24 July, 2008

China’s Mandate for Negroes: Who Cares? Not Many

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Someone wondered aloud if China would “get away with” its new rule that negroes cannot be served in bars in Beijing. The answer, of course, is yes, the Chinese will get away with it, because they aren’t White. The “all humans are equal” propaganda, which is spouted daily by the Jews and their shabbos goys, was designed for Whites. So if non-Whites don’t buy it/follow it, there isn’t cause for much alarm:


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  7. 9 Responses to “China’s Mandate for Negroes: Who Cares? Not Many”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      This is good news for us. Let’s hope there are plenty of ‘incidents’ involving drunk niggers molesting local girls.

      ….dem chinks be racist an’ sheet….

    2. John Says:

      Even the chinks understand that the nigger is an animal, it’s only brainwashed whites that still dont.

    3. Mr.AntiSemite Says:

      Anybody whose ever been to any Asian country will tell you that prostitution is culturally accepted and rampant throughout these countries. You can bet your last dollar that the Chinese will be geared up to take advantage of this Olympic sized business opportunity.

      The Olympics will be a spawning ground for these mixed race mongrels. The Chinese abhor all Amerasians, but particulary hate the Black Amerasians. They even go as far as to exclude AmerAsians from any livelyhood in their country. I have seen this first hand.

      You can be pretty sure that these social rejects will be finding a home in soft hearted, soft headed Western country.

    4. Gage Says:

      This is indeed good news. Now if only America would regain our sense of supremacy and bring into effect historical policies regarding Negroes, we’d be all set.

      If only!

    5. Gage Says:

      Site link error,

      That site I linked to is not mine, my page is confederategazetteonline.blogspot.com


    6. Jim Says:

      If the White race goes down the tubes thru miscegenation and bleeding heart liberalism perhaps some semblance of civilization will still endure thru the Yellow race. unlike us, they seem to have a primal desire to keep their gene pool unpolluted from mixture with lesser races. The northeast Asians, at least have an average !Q of over 100. They lack very many geniuses with IQs of 140 and above, but they seem to be able to take things invented by Whites and improve on them.

    7. sgruber Says:

      The jew rats are starting to infest China, too.

      No way out but through the jew.


    8. Mark Says:

      China will “get away with” not serving negroes in Beijing bars – not because “they aren’t White,” as you aver – but because they are communists in the NWO fold (unlike Mislosovich).

      NWO communists (read Jews) will always trumph a negroe or anyone else.

    9. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Damn, just when I was looking for reasons not to like the Chinese they do something that earns my respect. The asian mentality is not sentimental like that of a Westerner, so the kikes and their white liberal fellow travelers will be unable to shame them or guilt trip them into apologizing and reversing course. This also reminds me of an article in 2004 (in the London Telegraph) in which the Iraqi insurgents were concentrating their attacks against black American troops because it is was a supreme insult to be occupied by people of African descent.

      Whites are the only nitwits that tolerate blacks in their living space. When mestizos increase in numbers they ethnically cleanse blacks from their neighborhoods. Asians would murder them wholesale if they could get away with it.

      Blacks are universally despised and if and when whites pass from this earth it’s only a matter of time before they are exterminated in what used to be America, Britain, and Europe.