25 July, 2008

‘Ten Commandments’ of Race and Genetics Issued

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No humans are superior? How do you explain this, for example? Or this? Further, do “moral” questions belong in science? Isn’t science supposed to be neutral? Who decides what is and isn’t “moral”? (For newbies: Jewish “scientist” Ashley Montagu – not his real name – long ago announced that all humans are “equal.” Montagu’s announcement was “official” since it was sponsored by UNESCO – you can’t get any more official than that, bub):


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  7. 22 Responses to “‘Ten Commandments’ of Race and Genetics Issued”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Nature deals in INEQUALITY, if it didn’t evolution would come to a halt.

    2. Blightblingywingydoorag Says:

      Moral questions do not belong in science. Nevertheless, the average person is confused by facts. Political reality demands a moral component. WNism must meet the challenge or stay small and marginal.

    3. Friedrich Braun Says:

      quote: No genetic data has ever shown that one group of people is inherently superior to another. Equality is a moral value central to the idea of human rights;

      ams: And that is the central absurdity of it all. Liberals themselves seem to hold the position that equality before the law is based on the presumption of biological equality. Thus, what should be a purely empirical question–do people have the same genes or not?–is repositioned as a “moral value.” It would be as though people who lived before Magellan sailed around the world argued that the flat earth was a “moral value” and that no one had actually sailed “around” the world to disprove it, while ignoring all other contrary data. In the case at hand, while specific genes that contribute to human inequality may not have been firmly identified, phenotypic inequalities with mearsurable heritabilities, sometimes quite high heritabilities, have been observed and measured repeatedly.

      Quote: Those that share the same culture, language or location tend to have different genetic variations than other groups.

      ams: *Except* for genes that contribute to differences in human abilities–those genes are exempt from inter-group variability; and that is an article of faith which, if you express doubts about, you are immoral and heretical.

      quote: This is becoming less true, though, as populations mix.

      ams: That is an assumption, but recent evidence indicates that different populations are continuing to move apart genetically at an accelerating rate.

      quote: Studies looking for health disparities between individuals shouldn’t rely solely on this identity.

      ams: Just as they should not rely “solely” on the patient’s family history; but does tnat mean his family history should be ignored?

      quote: Social definitions of what it means to be “Hispanic” or “black” have changed over time. People who claim the same race may actually have very different genetic histories.

      ams: Yes, they *may*, but usually not. And including “Hispanic” in this example is highly misleading. “Hispanic” has never referred to a race. That would be like using “Americans” as an example of a race.

      quote: Trying to use genetic differences between groups to show differences in intelligence, violent behaviors or the ability to throw a ball is an oversimplification of much more complicated interactions between genetics and environment.

      ams: No, it’s not, geneticists do not oversimplify; they do not say “genes only explain behavior.” A total straw man. And isn’t it interesting that when social scientists or others really do resort to environmental explanations unmodified by genetic considerations that no one ever accuses the environmental determinsts of “oversimplification” or warns us against using environmental differences between groups to explain differences in intelligence or behavior?

      quote: Researchers should be careful about using racial groups when designing experiments

      ams: Because it might result in unwelcome discoveries!

      quote: Overemphasising genetics may promote racist views or focus attention on a group when it should be on the individual.

      ams: Because their ideological obsession with the fiction of racial equality is their primary concern, not your health.

      quote: The study of genetics requires cooperation between experts in many different fields

      ams: I don’t disagree with this statement, but I do note that they never say this about the study of the social sciences, even though it is no less true there, and even though interdisciplinary contributions that includes genetics is far more lacking in the social sciences than the other way around.

      quote: Oversimplified science feeds popular misconceptions

      ams: Yes–the popular misconception that “all men are created equal.”

      quote: Genetics 101 should include a history of racism

      Any high school or college student learning about genetics should also learn about misguided attempts in the past to use science to justify racism.

      ams: Because misguided attempts to ignore or distort science in order to suppress popular knowledge of racial differences has been much more common and much more successful, it is far more important for students to learn of those attempts in their genetics classes.
      quote: The Stanford group didn’t always agree when coming up with these ideas. Predictably enough, the biomedical scientists tended to think of race in neutral, clinical terms; the social scientists and scholars of the humanities argued that concepts of race cannot be washed clean of their cultural and historical legacies.

      ams: Yes, because political activists long ago infiltrated the social sciences and humanities with the goal of acting as Marxist “change agents.”

      quote: But both groups, according to the letter, recognise the power of the gene in the public imagination and the historical dangers of its misrepresentation as deterministic and immutable.

      ams: Once again, what about “the historical dangers of” misrepresenting environmental influences “as deterministic and immutable?” That has been far more common and its consequences far more severe, yet, as usual the social scientists and humanities professors exempt themselves from scrutiny.


    4. Celtic Warrior Says:

      A good point raised by Blightbling…..I don’t believe we need any moral arguments to support the biological necessity for the continuance of the White Race. It is like a man engaging in a philosophical discourse with a group of savages about to murder him.

      But I do concede that WNism does need a moral component to serve as a moat or outer defensive curtain that our opponents must bridge before they can attack us directly and thereby reveal their true motives.

      Jews are good at perverting and subverting the morally obvious. Surely we can develop a coherent and rock solid moral framework to serve the WN cause?

    5. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      This article is the definitive proof that multiculturalism is a religion and not a belief system set in reality. Are we to believe that we should start research on sickle cell anemia in whites? Are we to ignore that marathons are almost always won by west africans? This is unscientific garbage, and is a mirror to the inquisition.

      This psychosis, and fantasy belief is so ingrained in so many people that we will have to wipe the slate clean one day, and we must do that before they succeed in infecting our minds with this false belief destroying our will, and impregnate our women with their dna, destroying our genes.

    6. Blightblingywingydoorag Says:

      “I don’t believe we need any moral arguments to support the biological necessity for the continuance of the White Race. It is like a man engaging in a philosophical discourse with a group of savages about to murder him.”

      You may not need a moral argument. I don’t need a moral argument. That’s why we’re here. But conditioned mice do. Think Wichita. Think Knoxville. Think Seattle “Mardis Gras” riot. In each situation the inner conflict between moral conditioning and reality led to hesitation or poor choices, resulting in the victims’ death. White society is saturated with the morality of death. Where’s our morality of survival?

    7. Andrei Yustschinsky Says:

      Gypsy thieves questioned
      SENIOR NWI GYPSY OBSERVER | Friday, July 25, 2008

      HAMMOND | Police are hailing a Wednesday traffic stop with bringing them their first major breakthrough toward stopping a rash of thefts from senior citizens which began last year.

      More than three dozen robberies or attempted robberies of elderly residents in their homes committed by men claiming to be utility or service workers have been reported in Hammond and surrounding communities since December.

      In each reported instance, an individual purporting to be a water department, gas, electric or other employee enters a senior citizen’s home, and then distracts the resident while partners sneak in and ransack the house for cash and valuables. These are the oldest bag of tricks Gypsies have been using on their non-Gypsy White European host populations for hundreds of years.

      Police on Wednesday stopped a red late-model Pontiac sedan at the corner of 165th Street and Calumet Avenue shortly after noon on reports that the men inside had been offering gas station patrons the use of their credit card for purchases in exchange for cash.

      The four men in the car appeared to be “mestizos” but were fast talkers like big city small time con-artist Jews, police said, but were actually of “Eastern European heritage” with residency in “eastern” Calumet City. Each reportedly carried a walkie-talkie radio.

      Local victims of the distraction robbers have described the thieves as “looking Latino,” and reported how the group’s frontman talks into a mobile radio or cellular telephone in a language which is not English or a mestizo brand of debauched Spanish.

      “Pawn shop receipts” (people who purchace stolen merchandice) for jewelry also were found in the car, police said.

      The FBI classifies these Gypsy distraction burglaries committed against the elderly as one of the most common variety of gypsy cons, named after a group of people who migrated to Europe from the Indian subcontinent during the Middle Ages and who were virtually kicked out (like that other wandering tribe) there during the National Socialist pogroms of the 1940s. At least these Gypsies are not responsible for all the wars of the world as Mel Gibson has quoted, forced miscegenation, homosexuality and holoco$t myths and claims on the world White population like the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews are. As far as i know, i have never heard of any Gypsy who has ever moved up in the world in any positions of government, media, religious or political power on any large scale in the White world and that’s good. The only thing thing i can say good about the Gypsies is they do not like Jews, but still Gypsies are born thieves and con-artists, genetically that’s just their nature.

      Dark haired, dark eyed, swarthy, greasy, these Gypsies — who now-a-days refer to themselves as “Rom” or “Roma” — arrived in North America in the early 1900s, and today number around 1 million, according to law enforcement gypsologists.

      The FBI reports that many family groupings of Rom Gypsies make their livings through retail theft, home-improvement fraud, “lonely hearts” scams, and distraction burglaries — mostly committed against senior citizens.

      Nearly all of the local victims in the recent series of robberies are 80 or older, and many have lost their life’s savings through thefts of $10,000 or more.

      The men questioned on Wednesday had names (aka or also-known-as) commonly associated with people of Rom descent such as Miller, Ristich, Stevens, Bimbo, Alexander, etc. police said.

      Because no credit card was found, the men were released. But police photographed them and their vehicle, and documented the “pawn shop receipts” for future reference.

      Hammond detectives and their counterparts in other communities with similar reported robberies — including East Chicago, Highland, Munster, Merrillville and Portage, and the Illinois suburbs of Berwyn, Oak Lawn and Western Springs — have been working on a multijurisdictional approach to solving their cases since May.

      Information gained from Wednesday’s traffic stop could go a long way toward stopping the crime spree, Hammond Police Chief Brian Miller said.

      “I have been a lawman for 18 years, and in all that time these are the first ‘Gypsies’ I have ever encountered,” Miller (not a Gypsy) said. “Sometimes it pays to get my lunch ‘to go.'”

      Miller reminded residents that all city employees and legitimate utility workers carry official identification and will show it on demand, and he recommends calling 911 if a suspicious mestizo looking person comes to their door.

      The Hammond Police Department Web site, www. HammondPolice.com, features a map which tracks reported attacks by the thieves over the past eight months.

      Anyone with information about the gang is asked to call Detective Michael Daniels at (219) 852-2961 or Detective Steve Guernsey at (219) 852-2978.
      Copywrong © 2008 nwi.com

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from “on the spot & in the parking lot” at the Hammond Police Department, Hammond, Indiana, 46320

      Original politically correct story here…..

    8. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Yes, we need a joyous morality of survival and fruitfulness.

      How are we going to start a course in survival101 for the lemmings??

    9. zoomcopter Says:

      I couldn’t agree more with Blightblingywingydoorag’s statement “In each situation, the inner conflict between moral conditioning and reality led to hesitation or poor choices, resulting in the victim’s death.” How very true! It is within that exact moment that the victim must choose between the politically correct response, or heeding internal warning bells going off. I am walking down the street and see a group of blacks. Do I cross the street to avoid them, risking the notion that they may be “offended” or do I do the politically correct thing, and approach them with a friendly demeanor? Do I mentally process the possibility that they have guns, knives, etc, and want to harm me? We are indoctrinated from pre-school on, to give blacks, hispanics, jews, etc, the benefit of the doubt and treat them as having the same mindset as ourselves. We are not allowed to think the dangerous thought that these folks may want to do me great bodily harm. This is forbidden to even think. This hesitation to ignore racial survival instincts has lead to thousands of needless murders of our White race. The British magazine, The New Scientist, is nothing more than a tabloid rag, which censors True Science in the interest of political correctness. I subscribed to it for a year and found it to be simply a summary of new developments in the world of science with no original writing, with the glaring exception of being politically correct, which, in the real world means, Death to the White Race.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Yes, The New Scientist is a dangerous publication, not for the lies it contains but for all the half-truths it pushes as fact.

      Incidentally, here is a moral argument that Christians with an interest in science may appreciate:

      As I understand it, Christians believe in a personal bodily resurrection at ‘the end of time’. Now, according to Professor Frank Tipler of Tulane University, who is an atheist, such a scenario may indeed be possible if intelligent life gains mastery of the universe and comes to inhabit all possible regions of space and time.

      Of course before this can happen intelligent life must make its first tentitive steps on the way to the stars. Only the White Race has the drive and ability to take these steps.

      So, if you are a Christian, your renewed bodily existence may hang on the survival of White civilization!

      If the jews and globalists have their way the world will enter a new and terrible dark age from which there will be no recovery. The only ‘intellectual’ life will be endless and mindless Talmudic hair-splitting.

      So Christians which is it to be; for the towering achievements of White civilization to lie like sun bleached bones in the sand, or for a whole hearted commitment to White Nationalism and uncompromising struggle to victory.

    11. ein Says:

      I couldn’t agree more with Blightblingywingydoorag’s statement, “In each situation, the inner conflict between moral conditioning and reality led to hesitation or poor choices, resulting in the victim’s death.”
      How very true! It is within that exact moment that the victim must choose between the politically correct response, or heeding [Nature’s] internal warning bells that are going off.

      Thank you, Zoomcopter. I too was struck by the pithy truth of that sentence and wanted to make some further comment . You did it very well for me.
      Yes, “conditioned mice” do need a moral argument to counter all the lifetime of indoctrination.

    12. ein Says:

      quote: No genetic data has ever shown that one group of people is inherently superior to another. Equality is a moral value central to the idea of human rights.
      – – – – – – – –
      So it is. Exactly. But equality is not a scientifically demonstrable fact. It is purely an unproven philosophical assumption.

      It is an assumption necessary for the promotion of the concept of universal himan rights. — an assumption perhaps having moral value in itself (depending on your agenda), but with no scientific basis. It’s no more real than the virgin birth, the existence of heaven and hell, transsubstantiation, or other similar religious dogmas. But it (and they), however unproven, are necessary underpinnings for the creeds that they uphold.

    13. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “Incidentally, here is a moral argument that Christians with an interest in science may appreciate:”

      You mean, Christian Scientists?

    14. Andrei Yustschinsky Says:

      “Racist” License Plates Draw The Ire Of The Usual White Guiltiots
      Posted on: 2008-07-27 08:04:01

      by Andrei Yustschinsky, DMV Undercover Agent

      ARKANSAS — A series of hundreds of Arkansas-issued license plates are being pulled out of circulation over letter combinations that some White guiltiots claim are racist.

      “I couldn’t imagine putting this on my car,” motorist White soccer mom Alice Kunce said as she held up her “018-NGR” license plate.

      Full time, fat-ass and Obama worshiping 18 hour-plus television viewer Kunce said she found the letter combination offensive.

      “She looked at it and said, ‘Why not,'” Kunce said. “I said, ‘Look at it, what does it say?’ and she looked at it and said, ‘Oh.'”

      The politically correct state decided to pull the entire series of plates after being made aware by guilty White people (guiltiots) and Jews of the letter combination.

      “Some folks might think it OK, others find it offensive,” Roger Duren (White) of the Office of Motor Vehicles said. “So, if anyone does, anything offensive we try not to issue.”

      Arkansas uses a computer program and then an employee to screen personal plates.

      Another employee and a plate vendor screen state-issued plates for “offensive or derogatory” statements.

      Some mostly nigger (NGR) drivers said they were not offended by the letter combination, since most NGRs’ them call each other NGRs anyway.

      The Office of Motor Vehicles said they must consider who? may see the plates on other cars on the highway and become offended, the report said.

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from “ont the spot & in the parking lot” at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), 1900 W. 7th St, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201….Phone # 501-682-4630

      Original article below:


      BONUS # 1

      Vanity Plates That Never Reach the Assembly Line
      November 29, 2005 – 10:36am

      by Abe & Izzy Rosenstein, WTOP Radio
      WARNING: This story contains terms that are extremely offensive.

      WASHINGTON – Most vanity plates you see on the road are cute, or at least harmless. But have you ever wondered about the plates you don’t see?

      WTOP Radio looked into some of the thousands of rejected applications for vanity plates and found many messages of hate, violence and just plain vulgar.

      Virginia, for example, has rejected tags that would have said “COP KILLER” and “ZYKLON B,” the chemical used by the Nazis. The state also said no to “KILL EM.”

      In Maryland, drivers have applied for tags that read “RAPE” and “ARYAN.”

      And in D.C., officials refused to issue a tag that would have said, “GO POSTAL.”

      Dr. Stanton E. Samenow, a clinical psychologist, says people who request these tags could fantasize about committing hate crimes and may be trying to draw attention to themselves.

      “Hate crimes and hate language really are never acceptable, and I think these people have always been there. But in the past, in a much more restricted society, they would not have applied for such license plates.”

      Here is a list of some other vanity plates in Virginia, Maryland and the District that car owners have requested:

      Washington, D.C.









      REDRUM (murder backwards)



      KIL M ALL

      CAZZO (italian for male genitalia)




      WAFFNSS (waffen means gun SS is a branch of the Nazi military)

      ZYKLONB (chemical used by Nazis to kill Jews)














      (Copyright 2005 by WTOP. All Rights Reserved.)

      BONUS # 2

      September 27,1998
      SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1998: FREE SPEECH; Honk if Offended
      Kevin Dimmick, a 41-year-old h.i.v.-positive man from Kensington, Calif., wants a personalized license plate that says hiv pos, but the California Department of Motor Vehicles doesn’t want him to have it, deeming the message ”offensive.” Earlier this summer, a Federal court said that Dimmick — who tested positive in 1991 — should have his plate, noting that California has already issued disease-specific plates like end hiv, addictd and schizzo. The state is deciding whether to appeal, but for now it isn’t coughing up the plate.

      Motor-vehicle bureaus daily negotiate the treacherous shoals of plates that might offend some viewers, and several obviously offensive plates (including a few that are not mentionable here) do slip through. Now visible on California highways, for instance: bite moi. The award for the most offensive plate in the country, however, probably goes to Ryan Maziarka of Virginia, who was issued zyklon b (a deadly gas used during the Holocaust) in 1997, two years after he was convicted of scrawling racial and religious slurs on a black church. Virginia recalled the plate soon after.

      For his part, Dimmick vows to fight on. ”If it is not o.k. for people to be h.i.v.-positive, how can we argue for people to come out and get tested?” he says. ”I didn’t expect the d.m.v. to go nuts.”

    15. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Shabbos, no, I didn’t mean Christian Scientists as believers in that particular ‘church’. I mean ordinary Christians who happen to have a passing interest in scientific speculations of the sort advanced by Frank Tipler.

    16. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      That was a joke. Science starts with observation, religion starts with faith. The religionists are afriad to challenge reason, so they simply assert that their religion is rational- who wants to be accused of advocating unreason?

    17. blightblingniggerindawoodpile Says:

      Celtic Warrior asks, “How are we going to start a course in survival101 for the lemmings??”

      The first and most difficult step would be a critical self-examination of ourselves, followed by a course in Survival 101 for the chatters among us who believe that the endless and defensive rehashing of failed ideas and the assertion of untested ideas/opinion as truth constitutes positive action and activism.

    18. blightblingniggerindawoodpile Says:

      The ultimate equality is death. Why must morality be based in equality? Why not a morality celebrating life and the survival of difference? Not differences between short-lived individual organisms, mind you, but differences between longer-lived gene pools?

    19. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “The ultimate equality is death” Now we are getting somewhere.
      My saying- equality of results, only in the cemetery.

      Because the female principle is egalitarianism. This is, I presume, psychological and not philosophical. The masculine principle is whatever is opposite of egalitarianism. This occurs during renaissance or growth periods.

    20. Jim Says:

      The female principle of egalitarianism is both psychological AND philosophical albeit a false philosophy. The feminization of Western nations since WWII has resulted in all the niggerization and jewification that we see in all White countries today. National Socialist Germany in the ’30’s was a renaissance society because they built their nation on the masculine principle. (See Rosenburg’s “The Myth of the Twentieth Century”.

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      Free men are not equal and as we know equal men are not free.

      One question I have not been able to answer with clarity/fact it this, though the criminal and Treasonous/FDR set US up for Dec. 7, 1941 two years after he got England and France to declare War On Germany over Poland that was then given to Stalin seven years later which was not yet called WW 2.

      So the question is this, since the majority of the Congress and polls that read stated that 90% of White males after Charles A. Lindberghs speech of Sept. 11 1941 were against the War so then why with the exception of ONE women representative from WY. did our main line offficers and Congress not go after FDR and his Cabal for Dec.7, and have arrested for this ?

    22. Howdy Doody Says:

      Of course they were shaking in their boots after our citizens refused for over two years and would do anything and they did allot, but why no real resistence ?

      One thing for sure the Radio news and movietone news whipped up a frenzy right away, but still was our Congress sold out then too? the anwser must be yes.