21 July, 2008

Negro vs. High Voltage

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How not to steal electrical wire (warning: graphic images): [Here].

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    1. Stan Says:

      Oops. Niggers shouldn’t play with White Man’s inventions.

    2. confederate Says:

      gee a nigger electrical engineer.
      honestly, niggers are so entertaining sometimes. just like the organ grinders monkey.

    3. Zoroastro Says:

      Too bad yids are not as dumb (in general, though there are quite a few notable exceptions -especially the spoiled, denser type of the Holywood kikeroonies.)

    4. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      The entire website is awesome. For example check out a long tale of a Nigerian email scam at http://niggermania.com/omar/omar1/Omar1.html . It is worth the read. It makes us Rastafarians proud.

    5. Chris Says:

      # Stan Says:
      21 July, 2008 at 9:13 pm

      Oops. Niggers shouldn’t play with White Man’s inventions.

      No doubt! Especially since pants still seem to be a mystery to these hominids.

    6. D. Smith Says:

      Electrons be racist ‘n’ sheet.

    7. Hans Schneider Says:

      fried coon ?

    8. expose_them_all Says:

      LMAO @ “Oops. Niggers shouldn’t play with White Man’s inventions.“ (so true)

      fried coon? — Yes, just not the edible variety – again a big LOL.

      What a dumb ass nigger, before he placed those metal wire cutters around that 4/0 cable . . . that huge transformer had to be humming as loud as a lion that was growling and warning; “Stay the F away from me man!” ZAAAAP!!!!!!!

    9. Mike Quigley Says:

      Well I was having a bad day. Capsized my kayak at the lake,ruining my cell phone,soaking my wallet,and losing my truck keys. Somehow things dont seem so bad now.What a wonderful gift on my birthday…..BBQ SPOOK ! Oh and happy B-Day to my good buddy Stan as well!

    10. Luek Says:

      Still pictures are nice but it would be neat to have the video from a surveillance camera of the electrocution as it actually happened.

    11. Andrei Yustschinsky Says:

      Larry Sinclair’s One time “Two Night Stand Trick” Obama Opposes California’s Marriage Protection Act

      by Andrei Yustschinsky, Investivgative Reporter

      Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Larry Sinclair’s crack/cocaine butt buddy Barack Obama has cum out in opposition to the California ballot initiative that would amend the state’s Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. At least Obama is no hippocrate.

      In a letter sent to the Alice B. Toklas L.G.B.T. Democratic Club, a San Francisco gay rights group, Obama declared: “I oppose the divisive and discriminatory efforts to amend the California Constitution, and similar efforts to amend the U.S. Constitution or those of other states.” For you boys and girls who don’t know who Alice Bumper Toklas was, she was the lover of avant garde writer, feminist and lesbian-Jewess Gertrudt Stein.

      The California Marriage Protection Act, which will appear on the state’s November ballot, asserts: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

      The move to amend California’s Constitution came after the May 15 decision by the state’s Supreme Court that gave same-sex couples the right to marry.

      While Obama opposes the initiative, he remains “opposed” (by playing both sides from the middle) to same-sex marriage, the New York Times reported. He does “pole in the wrong hole” unions and domestic partnerships.

      Obama expressed opposition to the amendment, on the ballot as Proposition 8, because “as we have seen in some states, enshrining a definition of marriage into the constitution can allow states to roll back the civil rights and benefits that are provided in domestic partnerships and civil (pole in the wrong hole) unions,” campaign spokesman Ben LaClap told The Times.

      Obama’s presumptive Republicunt rival John McAmnesty announced his support for the initiative last month.

      A Los Angeles Times/KTLA poll conducted shortly after the California Supreme Court decision found that 54 percent of registered voters surveyed supported the amendment, and 35 percent said they opposed it.

      Among voters who said they did not know a friend, family member or co-worker “went the other way or switch-hit”, 70 percent supported the amendment.

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting on the spot & in the parking lot at POWERHOUSE CRUISE BAR (Levi & leather attire only) at 1357 Folsom Street, San Francisco, Californa, 94107

      This September 28th, 2008 (Saturday), your future oriole cookie president Barack H. Obama will be an honored guest and speaker at the FOLSOM STREET FAIR in San Francisco, California, sometime between 11am & 6pm. Below is a link to the FOLSOM STREET FAIR (with last year’s pictures included) website….


    12. Andrei Yustschinsky Says:

      AIDS among mestizos on rise
      Wetbacks in U.S. face unique obstacles to diagnosis and treatment
      By Andrei Yustschinsky, Medical Reporter
      The Washington Host
      updated & revised 2:01 a.m. CT, Wed., July. 23, 2008
      SAN YSIDRO, Calif. – AIDS rates in the nation’s mestizo community are increasing and, with little notice, have reached what experts are calling a simmering public health crisis.

      Though chicanos make up about 14 percent of the U.S. population, they represented 22 percent of new HIV and AIDS diagnoses tallied by federal officials in 2006. According to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, beaners in the District have the highest rate of new AIDS cases in the country.

      So far, the toll of AIDS in the nation’s largest and fastest-growing minority population has mostly been overshadowed by the epidemic among negroes residing in America and gay males. Yet in major U.S. cities, as many as 1 in 4 gay beaner males has HIV, a rate on par with sub-Saharan Africa.

      Negroid males still have the highest HIV rates in the country, but language difficulties (negroes don’t have these?), cultural barriers and, in many cases, issues of legal status make the threat in the Hispanic community unique. For those who arrived illegally, in particular, fear of arrest and deportation presents a daunting obstacle to seeking diagnosis and treatment.

      “Officials need to stop downplaying or ignoring what’s happening among Latinos,” said Oscar De La O, president of Beanerstar, a Latino service organization. “We are at the center of the spicey storm.”

      Scat attention
      Even with the United States embroiled in a fierce debate over immigration policy, the problem of AIDS in spics had received scat attention from political and public health officials. At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where only two of 17 approved HIV programs target mestizo Americans, officials have added neo-Spanish-language hotlines, confidential testing sites and other initiatives aimed at “filling the gap”.

      “Hispanics are overrepresented in this epidemic, and we need to target our efforts to them,” CDC busboy Kenneth Dominguez said in an interview.

      Officials do not have a precise tally of HIV infection nationwide, because many states have not reported figures to the CDC. The 22 percent, a figure that has not been previously released, includes 33 states and Puerto Rico, but not California, where more than 37 percent of the population is Hispanic.

      “You combine the economic pressures, loneliness and immigration worries, and it pushes these individuals to be a hidden population,” said Frank Galvan of the Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles.

      The consequences, however, go well beyond the Hispanic community. If the United States does not begin to “make a dent” in the swelling crisis of HIV among Hispanics, Galvan said, “it will continue to spread to other populations.”

      The nexus of AIDS and migration — the reality that viruses know no borders — will gain fresh prominence at the International AIDS Conference next month in Mexico City. It is a nexus that plays out in dramatic fashion in San Ysidro and other communities along the U.S.-Wetback border, where the tensions associated with immigration tend to exacerbate an already stigmatized illness.

      “Migrants tend to be lonely, separated from their family or partners,” Dominguez said. “They do not have health insurance yet. They may turn to drugs or alcohol (what about violence busboy?). All of these put a migrant at higher risk.”

      Broken dreams
      Mauro Ruiz’s story fit that profile.

      Growing up gay in Mexico, the 35-year old felt the pain of his family’s shame. He fled north of the border, as many do, in search of an easy life. There, he thought, he could live openly and thrive.

      But Ruiz’s fantasy never quite materialized. The pay at a local restaurant was better than the $3.50 an hour he earned working for the Mexico City government, but he thought that washing dishes was “demeaning”. Struggling with English, he made few friends. Most of all, the freedoms he sought in California quickly became his undoing.

      Unleashed from the stigma that cloaks homosexuality in Mexico’s conservative, machismo culture, Ruiz sought refuge in San Diego’s gay bars and bathhouses. There, he discovered friendly American men (Obama?) and crystal methamphetamine.

      “I had no idea meth was so addictive,” he said. “It takes away your inhibitions. I started associating with people I wouldn’t normally.”

      It was not long before Ruiz contracted HIV. As is the case with many spics, his disease had nearly reached full-blown AIDS before it was diagnosed. “I was scared as hell, really, really afraid,” he said in a near-whisper.

      Ruiz’s arc from newly liberated migrant to fighting for his life typifies the experience of many gay mestizos, said Rafael Diaz, an AIDS expert at San Francisco State University.

      Many are “objectified” by white men who view them as exotic. They play subservient roles to partners with citizenship or money. The “triple oppressive experiences of poverty, racism and homophobia” lead many to risky behavior, Diaz said. “People are looking for respite and relief from a sense of isolation, economic deprivation and low self-esteem. Sometimes hot gay sex is the place where men find that.”

      Mestizo females confront similar cultural challenges.

      Rosario Mancillas was raised to believe that “if you have HIV and you are a real mestizo woman, you are a rea mestizol prostitute.”

      The 45-year-old very butch lesbian epitomizes today’s increasingly common bi-national, border-straddling existence. She was born in Brownsville, Tex., but raised in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. When she got a job at a Costco store as dock manager in Chula Vista, Calif., she (he) chose to live across the border in Tijuana, where rents are cheaper and the culture more familiar.

      Yet even as she adopted a more American lifestyle, Mancillas’s attitudes and beliefs were firmly rooted in her traditional spic upbringing. Feeling pressure to give her parents a grandchild, she investigated a cum bank. But the prospect of insemination seemed cold and impersonal. Then a gay friend offered to try to impregnate her with an OXO GOOD GRIPS TURKEY BASTER® .

      The brief heterosexual detour did not produce a miniature mestizo, but she did contract HIV, discovering the infection three years later when she was stricken with terrible stomach pain, when at first she thought it was caused from an extra large dildo. Mancillas went with her father to a hospital in Tijuana.

      “My English is not good, and I felt more comfortable in my own language, my own culture,” she said in Spanish. The Mexican doctor told Mancillas’s father that she had AIDS — and six months to live. Neither man told her. Three days later, a nurse broke the news.

      Her “very close” partner and her “close” friends all disappeared. Of all people, a priest asked her: “What kind of life have you led that God would punish you in this way?”

      Still, Mancillas considers herself lucky. With the help of a California doctor, her six-month death sentence has extended to more than 11 years (that’s a relief). More important, she noted, she is a U.S. citizen, eligible for legal protections and disability benefits, excluding American Whites…

      URL: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25808098/

    13. Antagonistes Says:

      In the town where I live, this Black dude tried to break into a Church’s Fried Chicken.

      He came in through the roof, and found his feet in a pot of boiling grease that had been left on the stove, by mistake (by Black employees–so what else is new?). He was stuck and could not get out.

      He died a horrible death, with his feet getting boiled.

      The police said that he probably died of suffocation, because the black smoke from his feet cooking probably suffocated him.

      The next morning, on the radio station I listen to, the DJ said that if you happen to go to a Church’s Fried Chicken, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, eat any chicken nuggets that have dark meat!

      That was a good one! Dark humor, very dark humor, but well-directed.

    14. Zoroastro Says:

      Antagonistes, thank you! That is even more hilarious than the negro genius-inventor from the original nstory! Reality, pnce again, funnier than fiction…

    15. irish88 Says:

      C’mon now my good man Antagonistes you GOTTA give us a link to that fried up muthafuka!

    16. Antagonistes Says:

      This happened more than ten years ago, maybe twenty, but I still remember it.

      I will try to find a link.

      But that would be giving away what city I live in, wouldn’t it?

    17. irish88 Says:

      If it was that long ago it’s doubtful anything exists, but thanks for looking nonetheless. And come now, would anyone worthy of the name ANTAGONISTES worry about revealing such a triviality, hmm?

    18. Mike Quigley Says:

      Ah yet another bleak day has been brightened up by my WN brothers. Thank you Antagonistes!

    19. Celtic Warrior Says:

      This is off topic but relates to an item on the jewtube now,

      What did Senator Banana say to the lemmings in Berlin??

      “Ich bin ein nigger”

    20. mr clean Says:

      he is my candidate for a darwin award

    21. Susan Says:

      Antagonistes: Too fucking funny!!!!

      But why are you so the fuck scared about someone finding about what city you live in. You go by the name Antagonistes for god’s sake. It’s not like you post as Mike Brown…..geez.

      Grow a backbone or some other part of your anatomy.