otta be thru with control soon, as they have abused it big time making more of every one and thing want to avoid the stinch of b.s.


    36. Voir Dire Says:

      As to killing the host, I found this interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, a long-time insider in the belly of the beast, to be absolutely fascinating. She explains the need for developing an alternative economic system and some ideas for how to go about doing it. It certainly needs more fleshing out, but is excellent for getting one thinking about how to destroy the parasite.


      It is to Jared Taylor’s and his American Renaissance’s neverending shame/cowardice that they have never ONCE come to Professor MacDonald’s defense or publicized his lonely plight/fight. This despite the fact that Jared has repeatedly broadcasted the supra-spy/ terrorist agency SPLC’s ongoing attacks on HIM. It is THAT single factor alone which proved to me once and for all that they were infiltrated/tainted by Jewish money in 2006.