13 July, 2008

Another ‘Nazi Doctor’ Sought

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Given the lies and the hysteria surrounding “Holocaust crimes,” there’s no way of knowing what Heim did or didn’t do:

At Bradley R. Smith’s blog: [Here]. More about Heim: [Here].

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  7. 3 Responses to “Another ‘Nazi Doctor’ Sought”

    1. Heather Blue Says:

      Harassing an elderly man like that is age discrimination. The Jews are crying out for the world to give them the same kind of treatment they dish out. It is plain that Jews must receive exactly what they do to others or they will continue this kind of inhuman abuse as long as they exist on the face of this earth.

      Hunt them down.
      Prosecute them.
      Convict them.
      Carry out the sentence.

    2. ted junker fan Says:

      Fight TSOG (Talmudist Semitic Occupied Governmnet) in the here & now.
      Help Herr Junker with a twenty or a five or whatever you can scrape up.
      [email protected]

    3. Hans Schneider Says:

      the whole thing is comparable to the cry “hold the thief”
      while the thieves steal and loot the US banks and the general economy.
      In 20 years down the line “they” will still hunt “nazis”. If you want to throw the book at war criminals , you could do that here and now and start with Israel.