13 June, 2008

Ethics in the Academic World

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by Bradley R. Smith: [Here].

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  7. One Response to “Ethics in the Academic World”

    1. Ecosse Says:

      When I went to university many years ago virtually every professor was in love with the USSR even though it was common knowledge that when the Soviets siezed power they soon started murdering the academic elite. Even a retard wouldn’t vote for a political party that had a history of murdering retards, but what do academics do? They praise communism. If someone does not understand self preservation that makes them dummer than a bug. By the way during the cultural revolution in China they murdered almost every educator from grade four up.
      University professors pretty much all are in love with socialism, and yet they make over a hundred thousand dollars a year. Well I can think of one way of lowering tuition fees so that less well off can afford the fees. Cut liberal arts professors saleries in half. Afterall, say a history professor retires on his fat pension, if his position is well advertised I bet there would be thousands of qualified candidates applying for the job, maybe tens of thousands. According to the laws of supply and demand there is absolutely no honest reason for these geedy pig saleries. Yet never a peep from these socialist on taking a pay cut for the good of the collective whole. No the fancy trips and expensive wines win out over their saintly morals. They praise socialisn all the way to the bank.
      One last thing, what the hell is communism except capitalism at it’s absolute ugliest. Instead of 1% holding most of the wealth you have .000001% holding all of the wealth