17 June, 2008

Iran’s Bank Assets to be Frozen by EU

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What a great example of why global government exists: to aid world Jewry. The self-chosen tried to use the UN to do their dirty work, but that didn’t work out as planned. The UN turned out to be rather toothless, and anti-Zionist as well. So now the Jews will try to use the EU and NATO for tikkun olam-ing (which seems sort of iffy since much of Europe is anti-Zionist; but if the Jews can fill the EU and NATO with enough shabbos goys, their attempts might succeed):


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  7. 6 Responses to “Iran’s Bank Assets to be Frozen by EU”

    1. saltriver Says:


    2. Stan Says:

      The kikes better hurry. Iran just cashed out $75 billion in European banks and transfered it to either gold or Asian banks. Someone isn’t getting their golden yamikka this week.


    3. Antagonistes Says:

      May old Yahweh have mercy upon me, but I can’t help but cheer for the Iranians.

      The freakin’ Jews should be grateful to the old Persians–from them they stole the concepts of the Messiah and the “last days” , rewards for the righteous and punishments for the wicked in the afterlife, angels, demons, and other things I can’t remember right now because I have had a couple of Warsteiners, from Germany, brewed in accordance with the German Beer Purity Law of 1516.

      Whoa! I guess the Iranians would whip me for drinking beer, and the Jews would bulldoze my house for questioning the holocaust!

    4. sgruber Says:

      This is simply theft. What for? Because the Iranians want to have nuclear power like France and many other countries do. My understanding is that Germany or some other Euro nations were financially helping Iran with their nuclear power program. Is that money down the toilet now…or are the Euro countries Indian givers?

      The jews have painted Iran’s peaceful desire to supplement its power grid with a few nuclear power plants as being the intention to build a nuclear bomb and hurt jews! (Everything is about hurting jews!) In their madness, jews will nuke Iran (a peaceful country of millions of educated people) “first.” Based on a deliberate confusion of nuclear power and nuclear bombs.

      Jews are a despicable race. The idea that the time to kill someone is before he attacks you or moves to attack you leads to the view that all men are your natural enemies – that immediately killing everyone except yourself is the ideal solution to social problems, and only the necessity of compromise prevents this from being practical at the present time.

      The enemy of mankind is a perfect description of jews, based on such attitudes and on their actions for thousands of years.

      I hope that the jews are right, and Iran IS building a bomb. If so, Iran would only be doing it in self-protection. How many times have Israel and its allies effectively promised and threatened to wipe IRAN “off the map,” as they say Iran threatened them (inaccurately – Iran’s leader was mistranslated there). Many more times than Iran ever threatened anybody, that’s for sure.

      Israel is the AGGRESSOR in the conflict. “The jew cries out in pain as he kicks you”: no words were ever truer.

      Unfortunately, even if Iran had a nuke, it would do only a little good (mostly as a minimal form of effective deterrence). Iran couldn’t win a nuclear war even with one or two warheads. Because Israel has HUNDREDS of nukes. (It jailed the man who revealed this fact.) Not so “helpless” after all, these poor pitiful little jews in a sea of meanies, eh?

      Question everything you’ve been told about Israel. How can one tell when a jew is lying? If his lips are moving, he’s lying.

    5. Arminius Says:

      I have always been in doubt about the wisdom of Iran’s policies and more so about Iran’s politicians, from its president downward. That Iran is threatened by World Jewry none of them can honestly deny, but in my opinion their response betrays gross incompetence. They play down all threats diplomatically (for sake of appeasement?) on every occasion, which, of course, does not impress the relentless anti-Iran propaganda instigated by Israel.
      And yet, if they had stacked 75 billion dollars in EU banks as reported above, 1 per cent of it would have bought this same world opinion even from the jews. Why do they keep their money abroad at all, when it could buy Iran everything it could possibly wish?
      Mightier than A-bombs is the word spread around the globe. Jews know it and use it deliberately. In Iran’s policymakers this fact should have been dawned long ago.
      I can find only one explanation: That Iran’s leadership, intelligent it may be otherwise, is completely befogged by religion, will say by Islamic priests.
      Religion and priests meddling in politics never took a happy ending!

    6. Howdy Doody Says: