13 June, 2008

Ireland Rejects Lisbon Treaty

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That’s great news. It’s a setback for global government. Sadly, most of Europe has embraced the treaty – for example, Greece just ratified it. Of significance is that European voters rejected the treaty several times when they were allowed to vote on it, e.g., in France and the Netherlands in 2005. In other words, it’s the governments and the insiders who want the treaty, not the people:


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  7. 7 Responses to “Ireland Rejects Lisbon Treaty”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Now is the time to capitalise on the momentum we have gained. Here in the jEWK we need to expose Foreign Secretary David Milliband for the commie globalist jew that he is.

    2. Whitepride Says:

      Also it would be nice to kick all niggers and muds out of Ireland.

      Any skinheads reading this: if you see a nigger with and Irish girl you know what to do.

    3. Windows311 Says:

      Too late Ireland, after 10 years of controlled immigration has gone from 0% foreign population to 20% +. All Irish born nigger spawn are classed as Irish therfore the reported figure is approx 12%. For a reality, just look at the enrollment figures for junior schools. Drastic solutions are required – don’t pass the book – don’t leave the problem to the non-existent skinheads – take ownership yourself!!!!

    4. Celtic Warrior Says:

      I didn’t know the immigration figure was as high as 20%, for a small country that is truly frightening. No doubt the Bilderburgers or some such devils decreed that isolated Ireland must be niggerized.

      Is the nigger problem mainly confined to the Dublin Metro area or is it more widespread?

      Clearly we must take ownership of the solution, whether it is “lone-wolfism” or something else. Time is fast running out.

      I recently read a sanitized biography of the ‘British’ politician Disraeli, apparently it was his idea in about 1860 to finance the Catholic seminary at Maynooth to the tune of 40,000 pound a year, (then a huge sum). He solid the idea to the Brit govt as a way of producing lame and neutered clergy.

      Don’t expect any so-called Christians to come out in support of a White Ireland.

    5. Anonymous Says:

      Milliband seems like a total Commie alright.

    6. Anonymous Says:

      Ireland is being totally over-run by Jewish mass immigration. It is not just isolated to the capital city, Dublin. I’d say Ireland will be one of the quickest nations, since starting a Jewish immigration policy in the mid-1990s for its native people to become minority. Such is the rate of it.

    7. Hans Schneider Says:

      Germans , the most popolous country in the EU were even not allowed to vote in this EU deal. That shows how “democratic ” the EU is.
      Thanks Ireland for defending democracy and common sense in Ireland and the rest of Europe , too.