11 July, 2008

Iran’s Missile Test: Another Excuse for Israel to Advance Zionism

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The Jews know very well that Iran won’t attack Israel for a couple of reasons: 1) because the Jewish state has sophisticated nuclear weapons, while Iran has none [1]; 2) Iran knows that America would quickly aid Israel after an Iranian attack. This missile issue – like the nuclear centrifuges issue – is simply another fake crisis manufactured by the self-chosen – and their allies – in order to advance the cause of Zionism. If any country has cause to worry, it’s not Israel but Iran, because the Zionists have a long record of launching sudden attacks for no good reason, e.g., Israel bombed Iraq in 1981 and Syria in 2007. (In fact, it could be argued that nothing is more dangerous to world peace than a bunch of emotional and paranoid Jews sitting on a large cache of nukes).

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  7. One Response to “Iran’s Missile Test: Another Excuse for Israel to Advance Zionism”

    1. Gerald e. Morris Says:

      Watch Repulingcunt McCain start gibbering about this shit as he moves to assure his AIP{AC backers that he is eager to attack iran, even at the cost of sacrificing whatever is left of his host country.