18 July, 2008

This week in organized Jewry, July 18th with Bud, Mishko and Todd in Fla.

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“The American Dream”

Join us tonight with cohosts Bud White, Mishko Novosel and Todd In Florida. We’ll be talking about a NY kike busted for hotel booking fraud and tax evasion, a NY group of kikes busted in Craigslist apartment scam, a NY group of Russian kikes busted for medical fraud, IRS Turning Up Heat On Abuses In Charitable Write-Offs and a NY kike who stole 15 million in mortgage fraud. Show time is 9pm EST.Live feed is here: http://reasonradionetwork.com/Stories for tonight are listed here: http://vnnforum.com/banner/ticker/twiojjuly18.htmand the skype chat for the show is listed here

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    1. Andrew from jew-infested Delray Beach, FL Says:


      Perhaps you want to keep a list of all the kike fraudsters that you’ve been reporting on the past few years (especially the Sam Israel types) and then see how many of them jew tool George Bush pardons on his final day in office.

      BTW – Former Guns N’ Roses drummer kike Steven Adler was arrested today in Los Angeles:

      Ex-Guns N’ Roses drummer arrested in Los Angeles

      LOS ANGELES (AP) — Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler has been arrested in Hollywood for alleged drug possession.

      Los Angeles police spokesman Richard French says the 43-year-old Adler was arrested around 4 a.m. Friday by officers called to a home where a man reportedly was creating a disturbance and refusing to leave.

      Adler was booked for investigation of possessing narcotics, being under the influence and for an outstanding warrant.

      He was jailed on $45,000 bail.

      Adler has a long history of drug use. He performed on the early Guns N’ Roses albums but was later fired


    2. Some guy Says:

      Link to stories is not working



    4. VNNB Says:

      link on the stories should be working now