27 July, 2008

Still More About Karadzic

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Understanding how and why the Serbs became enemies of the Western (“Western”) elites gives good insight into the plans and strategies of the NWO/JWO leaders. In fact, the Serb situation would be an ideal subject for WNs to study in detail – just like they do World War II:


Notice the mention of the use of “atrocity propaganda” [Here]. That type of propaganda has, of course, been a vital part of anti-Nazi claims.

Reese, re: Serbia: [Here].

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  7. 2 Responses to “Still More About Karadzic”

    1. John Says:

      Firstly it’s Croats with a C and secondly how on earth can you compare two proud European Christian warrior nations like the Croats and Serbs with sub human Islamist Albanians and Bosnian Muslims?
      As for Europe being better of without Serbs and Croats Ill tell you what Europe would be better of without, filth like race traitors, jews, muslims, africans, fags, liberals, democrats, etc.

    2. Paul Says:

      The only Bad scummy Serbs are the ones who collaborate with the west and grovel for EU membership by selling out their nation and citizens.
      Serbia was bombed mercilessly for 6 weeks in 1999 and now there are those who want to kiss the ass of the criminals who bombed them.
      The Balkans remain a strategic region, and always were. The west has tried for a very long time to subdue and control that region, but Marshall Tito effectively kept them out and therefore everyone lived with each other in peace. Only after Tito died and Socialism fell in Eastern Europe did the Yugoslav govt. become too weak and therefore a prey for western interests, who instigated the Balkan wars in order to divide the people, create hatred and then come in as ‘liberators’ of Bosnians, Albanians, etc.
      Making Kosovo independent and subduing Serbia are the final steps in a western plan to control that region, a plan which goes back many decades, before WW2.