11 August, 2008

Fund Created for the Heretical Two

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Why not help them out with a few dollars?


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  7. 6 Responses to “Fund Created for the Heretical Two”

    1. Vilhella Says:

      These guys deserve our help. I will have to dust off the magic checkbook.

    2. Cowboyzeke Says:

      You know I am in for a few zogbucks.

    3. NSN Says:

      For those unaware, Paul Ballard is a colleague and supporter of Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle.

      Money or no money, these guys will never give up and take it all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary.

      What a great chance to show your support and hit back at ZOG. Don’t forget to write them either!

    4. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Let’s give these brave men some solid WN support.

    5. e Says:

      In an interesting contrast, I notice the UK government has allowed billionaire Thai crook Thaksin Sinawatra who owns Manchester City Football club to come back to and remain in the safety of Manchester after he jumped bail in Thailand on corruption and tax charges.

    6. True Brit Says:

      The reason Sheppard and Whittle are not getting much support here in the UK is because they are known fruit loops, they make Martin Lindstedt look sane. Paul Ballard is a brave man, I know him and do not doubt it, but he is fucking his reputation up because of two fucking idiots. The BPP are supporting them in an attempt to win friends, because nobody likes those snitching, drug taking, bunch of homosexuals and spooks either.

      So do us British White Nationalists a favour and keep the “Heretical Two”, we don’t want them.