23 June, 2008

More Bad News for Demjanjuk

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They just can’t leave him alone, can they? Now, he may stand trial in a German court:


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  7. 3 Responses to “More Bad News for Demjanjuk”

    1. -jc Says:

      [From the above article]

      “If Demjankuk is brought to justice in Germany, it could have far-reaching consequences for the prosecution of other Nazi war criminals. Schrimm said: ‘There are many other people who, like Demjanjuk, don’t come from Germany but who could be held accountable under German law.'”


      [From the Introduction to Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey]

      Like the great majority of Americans, Yockey opposed American intervention in the Second World War. Nevertheless, he joined the array and served until 1942 when he received a medical discharge (honorable). The next few years were spent in the practice of law, first in Illinois and subsequently in Detroit,, where he was appointed Assistant County Attorney for Wayne County, Michigan.

      In 1946, Yockey was offered a job with the war crimes tribunal and went to Europe. He was assigned to Wiesbaden, where the “second string” Nazis were lined up for trial and punishment. The Europe of 1946 was a war-ravaged continent, not the prosperous land we know today. Viewing the carnage, and seeing with his own eyes the visible effects of the unspeakable Morganthau Plan which had as its purpose the starvation of 30 million Germans, and which was being put into effect at that time, he no doubt found ample reinforcement for his conviction that American involvement in the war had been a ghastly mistake. And feeling the might of the sinister power in the East, he might well have wondered whose interests were being served by such a “victory.”

      As Senator Robert A. Taft and many other responsible and thinking men of the day who had the courage to state their convictions, Yockey concluded that the entire procedure of the “war crimes trials” was serving the interests—and was meant to serve the interests— of international communism The use of torture, doctored evidence and ex-post-facto law before a court which was judge, jury, prosecutor and defense were merely part of the preposterous juridical aspects. Of even more importance was the reversion to barbarism which was inherent in the spectacle—a reversion so pointedly explored later by Britisher F. J. P. Veale in Advance to Barbarism.

      For eleven months, Yockey’s duty in Wiesbaden was to prepare reports on the various cases. Having a long view of history, he tried to do an objective job. Finally, in Washington, someone complained, and his superior called him on the carpet. “We don’t want this type of report,” he was told. ‘”‘This has entirely the wrong slant. You’ll have to rewrite these reports to conform with the official Viewpoint.”

      Yockey felt that the time had come to take a stand, even if it meant to break with, conformity and plunge into the lowly waters of social ostracism. “I am a lawyer, not a journalist,” he said, “you’ll have to write your own propaganda”; and he quit on the spot.

    2. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Speaking of the Taft family, as far as I know, former Ohio Republican Governor “the” Bob Taft has done nothing to defend poor old Demjanjuk.

      Matter of fact, “the” Bob Taft’s pal President George Bush has had his administration leading the persecution of Demjanjuk.

      Of course “the” Bob Taft is a convicted theif…

    3. ED! Says:

      I wish I could meet this man and apologize for the fact that we do not stop what we are doing and kick those Jews that are the trouble makers all the way to Israel! If Demjanjak has done anything wrong in his life, he will soon answer for it at age 88! The only way we will ever have peace is to put boots on the ground and deal with the bastards using the only language they can understand, and that would be BRUTE FORCE!