23 August, 2008

Hate Laws’ Noose Tightens Around Colleges

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by Harmony Grant: [Here].

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  7. 20 Responses to “Hate Laws’ Noose Tightens Around Colleges”

    1. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      Compare what colleges and universities were like 100 years ago to how they are today. In 1900, anthropology professors taught their students about the biological, evolutionary and genetic differences among the various races. The need for moral and racial hygiene was stressed, so that the White Race and White Civilization would not be contaminated with the blood of inferior races. Eugenics was promoted by many doctors and scientists as a way to improve the gene pool of our Race. Jews were forbidden from attending many prestigious schools, or at the very least their numbers were strictly limited. Allowing Negroes or Mestizoes to attend University was laughably absurd. Females were generally permitted to only attend womens’ institutions of higher learning. Many classes were taught in classical Greek or Latin and students were expected or encouraged to be conversant in both…………A college or university education was highly prized and admired by society.

      Today, Jews and their pet colored inferiors roam freely and with impunity on college and university campuses. Shiftless welfare recipients and affirmative action quota-queens clog up the already overcrowded classrooms, which are usually “taught” by Marxist Jew professors, uppity Black Panther-type Negroes or militant, man-hating dykes. Stupid girls majoring in bullshit fields like “communication studies” and dumb Negro basketball players majoring in “general studies” likewise clog up classrooms and lower the levels of intellectual discourse. Gangsta rap blares out of dorm windows around the clock. Rapes, assaults and burglaries are all common features of modern campus life, too. And the average modern college or university graduate is so dumb, he can’t find the USA on a world map.

      This is what the Jews have done to our once impressive institutions of higher learning. To make sure they stay in control, the Jews keep an eye on racially concious White students with something called the “Hillel Organization”. Hillel ostensibly exists to provide religious and cultural services to Jewish students on campuses across the USA. But their real aim, like that of all the ADL chapters in all of the the 50 states, is to spy on Whitey for Israel and to stop him from organizing any resistance.

      How ironic that places where intellectual freedom was once cherished are now intellectual gulags, welfare ghettoes and thought-control factories.

    2. -jc Says:

      I grew up in an era of change for the worse and was reminded of the powerful forces of Jewish propaganda, last night, when I watched the movie Kennedy .

      From the first scene, I realized the movie was simply anti-White: Anti-Kennedy, Anti-Southern, Anti-American, Anti-you-name-it, and especially anti-J.Edgar Hoover whom I suspect was probably on the right side of so much that he must be smeared for eternity by the usual suspects.

      The impact of the so called Civil Rights movement on government schools of my was devastating. Subsequent generations saw a deterioration of academic standards and behavior but my generation lost its moral compass immediately. “Public” schools I attended were among the last in their otherwise refined area of the South but the last wave anti-race-mixers fell under the withering fire of Kennedy-funded propaganda and military support of Northern left-liberal “freedom riders” who were lionized in the 1983 film.

      Mamas don’t let your babies grow up on government bullshit.

    3. -jc Says:


      The government schools I attended were the last in their area to be integrated– because the locals resisted so strongly– but not strongly enough.

      It is very difficult for parents to resist their own children being turned-against them by relentless propaganda in both the media and public schools demonizing their values. And that is what my generation experienced: Children turned against their parent’s (or grandparent’s) values in the 60’s peace, love, dope, Hare Krisna, What’s your (astrological) sign, Anti-White, Anti-American, Anti-common sense generation.

    4. ein Says:

      Superbly said, Herr Himmler. Sehr gut! Danke.

      Another thing: If you look at any old photo of a graduating class or a school team, pre-WW2, they will be clear-eyed, healthy-skinned, well-dressed, and all white. Not only will there be very few or probably no Negroes, few obvious Semitic types; and there will be no hippies or junkies, no ragged jeans or willd hair. People cared for themselves then (and for others). They washed their faces, bathed, shaved, and combed their hair. They wore suits and neckties. Students were assumed to be young gentlemen and were expected to comport themselves as such. And the young women that attended were assumed to be ladies. The alternative was not even in question.

      What a difference nowadays when the student body is more likely to look like a motley assemblage of drug addicts, bums, and welfare recipients (which many probably are).

    5. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      If you want to see how far we’ve fallen as a society in just 40 years or so, just look at some HS yearbooks from 1965-1970 or look at the opening credits to the old TV show Room 222 (available on YouTube). Observe how much better-looking the (predominantly White) kids were in those days! Girls wearing minidresses, plaid skirts and knee socks, guys wearing oxford shirts and chinos. No morbidly obese freaks of Nature, no tatooed degenerates or creepy Goth-types, no mixed breed mongrels, no skanks, no gang-bangers or weirdos with every body part pierced. I shudder to think how much worse things will get in the next 40 years. Thanks, Jews!

    6. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Room 222, looks multi-culti. The cultural nose-dive had already
      started. I was 24, never even saw one episode. We were griping about the culture THEN- anything looks better than today.
      Late fifties/early sixties was better than 1970. There was even precious metal in the money thru 1964. That is the real dividing line.


    7. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      With the exception of Elvis and the 1959 Cadillac, the late 50s and early 60s were a little too conservative for my liking. I prefer the culture of the late 60s and early 70s. But I take your point.

      The last straw for the US economy came in 1971, when Nixon took the Dollar off the gold standard. The value of the Dollar has been gradually falling ever since. That same year Nixon’s Court Jew, Henry Kissinger, made a secret trip to Peking so that we could eventually ship all our manufacturing jobs over there, put millions of Americans out of work and into debt and make Kissinger and his capitalist Jew cronies very, very rich.

      I HATE to admit this, but President Nixon (and his Jew masters)caused a lot of damage to this country and we are still paying the price for it.

    8. ein Says:

      Interesting. I never heard of Room 222, not being much of a television watcher, so I had a look at it and then I looked it up further.

      It is WAY more multiculty than what I had in mind as fine specimens of Young America. And that figures: it was produced between 1969 and 1974 — right after the upheaveals of the so-called “civil rights” era, and it showed what was then fashionable to promote (all those happy multi-racial situations with everyone loving each other). Still, they look lots better than what we have today. Things in the meantime have only gone from bad to worse.

      I stayed at a hotel last year, near Boston — the Hampton Inn in Woburn, Mass. — and I remember they had a series of photographs on the walls of old graduating classes and sports teams (probably Harvard’s) from about the 1920’s, as best I recall. THESE were what really impressed me as examples of what once were considered our best and brightest. Nothing like what you would see bopping around around Harvard Square today.

    9. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      The reason I mentioned that TV show was to illustrate how far this country has sunk into the Cesspool of Doom in just 40 years’ time. Can you imagine what a typical LA High School must look like NOW? Bars on the windows, cops patrolling the halls, metal detectors, surveilance cameras, gang bangers bringing Tek 9s into the classrooms, beaners, spooks and gooks everywhere, White teachers hiding under their desks…………………Michael Constantine and Karen Valentine would need flak jackets just to enter the place.

      The Liberals and Jews responsible for this nightmare are the same bastards responsible for the nightmare of South Africa and Rhodesia. Of course, they would NEVER send their precious Shlomo, Sarah, David or Miriam to schools full of SCHWARTZES. But it’s good enough for YOUR kids.

    10. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      Herr Ein…..

      I know this is from another thread, but I believe you are right about Jim Brolin being a Gentile. Ms. Streisand was once married to a Jew actor named Elliot Gould and I guess she wanted a Goy Boy Toy after that marriage ended.

      But WHY would Brolin agree to becoming Mr. Barbara Streisand?????????

    11. 2050 Says:

      I remember Room 222. Definitely part of the propaganda TV shows along with Mod Squad and All In The Family etc.
      Point taken however. It’d be nice to go back to that time. What made it good though, was the lingering Americanism and Whiteness that those shows worked to abolish. You have to go back to the early to mid 60s to find the real old America though. I’m glad to have seen it, however, it makes the watching it all go away all the more hurtful.
      The campus ‘revolution’ that went on violently at colleges, was happening peacefully through indoctrination by the ‘room 222’ type of teachers of the late 60s/early 70s that continues today, and led to the depravity that HH and other posters here refer to.
      Of course if it wasn’t for the ‘greatest generation’ destroying the Western world in the 40s and laying the groundwork, the counter-revolution of the 60s wouldn’t have happened, and we wouldn’t be having jews on campus telling us we can’t not like them and niggers or else we’re like Hitler.

    12. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Yes, Old America was almost 100% White, all the time.

      Here, Father Knows Best. From the White but boring fifties:
      Zero sleaze. . .


    13. Rob Says:

      Screw the ADL! I attended a meeting at my workplace put on by the
      ADL. Very few attended and I sat face to face with the fat bearded fuck from the ADL. All he did was eat and belly ache about the need for stronger hate crime laws. Anyway I gathered a fair amount of intel then headed to the showers to wash off the kike odor before heading home.

    14. ein Says:

      “But WHY would Brolin agree to becoming Mr. Barbara Streisand?????????”

      Can’t answer THAT one!

    15. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      “But WHY would Brolin agree to becoming Mr. Barbara Streisand?????????”


      Brolin thinks like a woman; that’s why.

    16. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      I just found out that Peggy Lipton, the actress who played Julie on the Mod Squad, is a JEWESS. Her real name is Margaret Lipshitz. Those dark, Semitic-looking eyes of hers should have been a tip-off. Of course, the show was produced by AARON SPELLING.

      So, now it doesn’t bother me that she had sexual relations with the Negro musician Quincy Jones. But in her autobiography, she assures her mixed-breed daughters that their mongrelization is the future of the human race. Real Jewish, eh?


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    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      After Walter Mitty AKA Lee H. Oswald and Johnny was bumped off, they really got going on the race and pervent crap on TV over night.

      They have really went for throats, open borders in ALL Englsih speaking countries unless you are White and then the http://www.ussliberty.org

      Ever think about what the percentage of Alphabet types that serve this regime are White Sraight sane males ? Bet you White straight males are less than 50% for sure.


      In Hymiewood, there’a more shiksas then you think. Loads of ’em! Eleanor Donahue, the actress from FATHER KNOWS BEST second husband was none other then the talMUDvision executive producer Harry Ackerman, a Jew who was 25 years older then Eleanor. I watced a 4 hour interview on YOUTUBE with Eleanor Donahue telling her life story, interesting. There’s loads of other long interviews of other people on YOUTUBE also. I would say more then 70% of Gentile females in Hymiewood fuck, suck & live with Jews, past & present Tuesday Weld is a good example of a shiksa who was a play thing toy for the dirty sheenies beginning at the “ripe” of 13 years of age.
      Hymiewood females who project an image of being wholesome (Eleanor Donahue) or dirty sluts (Madonna) (a few exceptions like Shirley Temple), it dosn’t make any difference, they must fuck & suck kikes. Even the half Lebanese Marlo Thomas once dated the non-Hymiewood Jew Henry Kissinger. The list goes on & on. I would say the all time biggest Hymiewood slut was Lana Turner who fucked & sucked the likes of the kike Judge Wapner & nigger pug Joe Lewis (not realted to Jerry), to name a few.

    20. Susan Says:

      Everything was pretty much all White up until forced integration which occurred mid sixties. I know, I was there. Up until 1967, Richmond VA was segregated and everything was all White. But the Richmond school system was being integrated that school year. We moved that year to Chapel Hill NC and the schools there were just being integrated for the first time there as well. Total disaster for White kids. Violence, interracial dating, dumbing down of classrooms, all because of the niggers. I was taught by the some of the worst White race traitors you could ever imagine. Total lefty nigger loving White hating nutjobs.