22 July, 2008

Holocaust Indoctrination Gains Ground

Posted by Socrates in Australia, Holocaust humor, holocaust racket, jewed culture, jewish hate & hypocrisy, Jewish Tyranny, Socrates at 10:26 pm | Permanent Link

This time in Australia. No word yet if the schools will be required to teach students about the first holocaust:


Holocaust nonsense: [Here].

Holocaust humor: [Here].

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  7. 6 Responses to “Holocaust Indoctrination Gains Ground”

    1. Stronza Says:

      “In the [Buchenwald] camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle. Every day they would throw a Jew in there. The bear would tear him apart and the eagle would pick his bones.”

      Never heard this one before.

    2. Stan Says:

      Those descriptions pale in comparison to what I will do to them when I am set free. Holiday camps indeed. The kikes are going to wish life were that pleasant when I get done.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Of course no mention of the 3000 year war they have been waging against White Civilization.

    4. italiano Says:

      “To live life, you need to know the Holocaust happened,”

      I don’t think it gets loonier than that.

    5. Hans Schneider Says:

      kids should be instructed about certain people doing most of the drug trading and financial crimes all over the world.

    6. Arch Stanton Says:

      Temper your temper

      White folks have long been renowned for their calm, rational approach to problems. Allowing emotions, such has anger or hate, to rule ones thinking during times of duress only serves to cloud one’s thinking. Such clouded thinking invariably results in bad decisions. How many times have we found ourselves regretting a rash reaction due to anger or outrage? Clever people know how to manipulate human emotions to their advantage and usually do so when possible. This can clearly be seen in advertising campaigns that appeal to various emotional states such as fear, greed or envy. Eliminating one’s emotional baggage on a subject denies clever people from turning one’s own emotions against themselves. The problem white people (especially males) face in this regard should be viewed in the same manner a doctor might view a cancerous growth. A doctor does not hate or rail about the cancer; instead he calmly views various options to deal with the situation. This is a cultural cancer and needs to be dealt with in that manner. One finds a very different view on such matters when examined in the light of cold and calm deliberation. There is an old saying that revenge is a dish best served cold, but revenge is a dish that, while appearing quite tasty in the store window, provides a bad case of dyspepsia the following day, therefore revenge is dish best not contemplated. On the other hand a cure provides the satisfaction that the situation has been successfully dealt with and resolved, one seldom regrets a successful cure. So we should dispassionately search for a cure to our cultural cancer and endeavor in discovering the best method for excising it from the body in a manner that does the least harm to the body. There is another interesting facet to this approach in that venting emotions “humanizes” a person or situation with recognition as being equal, while restraining the emotions dehumanizes the situation. For those of you who have a certain bent on the subject, it is interesting to note that perhaps the most terrifying aspect of the SS was their almost robotic deliberation in carrying out their orders. It is quite chilling and unnerving to realize that your opposition has no more emotional attachment to you than they would body lice.