28 August, 2008

Bratz Doll Maker Loses in Court

Posted by Socrates in AmeriKwa, General Decline, jewed culture, Kevin MacDonald, Socrates at 2:44 pm | Permanent Link

A jury awards $100 million for copyright infringement. More about Bratz dolls here:


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  7. 7 Responses to “Bratz Doll Maker Loses in Court”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      There are pro-judeofeminist moderators over at Stormfront who like to censor:


      They need to be dealt with harshly.

    2. VNNB Says:

      If you ever wanted proof that jews are liars, thieves and never earn any sucess without a large degree of deceipt, here it is.

    3. Ned Says:

      Great news. However I have a funny feeling that this kike will niggle his way out of paying the 100 million dollar fine. Hmmmm maybe he will slither away to Itsalie.

    4. VNN is Truth Says:

      Well, a jew stole Facebook from a couple of White guys (and their Hindu friend). Go ahead, look it up. The jew is now a billionaire, the case is in court, and the jew will probably win out. After all, the settlement against the Bratz thieves should have been higher. In the Facebook case, another jew has stepped in to say he created the name and idea, he’s just an obvious plant designed to take the heat off the big thief. You can bet they’ve already cut a backroom deal.

    5. Susan Says:

      Once you start lifting up rocks in America, you find that under almost every one, there hides a sleazy slimy jew. Particularly anything that’s
      destructive to White America……just poke around and you’ll find a jew.
      It’s incredible, really.

      I have had such an education in the past two to three years and every day another jew is uncovered by someone…….

    6. Revilo Says:

      Susan, your comment reminds me of one of my favorite quotes on the jewish problem:

      If one begins to write the history of this worldwide tribe, one can at once find a hundred thousand such facts, and ones even more significant than these, so that one or two extra facts will not add anything in particular; yet there’s something curious here: it’s curious that just as soon as you need some information about the Jew and his dealings—whether it be for an argument or simply a moment of your own ponderings—you needn’t go to a public library; you needn’t go rummaging in any old books or in your old notes; you needn’t make an effort, you needn’t search, you needn’t strain yourself; you needn’t move, you needn’t even get up from your chair: just reach over to the first newspaper that happens to by lying next to you and take a look around at the second or third page: you’ll find something about the Jews and certainly something that interests you; certainly it will be something most characteristic and certainly it will be the same old thing—the same old exploits, I mean! And so you have to agree that this really does mean something; it does indicate something; it does reveal something to you, even though you may be a total ignoramus about the forty centuries of history of this tribe. Naturally, people will tell me that everyone is obsessed with hatred and so everyone lies. Of course, it could well be that everyone, to the last man, is lying, but in that case a new question arises: if everyone to the last man is lying and obsessed with such hatred, then this hatred must have stemmed from something; this universal hatred must mean something, after all; “the word everyone means something, after all!” as Belinsky once exclaimed.
      Dostoevsky, Diary of a Writer

    7. Bill White Says:

      What they don’t mention there, Alex, is that Barbie is the same thing — a doll produced by Jews that was based on an adult novelty toy and designed to sexualize small girls.

      We ran an article on Barbie and Bratz in National Socialist a few months ago on exactly this theme.